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Ground beetles (Carabidae)

On ammateur view
In the mirrow of one group
On specialist view

The style of presenting information on the Internet and the possibilities offered by Internet technologies allow us to deviate from traditional academic publications and to use non-standard ways that would include permanent updating and supplementing of pages, parallel placement of versions of the same page, providing different illustrations (new at each entry) for the same text, placement of references to readers' comments and corrections in the text.


Our site implies a large permanently increasing number of authors and it is difficult to achieve an optimal version for all planned pages immediately. Already when the site was put on the Internet for the first time it comprised more than 300 pages. Therefore we will widely use parallel placement of one and the same page in several versions written by different authors. An essay about ground beetle family is the best object for the first experiment. Ground beetles, undoubtedly, have the first place among all beetle families as regards the number of Russian specialists studying them. We think that it would be interesting for the readers of our site to compare essays on ground beetles written according to approximately the same scheme by different authors from different institutions. We would like to invite all carabidologists to continue our experiment and to contribute to our site by writing essays. So far we would like to offer a choice of the following subjects: