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Tribe Clytini: Xylotrechus arvicola Olivier, 1795 - photo by I.A. Zabaluev

I.A. Zabaluev

       Atlas of beetles of Russia
    Subfamily Cerambycinae: tribe Clytini
(Atlas of longhorn beetles of Russia)

Clytus arietis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Russia, Saratov reg, Engl's

Information about a photo
Name: Clytus arietis Linnaeus, 1758
Author: I.A. Zabaluev
Camera: Canon PowerShot 630
Date: 1.07.07 .
Place: Saratov reg, Engl's
Volume: 189 Kb
Size: 640 x 480 pic.

From permission author it is adopted from a site