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"Русский энтомологический журнал"

Russian Entomological Journal
ISSN 0132-8069

The journal is published mostly in English. It emphasizes the morphology, taxonomy, zoogeography, evolution and development of insects, both recent and fossil, as well as plant protection problems.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. L.N. Medvedev (Moscow). Editorial Board: Dr. A.V. Antropov (Moscow), Dr. V.E. Gokhman (Moscow), Prof. R.D. Zhantiev (Moscow), Dr. S.S. Izhevsky (Moscow), Dr. G.Yu. Lyubarsky (Moscow), Dr. K.V. Makarov (Moscow), Dr. A.V. Matalin (Moscow), Dr. K.G. Mikhailov (Moscow), Prof. A.P. Rasnitsyn (Moscow), Dr. A.V. Sviridov (Moscow).

The journal is issued in two numbers in 1992, bimonthly in 1993 and quarterly since 1994.

Annual subscriptions (all in US $):

Individual: $50.

Institutional: $60.

Back copies are mostly available.

Publications in RUSSIAN ENTOMOLOGICAL JOURNAL are also invited, with moderate page charge, ca. US $4 for each typewritten page.

Please send money in US $ only. Eurochecks are not available - we apologize.

If you wish to subscribe, please address to:

Dr. K.G. Mikhailov, Zoological Museum MGU, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Str. 6, Moscow 103009 Russia.

Fax +7 (495) 629-4825