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.. . 2009. Cornumutila quadrivittata C. lineata (Letz., 1844) stat. rest. .


Cornumutila quadrivittata (Gebler, 1830) and C. lineata (Letzner, 1844), stat. rest. (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from Western Europe and Russia
Spec. Bull. Jpn. Soc. Coleopterol., Tokyo, (7): 117-126, May 25, 2009
Cornumutila quadrivittata (Gebler, 1830) was originally described as Leptura from Siberia (Altaj and Transbaicalia). Later the species was described once more as Cornumutila semenovi Plavilstshikov, 1936, so became a junior synonym of C. quadrivittata. The species is distributed all over Siberia as far east as the Pacific Ocean and now firstly discovered also in Europe (Moscow region). The name "Cornumutila quadrivittata" was up to now incorrectly used for another species Cornumutila lineata (Letzner, 1844), stat. rest., that is widely distributed in Europe and North Asia, but absent in East Siberia. Cornumutila lineata is characterized by abnormally short 3rd and 4th antennal segments. It is distributed throughout Central and South Europe, north-eastern part of European Russia, West and North Siberia.

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