Genus Australochus Khalaim, 2004: 43.

Type species: Australochus clypeator Khalaim, 2004.

Original description: Khalaim A.I. 2004. New tersilochines from Australia and New Zealand (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae, Tersilochinae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 13(1): 4345. [11] [PDF]

Diagnosis. The new genus resembles Diaparsis, but differs in having the first metasomal segment with the glymma joined by furrow to ventral part of postpetiole, the clypeus rather broad and flat [Fig.], propodeum with basal furrow deep and broad, and the apical area medially longitudinally impressed.

Etymology. Name of this genus is composited of the words "australis" (latin for south) and the second part of the generic name Tersilochus.

List of species Distribution
clypeator Khalaim, 2004 AU
darreni Khalaim, 2017 AU

Total: 2 species