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Д. Тельнов: Curriculum Vitae

Name, surname: Dmitry Telnov

Date of birth: 11.V.1975

Place of birth: Riga / Latvia

Citizenship: Republic of Latvia

Marital status: married

Children: son Edwin, daughter Alise

Contact address: Rigas rajons, Stopinu novads, Dzidrinas, Darza iela 10, LV-2130, Latvia / Lettland

Phone: (+371) 7910217

E-mail: or

Degree: Master of Biology (Entomology)


1982 - 1992: Secondary School NR. 92 in Riga (examine with Silver medail);

1992 - 1996: Latvian University, Faculty of Biology on Bachelor's degree;

1996 - 1998: Latvian University, Faculty of Biology on Master's degree.

Scientific specialization:

Anthicidae, Trictenotomidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) - Worldwide: Systematics, Phylogeny, Biogeography, Ecology, Evolution.

Professional international activities:

1990 - Certificate of Latvian Museum of Natural History (Department of Entomology);

1991 - participation in Symposium of Baltic scientific society of pupils. Report: "Fauna of cockroaches in BalticTs (Blattoptera)", 2-nd prize;

1992 - participation in Symposium of Baltic scientific society of pupils. Report: "Fauna, Biology and Ecology of Latvian Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)", 1st prize;

1992 - participation in Young EuropeanTs Environmental Researchers / YEER (Essen, Germany). Report: "Problems of Study and Protection of Coleoptera in Latvia" - Special prize.

since 1995 - Co-ordinator of the project - "Mapping of Endangered Species of Latvian Insects".

1995-1997 - Chief of the project "Check-List of Latvian Coleoptera" - published in 1997.

1996 - Bachelor of Biology. Degree work: "Fauna and Ecology of Epigeous Beetles (Coleoptera) of Raganu Peat-bog (National Park "Kemeri")".

1996 - participation in 39th German Meeting of Coleopterology (Beutelsbach).

1997 - participation in Balfour-Browne Club Meeting (Gotha, Germany). Report: Nature and Entomology in Latvia: Hydrocoleopterological Aspects.

1997 - participation in 40th German Meeting of Coleopterology (Beutelsbach). Report: "Nature and Coleopterology in Latvia".

1998 - Master of Biology / Entomology. Degree work: "Revision of the Subgenus Orthauchen Krek., 1925 (Coleoptera: Anthicidae: Formicomus LaF., 1848)".

1998 - participation in 41st German Meeting of Coleopterology (Beutelsbach). Report: "Revision of the Subgenus Orthauchen Krek. (Coleoptera: Anthicidae: Formicomus LaF.) - First Results".

1999 - preparation of list of Latvian taxonomists (included to the Taxonimists' Data Bank of the GfBS on the WEB).

1999 - preparation of Home pages of the Entomol. Society of Latvia and the Section of Coleopterology.

1999 - participation in 42nd German Meeting of Coleopterology (Beutelsbach).

1999 - preparation of the Nicaraguan Anthicidae Data Base on the WEB (in co-operation with the Entomological Institute of Nicaragua).

2000, 2006 - Co-ordinator of the project "Latvian Insect of a Year".

2000 - participation in 43rd German Meeting of Coleopterology (Beutelsbach).

Participation in professional bodies:


1993 - Member of the Entomological Society of Latvia (ESL)

1995 - Chief of the Latvian Coleopterological Union (the Section of Coleopterology of ESL)

1996 - Member of the International Entomological Society (Frankfurt / M., Germany)

1996 - Member of the Royal Entomological Society of Belgium (Tervuren, Belgium)

1996 - Editor (member of the Editorial board) of the journal "Latvijas Entomologs"

1997 - Member of the Entomological Society of Thuringia (Erfurt, Germany)

1998 - Member of the German Society for Tropical Ecology (Bonn, Germany)

1998 - Member of the Society of Biological Systematics (Berlin, Germany)

1999 - Member of the Rain Forest Club (Natural History Museum of London, UK)