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Wolfgang Weitschat



Assistant professor and curator
Geologiņal-Palaeontological Institute
and Museum University of Hamburg






Geologisch-Palaeontologisches Institut,
Universitaet Hamburg
Bundesstrasse 55
20146 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49-40 42838-4989 (Inst.)
Tel.: +49-40 42532-3839 (priv.)
Fax: +49-40 42838-5015 (Inst.)



 November 3, 1940.
 Berlin, Germany


Wichard, W. & Weitschat, W. (1996): Wasserinsekten im Bernstein. - Entom. Mitt. Luebbecke-Museum., 120 S., Duesseldorf.

Weitschat, W. (1997): Bitterfelder Bernstein - Eozaener Bernstein auf miozaener Lagerstaette. - Metalla, 71-84, Bochum.

Weitschat, W. & Wichard, W. (1998): Atlas der Pflanzen und Tiere im Baltischen Bernstein. 580 Farbabb., 256 S., Pfeil-Verlag, Muenchen.

Boehme W. & Weitschat W. (1998): Redescription of the Eocene lacertid lizard Nucras succinea Boulenger, 1917 from Baltic amber and its allocation to Succinilacerta n.gen. - Mitt. Geol.- Palaeont. Inst. Univ. Hamburg, 81, S.203-222, Hamburg.

Vigran, J.O, Mangerud, G., Moerk, A., Bugge, T. & Weitschat, W. (1998): Biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Triassic deposits from the Svalis Dome, Central Barents Sea, Norway. - Palynology, 22, 89-141.

Moerk, A., Elvebakk, G., Forsberg, A.W., Hounslow , Nakrem, H.A M.W., Vigran, J.O. & Weitschat, W. (1999) : The Vikinghoegda Formation - The Type Section of the Vikinghoegda Formation - A new Lower Triassic Type unit in Central and Eastern Svalbard. - Polar Research 18 (1): 51-82, Oslo.

Lourenco, W. R. & Weitschat, W. (2000): New fossil scorpions from the Baltic amber - implication for Cenozoic biodiversity. - Mitt. Geol.-Palaeont. Inst. Univ. Hamburg, 84: 247-260, Hamburg.

Weitschat, W. & Wichard, W. (2002): Atlas of Plants and Animals in Baltic amber. - Verlag Friedrich Pfeil, Muenchen, 256. S.

Weitschat, W., Brandt, A., Coleman, C.O, Moeller-Andersen, N., Myers, A.A. & Wichard, W. (2002): Taphocoenosis of an extraodinary arthropod community in Baltic amber. - Mitt.Geol.Pal. Inst.Univ. Hamburg, 86: 189-210.

Wichard , W. & Weitschat, W. (2004): Im Bernsteinwald. - Gerstenberg-Verlag, 168 S.

Keyser, D. & Weitschat, W. (2004): First record of ostracods (Crustacea) in Baltic amber. - Hydrobiologia, 1-6.

Bauer, A., Boehme, W. & Weitschat, W. (2004): An Early Eocene Gecko from Baltic amber and its implications for the evolution of gecko adhesion. - J. Zool. London, 265,4: 327-332.

Shigeta, Y. & Weitschat, W. (2004): Origin of the Ammonitina (Ammonoidea) inferred from the internal shell features. - Mitt.Geol.-Palaeont. Inst Univ. Hamburg, 88, 179-194.

Popov, Y. & Weitschat. W. (2005): "Emesites voigti" n. gen. n. sp. - the first Emisina (Insecta: Heteroptera, Reduviidae) from the Borneo amber. - Mitt.Geol.-Palaeont. Inst Univ. Hamburg, 89, 173-178.

Lourenco W. R. & Weitschat, W. (2005): A new genus and species of fossil scorpion from a different kind of Baltic amber (Scorpiones, Buthidae). - Mitt.Geol.-Palaeont. Inst Univ. Hamburg, 89, 183-188.

Last updated: February 28, 2006.