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S.V. Kazantsev: New firefly taxa from Hispaniola and Puerto Rico (Coleoptera: Lampyridae), with notes on biogeography

Sergey V. Kazantsev 
New firefly taxa from Hispaniola and Puerto Rico 
(Coleoptera: Lampyridae), with notes on biogeography 
Russian Entomol. J., 2006, 15(4): 367-392. 
KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Lampyridae, new tribe, new genera, new species, taxonomy, biogeography, Neotropics. 
ul. Donetskaya 13-326, Moscow 109651, Russia. 

ABSTRACT. Two new firefly genera, Cheguevaria Kazantsev, 2006 gen.n. and Rufolychnia Kazantsev, 2006 gen.n., and twenty two new species, Cheguevaria taino, C. angusta, Lychnacris konstantinovi, L. neslihanae, L. pedernalis, Erythrolychnia nigriventris, E. unicolor, Callopisma rufoviolacea, Robopus branhami, R. cayeyensis, R. erythrolytris, R. kasikus, R. niger, R. roseinotatus, Heterophotinus alius, H. constanzae, H. limpioensis, H. merielae, H. nigricollis, H. viridicolor, Microdiphot baorucoensis and Presbyolampis vegaensis Kazantsev, 2006 spp.n., are described from Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. Lychnacris Motschulsky, 1853 is for the first time reported from the Greater Antilles and Microdiphot Barber, 1941 and Presbyolampis Buck, 1947 for the first time reported from Hispaniola. Lectotypes are designated for Pyractomena vitticollis Motschulsky, 1853, Erythrolychnia dimidiatipennis Motschulsky, 1853 and Pygolampis quadrinotata Motschulsky, 1854. Heterophotinus E.Olivier, 1894 is revalidated from synonymy with Robopus Motschulsky, 1853. Erythrolychnia albopalpis Leng et Mutchler, 1922 is synonymized with E. bipartita E.Olivier, 1912. Lucidota marginipennis Leng et Mutchler, 1922 is transferred to Robopus; Photinus quadrinotatus (Motschulsky), Diphotus dubiosus (Leng et Mutchler, 1922), D. glaucus (Olivier, 1790), D. lengi (Mutchler, 1923), D. quadrimaculatus (Laporte, 1840), D. triangularis (E.Olivier, 1912) and D. vittatus (Olivier, 1790) are transferred to Heterophotinus; Callopisma postica (E.Olivier, 1899), C. mariposa Leng et Mutchler, 1922 and C. emarginata Leng et Mutchler, 1922 Ч to Lychnacris. A new tribe, Cheguevariini Kazantsev, 2006 tr.n., is established and tentatively placed in the Lampyridae incertae sedis. A key to the tribes and genera, as well as a checklist of fireflies of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico are provided.

PDF: rej_15-4_lampyridae..pdf