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Professor Ivan Nikolayevich Filipjev


 Professor Ivan Nikolaevich Filipjev is the outstanding Russian nematologist, the autor of the first general taxonomic classification of nematodes. He was also the author of the first world manual on the agricultural helminthology. He created the first nematode collection in Russia and described numerous nematode species and genera. He had the world recognition as the honorary member of the Helminthological Society of Washington, American Society of Applied Entomology, Entomological Society of France, Zoological Society of France, French Society of Plant Pathology. His tragic life is an example of the fate of the honest researcher in the years of Stalin's repressions. 


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Dates of life: 

Birth: May 25, 1889 in St. Petersburg. 

1895 - 1906 - Private school, gymnasium. Studying languages - German and French. 

1906-1912 - St. Petersburg University, Department of Natural Sciences (headed by Prof. V. T. Shevyakov). 

1909 - Private docent (Assistant Professor) S. V. Averintsev advised Filipjev to study marine free-living nematodes for the graduation certificate research. 1909 - May 15 - August 15 -research in Naples zoological station (director - Prof. Paul Mayer, Dr Lobianko - the Deputy Director). Filipjev worked there with his close friend A.A. Lyubishev, future famous biologist-philosopher. Sightseeing around Naples: Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento, Vesuvius summit. 

1911 - summer research visit in Marine zoological station at Villa-Franca, Italy. 

1912 and 1913 - summer research visits to Sevastopol biological station. 

1912 - first publication on nematodes (on the structure of the nervous system). 

1913-1916 - Lecturing at the Teachers Training Institute for Women, Agricultural Management School for Women and the Prince Bestuzhev Medical College (High school for ladies) 

1916 - the first taxonomic description - Leptosomatium arcticum Filipjev, 1916 

1916 - marriage, Elena Jampolskii, former student of Filipjev. 

1917 - Assistant Professor at the Department of Zoology, Petrograd University. 

April 1918 - zoology research in the North Caucasus (on behalf of the Society of Naturalists at Petrograd University) 

1918 - Assistant Professor at North-Caucasus Polytechnic Institute in Krasnodar. 

1919 - Professor of Stavropol Agricultural Institute. 

1918-1921. Publication of the classical book Filipjev I.N. "Free-living nematodes of the vicinities of Sevastopol", which was the dissertation for the Master Degree, defended in 1923 in Petrograd. 

1922 - Assistant Professor, Entomology Department at the Institute of experimental agronomy (modern name: All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, St. Petersburg-Pushkin) 

1923 - 1933 - Assistant Professor in Applied entomology at the Leningrad State University. Applied entomology research expeditions to Lapland, Caucasus, Caspian Sea, Siberia and the Urals. 

1928 - visit to USA. Participation in the IV International Entomological Congress in Ithaca with a paper "Locust problems in the USSR". December 15, Filipjev presents the paper on the general classification of nematodes at the session of the Helminthological Society of Washington. Membership in the Helminthological Society of Washington, American Society of Applied Entomology, Entomological Society of France, Zoological Society of France, French Society of Plant Pathology. 

1931 - first arrest for the "counter-revolutionary activity". 

January 10, 1932 - Head of the Lower Worms Section in the Zoological Institute of Academy of Sciences, Leningrad. 

1933 - second arrest and exile to Kazakhstan. Continuation of the research activity in Central Asia. 

1934 - publication of the book "Nematodes harmful and useful in agriculture" (440 pages, 3200 copies). 

1934-1937 - Collaboration with J. H. Schuurmans-Stekhoven to prepare the book to publish by J. E. Brill in Leiden in English. 

November 1937 - last arrest and moving to the concentration camp. 

1937 - publication of the book: I. N. Filipjev and J. H. Schuurmans-Stekhoven "A manual of agricultural helminthology"in Leiden, The Netherlands. 

October 22, 1940 - death in the political concentration camp in Kazakhstan. (in 1986 granddaughter of Filipjev - Dr E.O. Kuzmina, taxonomist of lichens, Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg told to Dr. Alexander Ryss and Dr Semion Tsalolikhin that botanist Mikhail Grigorievich Popov, the political prisoner at the same camp witnessed Filipjev's execution by shooting). 

December 4, 1956 - official rehabilitation: "The case on the charges of Filipjev Ivan Nikolayevich was heard anew by the Military Collegium of Supreme Court of the USSR on November 17, 1956. The sentence handed down against I.N. Filipjev by the Military Collegium of Supreme Court of the USSR on March 7, 1938 was canceled and the case was closed due to the newly found circumstances."

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