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Список усачей (Cerambycidae) Западного полушария (Compilers: M.Monne, L.Bezark & F.Hovore), 2007

Checklist of the Cerambycidae, or longhorned beetles (Coleoptera) of the Western Hemisphere
2007 Version 1 (updated through 31 December 2006)
Miguel A. Monne, Larry G. Bezark & Frank T. Hovore, Compilers

The Cerambycidae, commonly known as longhorned beetles, longicorns, capricorns, round-headed borers, timber beetles, goat beetles (bock-kafern), or sawyer beetles, comprise one of the largest and most varied families of Coleoptera, with body length alone varying from 2.5 mm (Cyrtinus sp.) to slightly over 17 cm (Titanus giganteus). Distributed world-wide from sea level to montane sites as high as 4,200 m elevation wherever their host plants are found, cerambycids have long been a favorite with collectors. Taxonomic interest in the family has been fairly consistent for the past century, but the description of new taxa has accelerated in recent decades thanks to the efforts of Chemsak, Linsley, Giesbert, Martins, Monne, Galileo, Napp, and other workers. This checklist builds upon the efforts of Blackwelder (1946), Chemsak & Linsley (1982), Chemsak, Linsley & Noguera (1992), and Monne & Giesbert (1994), and presently includes nearly 9,000 described species and subspecies, covering the terrestrial hemisphere from Canada and Alaska to Argentina and Chile, and including the Caribbean arc.

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