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Introduction to the System PARHOST1

      Analytical information system (AIS) on the world flea fauna PARHOST1 has been created in the laboratory of parasitology of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (ZI RAS) for the past four years beginning from 1995. Initially these works were supported by the grant obtained by Dr. N.A. Filippova from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and later by the grant of S.G. Medvedev allocated by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for Doctors of Sciences younger than 41 years old.
Authors S.G.Medvedev, A.L.Lobanov
Years of development 1995 - 1999
RFBR grants:  N 94-04-12081 (chief - N.A.Filippova)
                              N 96-15-97063 (chief - S.G.Medvedev)
Total tables 70
Total records 76 000
Total size of DB 49 Mb
Software 150 programs (FoxPro and Fortran)

      By the present time 70 tables of this system contain 76,000 records comprising 49 Mb, and their work is provided by 150 innovative programs in the languages FoxPro and Fortran. The programs and structure of the tables of this system not only provide for search of data, but also permit realizing a number of eurystic algorhythms mentioned below.