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Aegomorphus wojtylai J.Hilszczanski et C.Bystrowski, 2005

Aegomorphus wojtylai, a new species from Poland, with a key to European species of Aegomorphus HALDEMAN (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Genus Vol. 16(2): 201-207 Wroclaw, 30 VI 2005
Forest Research Institute, Department of Forest Protection, 00-973 Warsaw, Poland,
Key words: entomology, taxonomy, Cerambycidae, Aegomorphus, new species, Europe, biology, key to Aegomorphus spp.
Aegomorphus wojtylai n. sp. is described from Poland. Biology of the new species and key to European species of Aegomorphus HALDEMAN is given. The genus Aegomorphus HALDEMAN, 1847 comprises three species in Europe: A. clavipes (SCHRANK, 1781) (Palaearctic), A. krueperi (KRAATZ, 1854) (Greece) and A. francottei SAMA, 1994 (France, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Romania). Recently another species has been described from Asia Minor: A. planiusculus HOLZSCHUH, 1998, which in general resembles A. clavipes. These species used to be treated as Acanthoderes SERVILLE, 1835, but SAMA (1994) separated Aegomorphus HALDEMAN, 1847 from Neotropical and Central American species with type species A. daviesii (SWEDERUS). The overall habitat of A. clavipes and A. francottei is frequently very similar and determination can sometimes be quite challenging. ALLEMAND et al. (2002) presented a combination of characters enabling separation of A. clavipes from A. francottei. Especially the shape of parameres was shown to be a useful diagnostic feature. In the present paper a new species of the genus Aegomorphus HALDEMAN, 1847 is described from Poland based on clear differences in adults morphology and in the biology of the species. The key to adults of all European species of Aegomorphus is included.

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