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Tribe Apatophyseini: Protapatophysis sp. - photo by A.I. Miroshnikov

A.I. Miroshnikov

       Atlas of beetles of Russia
    Subfamily Apatophyseinae: Tribe Apatophyseini (Atlas of longhorn beetles of Russia)

Protapatophysis sp. - det. A. Miroshnikov
Pakistan, Hindukush, Chitral Valley, 2900-3200 m.

About these example (Miroshnikov, 2014: 19) : "The species attribution of one male that I got from the northernmost parts of Pakistan (Hindukush, Chitral Valley, 2900-3200 m, collected relatively recently) is still unclear. Since this specimen differs clearly from both geographically closest P. vartianae (Heyrovsky, 1971) and P. kabakovi Danilevsky, 2011, it seems very likely to belong to a yet undescribed species.".