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A.I. Miroshnikov, M. Lin. 2017. The longicorn beetle genus Apatophysis... in China, with preliminary...

А.И. Мирошников

Alexandr I. Miroshnikov, Mei-Ying Lin. 2017.
The longicorn beetle genus Apatophysis Chevrolat, 1860 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Apatophyseini) in China, with preliminary remarks on its intrageneric structure and with descriptions of three new species.
Special Bulletin of the Coleopterological Society of Japan, 2017, (1): 177-214.
Japan; September 22, 2017.
This publication is dedicated to the commemoration of Dr. Tatsuya Niisato for celebration of his 60th birthday.
Edited by Michiaki Hasegawa and Junsuke Yamasako

Файл PDF: miroshnikov_lin_2017_longicorn_beetle_genus_apatophysis chevrolat_in_china.pdf