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Dragiša Savić

Национальный парк "Fruska Gora" (Фрушка-Гора, Сербия) ежегодно организует большие международные выставки фотографий животных и растений. В 2013 году в рамках празднования "Европейского Дня Парков" пройдет IX Выставка на тему "Млекопитающие мира" (открытие 24 мая 2013 года). Организаторы приглашают принять участие в этой выставке всех любителей и профессиональных фотографов из всех стран. Принимаются любые фотографии, которые показывают млекопитающих из всех уголков мира.

Крайний срок отправки работ - 10 мая 2013 года. Условия можно узнать по электронной почте и на сайте национального парка, где все авторы фотографий будут представлены. На этом сайте Вы можете посмотреть веб-презентации восьми предыдущих выставок: "Чудеса мира стрекозы", "Сквозь паутину", "Бабочки и моли", "Одержимость орхидеями", "Амфибии и рептилии", "Жуки и долгоносики", "Хищные птицы" и "Царство грибов", которые прошли очень успешно.

А выставка, посвященная жукам, представлена у нас на сайте полностью:

IX International Photography Exhibition "Mammals"
Мау 2013

National Park Fruska Gora
Zmajev trg 1,
21208 Sremska Kamenica

Call for entries:

National Park Fruska Gora, Serbia is proud to announce that we are, as part
of celebration of European Day of Parks on May 24. 2013, 
organising photography exhibition on the subject of Mammals of the World.

This exhibition will tour to all major cities in our country and there will
be lectures and seminars, all with an ambition to draw attention to various
ecological issues and further popularise protection of these species. We
strongly believe that this will have more significance and further reaching
effects if we take it to the international level.

This is why we would like to invite you to take part in this exhibition and
would greatly appreciate you contribution.

This call for entries is open to all amateur and professional photographers
and we are welcoming any photographs that feature Mammals from all four
corners of the world.

The deadline for sending your work is May 10, 2013.

Each applicant should send no more than 10 digital files via email on

Please write clearly your personal details, such as name, address and
website address if applicable. We would like to know where the photographs
were taken (locality and country) and if it`s possible latin names of the
species featured. We also welcome your observations, impressions and
anecdotes concerning Mammals. This is not obligatory and it will not
influence our process of selection.

All selected work will be exhibited and all contributors will be fully
credited. Please note that this is not a competition and there will be no
winners. The photographs don't have to be artistic, but try to be creative
and send your most attractive works.

Each photographer will get a catalog after the exhibition and on the
website will be a web presentation where all the authors
will be presented.

Eight previous exibitions 
"Wonders of dragonflies world", 
"Through the spider's web", 
"Butterflies and Moths", 
"Orchid Obsession", 
"Amphibians and Reptiles", 
"Beetles and Weevils", 
"Birds of prey" and 
"Fungi Kingdom" 
were very successful. You can view the web presentation of it at

I hope to hear from you soon.

Please feel free to forward this email to all your friends and colleagues
that work in this field and would be interested to take part.

Dragisa Savic

Ecological adviser
National Park Fruska Gora
Zmajev trg 1, 21208 Sremska Kamenica