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Michael Heads: публикации (статьи и книги) по вопросам биогеографии

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Buffalo Museum of Science

Michael J. Heads - publications in biogeography

Heads, M. 2015. The relationship between biogeography and ecology: envelopes, models, and
         predictions. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. pdf 
Heads, M. 2014. Biogeography by revelation: investigating a world shaped by miracles.
          Australian Systematic Botany, 2014, 27: 282-304. pdf 
Heads, M. 2012.South Pacific biogeography, tectonic calibration, and pre-drift tectonics:
          cladogenesis in Abrotanella (Asteraceae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
         107, 938-952. pdf
Heads, M. 2012.
Bayesian transmogrification of clade divergence dates: a critique.
         Journal of Biogeography 39, 1749-1756. pdf
Heads, M. 2011. Old taxa on young islands: a critique of the use of island age to date island-endemic clades and calibrate phylogenies.
         Systematic Biology 60, 204-218.  pdf

Heads, M. 2010. New Caledonian biogeography: a reply to Murienne. Journal of Biogeography pdf

Heads, M. 2010. The endemic plant families and the palms of New Caledonia: a biogeographic 
     analysis. Journal of Biogeography 37, 1239-1250. pdf

Heads, M. 2010. Biogeographical affinities of the New Caledonian biota: a puzzle with 24 pieces. 
     Journal of Biogeography 37, 1179-1201. pdf     Supplementary material

Heads, M. 2009. Evolution and biogeography of primates: a new model based on molecular phylogenetics, 
     vicariance and plate tectonics. Zoologica Scripta 39, 107-127. pdf

Heads, M. 2009. Inferring biogeographic history from molecular phylogenies. Biological Journal of the
     Linnean Society 98, 757-774. pdf

Heads, M. 2009.
Vicariance In Encyclopedia of Islands (ed. by R. Gillespie and D. Clague), pp. 947-950. 
     University of California Press. pdf

Heads, M. 2009. DarwinТs changing views on evolution: from centres of origin and teleology to vicariance and
     incomplete lineage sorting. Journal of Biogeography. pdf

Heads, M. 2009. Globally basal centres of endemism: the Tasman-Coral Sea region (south-west Pacific),
     Latin America and Madagascar/South Africa. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 96, 222-245. pdf

Heads, M. 2008. Biological disjunction along the West Caledonian fault, New Caledonia: a synthesis of 
     molecular phylogenetics and panbiogeography. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 158, 470-488. pdf 

Heads, M. 2008. Panbiogeography of New Caledonia, south-west Pacific: basal angiosperms on basement
     terranes, ultramafic endemics inherited from volcanic island arcs and old taxa endemic to young islands. 
     Journal of Biogeography 35, 2153-2175. pdf supplementary material

Heads, M. 2006. Seed plants of Fiji: an ecological analysis. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 89,
     407-431. pdf supplemental material

Heads, M. 2006. Biogeography, ecology and tectonics in New Guinea. Journal of Biogeography 33, 
957-958. pdf

Heads, M. 2006  
Panbiogeography of Nothofagus (Nothofagaceae): analysis of the main species 
     massings. Journal of Biogeography 33, 1066-1075. pdf

Heads, M. 2005. 
A reply to Smissen et al. Cladistics 21, 404. pdf

Heads, M. 2005.
The history and philosophy of panbiogeography. Regionalización Biogeográfica en 
      Iberoamérica y 
Tópicos Afines (ed. by J.Llorente and J.J.Morrone), pp. 67-123. Universidad 
     Nacional Autónoma de México, México. pdf

Heads, M. 2005. T
owards a panbiogeography of the seas. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 84, 
     675-723. pdf

Heads, M. 2005.
A review of "R.T. Pennington, Q.C.B. Cronk, and J.A. Richardson (eds.), 2004.
     Plant phylogeny and the origin of major biomes". The Systematist 24, 19-22. pdf

Heads, M. 2005.
Dating nodes on molecular phylogenies: a critique of molecular biogeography.
     Cladistics 21, 62-78. pdf

Heads, M. & Craw, R.C. 2004.
The Alpine fault biogeographic hypothesis revisited. Cladistics 20, 184-190. pdf

Heads, M. 2004.
What is a node? Journal of Biogeography 31, 1883-1891. pdf

Heads, M. 2003. Ericaceae in Malesia: vicariance biogeography, terrane tectonics and ecology. Telopea 10, 
     311-449. pdf

Heads, M. 2002. R
egional patterns of biodiversity in New Guinea animals. Journal of Biogeography 29,
     285-294. pdf

Heads, M. 2002. Birds of paradise, vicariance biogeogrpahy and terrane tectonics in New Guinea. Journal of 
Biogeography 29, 261-284. pdf

Heads, M. 2001.
Regional patterns of biodiversity in New Guinea plants. Botantical Journal of the Linnean 
136, 67-73. pdf

Heads, M. 2001.
Birds of paradise, biogeography and ecology in New Guinea: A review. Journal of 
 28, 1-33. pdf

Heads, M. 2001.
Birds of paradise (Paradisaeidae) and bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchidae): Regional levels of 
     biodiversity and terrane tectonics in New Guinea. Journal of Zoology, London 255, 331-339.pdf

Heads, M. 1999.
Vicariance biogeography and terrane tectonics in the South Pacific: Analysis of the genus 
     Abrotanella (Compositae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 67, 391-432. pdf

Craw,R.C., Grehan,J.R., & Heads, M. 1999.
Panbiogeography: tracking the history of life Oxford
     University Press, New York.

Heads, M. 1998. Biodiversity in the New Zealand divaricating tree daisies: Olearia sect. nov. (Compositae).
     Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society
127, 239-285.pdf

Heads, M. 1998
Biogeographic disjunction along the Alpine fault, New Zealand. Biological Journal of the Linnean
63, 161-176. pdf

Heads, M. 1997. Regional patterns of biodiversity in New Zealand: one degree grid analysis of plant and animal 
      distributions. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 27, 337-354. pdf

 Heads, M. 1996. Biogeography, taxonomy and evolution in the Pacific genus Coprosma (Rubiaceae).
     Candollea 51, 1-405.

Heads, M. 1994. A biogeographic review of Ourisia in New Zealand. Candollea 49, 23-36.

Heads, M. 1994. A biogeographic review of Parahebe (Scrophulariaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean 
115, 65-89.

Heads, M. 1994. Biogeography and evolution in the Hebe complex (Scrophulariaceae): Leonohebe and 
     Chionohebe. Candollea 49, 81-119.

Heads, M. 1994. Biogeographic studies in New Zealand Scrophulariaceae: tribes Rhinantheae, Calceolarieae
     and Gratioleae. Candollea 49, 55-80.

Heads, M. 1994. Biogeography and biodiversity in New Zealand Pimelea (Thymelaeaceae). Candollea 49

Heads, M. 1993. Biogeography and biodiversity in Hebe, a South Pacific genus of Scrophulariaceae.
     Candollea 48, 19-60.

Heads, M. 1992. Taxonomic notes on the Hebe complex (Scrophulariaceae) in the New Zealand mountains. 
     Candollea 47, 583-595.

Chin, N., Brown, M., & Heads, M. 1991. The biogeography of Macrocystis (Lessoniaceae). Hydrobiologia 215,

Heads,M. 1990. Mesozoic tectonics and the deconstruction of biogeography: a new model of Australasian 
     biology. Journal of Biogeography 17, 223-225.

Heads,M. 1990. Integrating earth and life sciences in New Zealand natural history: the parallel arcs model.
     New Zealand Journal of Zoology. 16, 549-585. pdf copy

Craw,R.C. & Heads,M. 1988. Reading Croizat: on the edge of biology. Revista di Biologia-Biology Forum 81

Heads, M. 1986. Panbiogeography of the Auckland Islands. The Lepidoptera, bryophytes and panbiogeography 
     of the 
Auckland Islands (ed. R.D. Archibald), pp. 30-44. Department of Lands and Survey, Wellington.

Heads, M. 1985. Biogeographic analysis of Nothofagus (Fagaceae). Taxon 34, 474-492 pdf

Heads, M. 1985. On the nature of ancestors. Systematic Zoology 34, 205-215. pdf

Heads, M. & Craw, R.C. 1984. Bibliography of the scientific work of Leon Croizat, 1932-1982. Tuatara 27,

Heads, M. 1984. Bibliography of the scientific work of Leon Croizat, 1930-1984. Tuatara 27, 67-75.

Heads, M. 1984. Principia Botanica: Croizat's contribution to botany. Tuatara 27, 26-48.

Heads, M. 1983. Pacific plate biogeography, with special reference to shorefishes [review]. Journal of 
10, 543-548.