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С.В. Казанцев. 2006. Обзор и филогенетический анализ афротропических Lycidae трибы Dictyopterini

Sergey V. Kazantsev
A review and phylogenetic analysis of Afrotropical Dictyopterini (Coleoptera, Lycidae)
Mitt. Mus. Nat.kd. Berl., Dtsch. entomol. Z., 53 (2006) 1: 43-64 (with 74 figures)
Key words:
Coleoptera,Lycidae, Dictyopterini, Flagraxina, Phaneros, new species, taxonomy, Africa.


The lycid tribe Dictyopterini of Africa south of Sahara is reviewed and its phylogeny is analyzed. All Afrotropical Dictyopterini are found to belong to the subtribe Flagraxina. The genera of the subtribe are redescribed. A new species, Phaneros (Kleineria) silvicola sp. n. is described from Transvaal (South Africa). Flagrax bicoloripes (Pic 1946), syn. n. is synonymized with F. parallelus (Pic 1922). A key to the genus-group taxa of Flagraxina is provided, accompanied by a list and a key to species of each genus.

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