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Д.А. Дмитриев - Curriculum Vitae

  • I was born in Voronezh (Russia) on the 3rd February 1975.

  • 1992–1997 – I was graduated at the Biological faculty of the Voronezh State University. In Universitet, I started my entomological activity (published some papers).

  • 1997 – I graduated from University. My graduate work was dedicated to the fauna of Cicadina (Homoptera) of the Voronezh and Lipetsk Provinces.

  • 1997–2001 – I was a postgraduate student in the Zoological Institute of the Russian academy of sciences in St. Petersburg.

  • 1999 – I joined the Russian Entomological Society

  • 1999–2000 – I worked part time as a school teacher of biology.

  • 2000 – I was selected and named as a Soros graduate student.

  • 2001 – I have defended my scientific thesis dedicated to the Fauna of Cicadina (Homoptera) of the Central Black Earth Region, with the great chapter dedicated to morphology of leafhopper larvae and a keys for their identification.

  • 2001 – I participated in 2nd European Hemiptera Congress in Slovenia

  • 2001 – I took part in the expedition on the Kola Peninsula.

  • 2002 – I got a place of a research scientist in the staff of the Zoological Institute RAS.

  • 2002 – I worked as a member of the organizing committee on the 2nd Meeting of the International Heteropterists' Society.

  • 2002 – I participated in 11th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress in Germany

  • 2002 – I participated in 12th Congress of Russian Entomological Society, worked as a member of the organizing committee of the Congress, edited web-site of the congress. On the congress I was elected in the presidium of the Russian Entomological Society and a deputy secretary of the Society.

  • 2002 – I works as an editor of the web-site "Coleoptera and coleopterologists"

  • The list of my scientific publication includes 26 papers in different editions of Russia, Slovenia, Austria, which are concerning different questions of faunistics, systematics, larval morphology, and phylogeny of Cicadina Insects. 5 articles are in press now.

  • I have wife (Yulia Yu. Dmitrieva, born in 1973) and daughter (Anna D. Dmitrieva, born in 1998).

Nationality – Russian
Citizenship – Russia
Position – Research Scientist
Place of Work – Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Work Address – University nab. 1, St. Petersburg, 199034 Russia
Work telephone – (812) 328-12-12
Fax – (812) 114-04-44
E-mail –

Home Address – Pr. M. Toreza, 37/2, flat 214, 194223 St. Petersburg, Russia

Degree – Kandidate of biological sciences, KT No 053104, 4 Mai, 2001
Institution of Degree - Zoological Institute RAS (=Doctor of Philosophy)

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