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F. Cassola - список опубликованных фотографий жуков-скакунов (Cicindelinae)


  1. Cicindela deserticoloides Codina. Photographed on July 7, 1977, at Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain, by Dr. Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, St. Paul (Minnesota), 1978, 10 (3), front cover picture.
  2. Cicindela silvatica fasciatopunctata Germar. Photographed on July 7, 1978, in Turkey, at Ulu-Dag (Bursa), elev. 1900m, by Dr. Fabio Cassola.- Cicindela, 1978, 10 (4): front cover picture.
  3. Cicindela circumdata imperialis Klug. Photographed by Dr. Fabio Cassola in Tunisia, in Djerba, 5 km E of Houmt-Souk, 13 July 1976. - Cicindela, St. Paul (Minnesota), 1980, 12 (1): front cover picture.
  4. Cicindela hybrida riparia Dejean. Photographed in extreme northeastern Italy at Paluzza (Udine) along Torrente Orteglas, August 1973 by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1984, 16 (1/2): front cover picture.
  5. Cicindela maura Linnaeus. Photographed at Pantano Longarini, Sicily, 15 July 1979, by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1985, 17 (2): front cover picture.
  6. Cicindela (Lophyridia) aulica Dejean. Photographed 24 July 1981 at Kardamyli, Greece, by Fabio Cassola. This small localized population is the only one thus far known from a European country. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1987, 19 (3-4): front cover picture.
  7. Cicindela (Lophyridia) caucasica Adams. Photographed in Turkey, near Birecik, on banks of Euphrates River, 30 May 1974, by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1988, 20 (2): front cover picture.
  8. Cicindela (Tribonia) latesignata LeConte. Photographed in Mexico: Baja California Sur, at Laguna de San Ignacio (Pacific coast) on 18 March 1980 by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1989, 21 (1): front cover picture.
  9. Cicindela (Neolaphyra) leucosticta Fairmaire. Photographed by Fabio Cassola in Tunisia, 55 km SW of Kairouan, Oued El Hateb (O. Zeroud) on 25 March 1989. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1990, 22 (1): front cover picture.
  10. Cicindela (Chaetodera) regalis Dejean. Photo taken in northern Somalia, at Arabsiyo, 35 km WNW of Hargeysa, 17 May 1988, by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Prarie Village (Kansas), 1991, 23 (2/3): front cover picture.
  11. Photographs Nos. 10 (avv. Fabio Cassola), 60 (Cicindela silvicola), 63 (Cicindela gallica), 89 (Cicindela hybrida pseudoriparia), 146 (Cicindela campestris), 153 (Cicindela campestris saphyrina), 199 (Lophyridia caucasica), 204 (Lophyridia concolor), 235 (Lophyridia aulica, larva), 236 (Lophyridia aulica), 246 (Lophyridia aphrodisia panormitana). - In: K. Werner, Cicindelidae Regionis Palaearcticae, 1. Die Kafer der Welt, Volume 13. Sciences Nat, Compiegne 1991, 1-74 pp., Tafeln 1-30.
  12. Photographs Nos. 290 (Neolaphyra leucosticta), 307 (Cephalota chiloleuca), 334 (Cephalota circumdata leonschaeferi), 340 (Cephalota eiselti), 356 (Cassolaia maura cupreothoracica), 410 (Eupgrapha arenaria), 426 (Eugrapha trisignata hellenica). - In: K. Werner, Cicindelidae Regionis Palaearcticae, 2. Die Kafer der Welt, Volume 15. Sciences Nat, Compiegne 1992, 1-94 pp., Tafeln 31-57.
  13. Cicindela (Lophyridia) littoralis nemoralis Olivier. Photo taken in Tuscany, Italy, in Maremma Natural Park, at mouth of the River Ombrone, June 1975, by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 1992, 24 (1-2): front cover picture.
  14. Photograph Nos. 128A (Type locality of Cicindela limbata arenicola), 203A (Cicindela latesignata). - In: K. Werner, Cicindelidae Regionis Nearcticae, 3. Die Kafer del Welt, Volume 18. Sciences Nat, Compiegne 1993, 1-163 pp, Tafeln 1-24.
  15. Photographs Nos. 316A (Habroscelimorpha californica mojavi), 324A (Laguna del Perro near Willard, Torrance Co., NM), 329A (Willcox Playa, Sulphur Springs Valley, AZ). - In: K. Werner, Cicindelidae Regionis Nearcticae, 4. Die Kafer del Welt, Volume 20. Sciences Nat, Compiegne 1994, 1-196 pp, Tafeln 25-50.
  16. Pseudoxycheila caribe Cassola. Photograph taken in Venezuela (Tachira), Casa del Padre, elev. 2350m, 25 June 1995, by Fabio Cassola.- Cicindela, Prairie Village (Kansas), 31 (3-4): front cover picture.
  17. Photographs Nos. 10.6 (Manticora latipennis), 10.7 (Manticora latipennis, larva), 242 (Elliptica flavovestita and Lophyra miskelliana, habitat), 288c.4 (K. Werner and "Johnny2 M. Mindaye), 308a.1 (M. Cassola), 319.1 (Lophyra flavipennis, habitat), 327.3 (Lophyra miskelliana, living specimen), 327.4 (Lophyra miskelliana, mating pair), 328.4 (Lophyra canaliculata, mating pair), 333.4 (Lophyra somalia, living specimen), 333.5 (Lophyra somalia, habitat), 342.5 (Chaetodera regalis, mating pair), 366.3 (Cicindina inopinata, Lophyra latelimbata, etc., habitat), 380.5 (Myriochile cornusafricae, habitat). – In: K. Werner, The Tiger Beetles of Africa (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae). Taita Publishers, 2000, vol. I, pp. 1-191, vol. II, pp. 1-208.
  18. Colour plate 1 (Head of a larval Lophyridia littoralis in hunting position at the mouth of its tunnel, Pinarellu, Corsica, France); colour plate 14 (Adult Lophyridia littoralis captured by a reduviid bug, Alberese, Italy); colour plate 19 (Apparent mimicry of Elliptica flavovestita by two sympatric carabid beetle species, Graphipterus discicollis and G. vitticollis, Mogadishu, Somalia); figure 7.5 (Adult Cicindela hybrida "sun facing" to lower its body temperature, Charente, France). – In: David L. Pearson & Alfried P. Vogler, Tiger Beetles. The Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of the Cicindelids. Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London, 2001, XVI+333 pp.
  19. Cicindela (Habroscelimorpha) californica mojavi Cazier. MX: Sonora, Puerto Penasco, Choya Bay (La Cholla), 15 July 1991. Photo by Fabio Cassola. - Cicindela, Bloomington (Minnesota), 2002, 34 (1-2): front cover picture.
  20. Fotografie: una coppia di Cicindela (C. majalis) (pag. 117), coleottero sabulicolo del genere Cicindela (C. majalis) (pag. 401) - In: AA.VV., La fauna in Italia. Touring Editore, Milano & Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio, Roma, 2002, pp. 1-448.