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List of species of the family Spercheidae of the world fauna

A.S. Sazhnev

The basis was taken from the list: .

        Family Spercheidae Erichson, 1837
           (considered by some taxonomists in the composition Hydrophilidae)

   Genus Spercheus Illiger, 1798

belli Champion, 1919                          [Bangladesh] 
   belli belli Champion, 1919                 [Bangladesh] Oriental Region
   belli babylonicus Hebauer, 1997            [Iraq] Iraq
burgeoni Orchymont, 1929                      [Sudan] tropical Africa
cerisyi Guérin-Méneville, 1842                [Egypt (Alexandria)] Middle East and  Africa
crenulatus Fairmaire, 1893                    [Western Africa] tropical Africa
emarginatus (Schaller, 1783)                  [Germany] Palaearctic
fimbriicollis Bruch, 1915                     [Argentina] tropical and subtropical South America
gerardi Orchymont, 1929                       [Belgian Congo] tropical Africa
halophilus Archangelsky, 2001                 [Argentina] Argentina
hanseni Hebauer, 1990                         [Sri Lanka] South India, Sri Lanka
hovanus Fairmaire, 1903                       [Madagascar] Madagascar
humeralis Régimbart, 1906                     [L. Victoria] tropical Africa
platycephalus MacLeay, 1825                   [Australia] 
   platycephalus platycephalus MacLeay, 1825  [Australia] and South-East Asia
   platycephalus interruptus Fairmaire, 1892  [ Africa] Middle East and tropical Africa
senegalensis Castelnau, 1832                  [Western Africa: Senegal] Middle East and tropical Africa
siamensis Hebauer, 1990                       [Thailand] South-East Asia
spangleri Hebauer, 1990                       [Thailand] South-East Asia
stangli Schwarz & Barber, 1918                [Philippines] Oriental Region
stasimus Orchymont, 1937                      [Western Africa] tropical Africa
wattsi Hebauer, 1999                          [Australia] Australia