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M.L. Danilevsky: regularly updated catalogue and lists of Cerambycoidea of various Palaearctic regions

M.L. Danilevsky

The current "Catalogue of Palaearctic Cerambycoidea" is now a main source for all other lists presented here. It was arranged on the base of published Cerambycidae Catalogue in the 6th volume of "Catalogue of Palaearctic Colreoptera" edited by Lobl & Smetana (2010: 84-334 ). The abbreviations of geographical divisions are same as in the Catalogue by Lobl & Smetana (2010), but Transcaucasian republics (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) are returned to Asia. The eastern limits of Europe are same as in 6th volume (Lobl & Smetana, 2010: 11, 13) with the borderline along Ural Ridge and Ural River, while the whole territories of Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions as well as Orenburg Region were included in Europe in the previous volumes (here south and east areas of Orenburg Region behind Ural River are treated as West Siberia - "WS"). Besides many misprints and contradictions connected with inadequate joining of the parts by several authors were fixed. Many taxonomical positions and geographical data were corrected or updated. Most of such correction and additions were published in a series of articles (Danilevsky, 2010e, 2011h, 2012j, 2012k, 2012l, 2012m, 2013a, 2013c, 2014b). All alterations are marked with red. The Catalogue is being regularly updated about once a month or more often with newly published names, new taxonomy modifications and new geographical data (sometimes not published yet). The fixation of the misprints of published version is going on. The references, placed at the end of the list, includes new publications and corrected old (with red fragments). Several new names and taxonomy news are equipped with numbered remarks shown in other file: "Remarks to Palaearctic Catalogue".

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