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Серия "Определители по фауне СССР" (с 1991 года - "Определители по фауне России")

И.М. Кержнер

Серия "Определители по фауне России"

История издания:

1927-1990 - "Определители по фауне СССР, издаваемые Зоологическим музеем (с 1933 г. - институтом) Академии наук СССР"

с 1991 г. планируется название "Определители животных, издаваемые Зоологическим институтом) Российской Академии наук", но пока ни одного тома не вышло

In the Fauna series the numbering of issues started with the "New Series" (1935) and in Keys series it was accepted from the beginning; in both series it is continued despite changes of titles. Several dozens of books in both series were translated into English. Most of the translations were ordered by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, NSF, Washington, and published by the Israel Program for Scientific Translation, Jerusalem (19??-19??) and Amerind Publishing Co., New Delhi (after 19??).

In the lists below, authors' names are given in transliteration (British Bibliographic System).

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