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How our site is organized (map of the site)

Pages of our site are bound into a multilevel hierarchical structure, which is best represented as a dendrogram or as a hierarchical list, analogous to a zoological systematic list. If a page has several subordinate pages (more than one) these subordinate pages are connected into a closed ring. There are operating controls that serve for convenient moving through the tree of the site. The operating controls are located in the uppermost part of each page except the main (root) page. In the right upper corner there are one to four icons of beetles provided with explanatory notes "Previous", "Up", "Deep", "Next"). Beetle (always present) invokes transfer to the page (higher in the hierarchy). Beetle invokes transfer to the subordinate page, if present, or to the first page of the subordinate ring if there are several subordinate pages. Beetles "Previous" and "Next" only appear on pages of one ring and provide for moving through the ring back and forth; the last and the first page are also connected and therefore it is not possible to leave the ring without beetles and . If you get lost on the branches of the site (already in its first version there were six hierarchical levels) or if you simply wish to move to the main page click the cursor on the logotype of our site in the left upper corner of the page. You can certainly also click on the right button of the mouse and use the options "Back" and "Forward" of your browser. And lastly, in the very end of every page, which has subordinate pages, there is a menu with titles of these pages. Using the browser you can go over to an arbitrary subordinate page.

A hierarchical list of all pages of the site presented as a traditional entomological systematic list with steps is placed on a separate page. For search of a required page by an arbitrary word from the title it is better to use permutation index of all pages of the site.