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S.V. Kazantsev: "Review of Aferos Kazantsev (Lycidae), with a note on Staepteron cyanoxanthum" (2005)

Sergey V. Kazantsev
Review of Aferos Kazantsev (Coleoptera, Lycidae), with a note on Staepteron cyanoxanthum (Bourgeois)
Zootaxa 830: 1 - 23 (2005)
Copyright: 2005 Magnolia Press
ISSN 1175-5326 (print edition)
ISSN 1175-5334 (online edition)

Table of contents

Material and methods
Taxonomy and descriptions
Aferos Kazantsev, 1992 (Figs. 1 - 42)
Aferos (s. str.) endroedyi sp. n. (Figs. 17 - 18)
Aferos (s. str.) natalensis sp. n. (Figs. 19 - 21)
Aferos (s. str.) rubellus sp. n. (Figs. 22 - 23)
Aferos (s. str.) silvestris sp. n. (Figs. 24 - 25)
Aferos (s. str.) transvaalensis sp. n. (Figs. 26 - 28)
Aferos (s. str.) youngai sp. n. (Figs. 29 - 30)
List of 18 species of the genus Aferos
Key to the subgenera and species of Aferos


The genus Aferos Kazantsev is redescribed and six new species, A. endroedyi sp. n., A. natalensis sp. n., A. rubellus sp. n., A. silvestris sp. n., A. transvaalensis sp. n. and A. youngai sp. n. are described from South Africa. A key to all 18 known species of Aferos is provided. Aferotini Kazantsev, 2004, syn. n. is synonymized with Slipinskiini Bock et Bockov, 1992. Staepteron cyanoxanthum (Bourgeois) is illustrated, and the genus Staepteron Kazantsev is tentatively placed in Flagraxina (Dictyopterini, Erotinae).

Key words: Coleoptera, Lycidae, Slipinskiini, Flagraxina (Dictyopterini), Aferos, Staepteron, new species, Africa

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