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A.I. Miroshnikov, M. Lin et al. 2013. Little-known species... Paraclytus... (Cerambycidae) from China...

А.И. Мирошников

A.I. Miroshnikov, M.-Y. Lin, J.-H. Huang. 2013.
Little-known species of the genus Paraclytus bates, 1884 (Coleoptewra: Cerambycidae) from China, with descriptions of the male of P. thibetanus (Pic, 1914) and the female of P. albiventris (Gressit, 1937).
Russian Entomol. Journ., 2013, 22 (2): 113-117 (eng. with rus. abstract).

Файл PDF: miroshnikov_lin_huang_2013_paraclytus_china.pdf