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23rd International Congress of Entomology (ICE2008)
Durban, South Africa, from July 6-12, 2008.

"Celebrating Entomology: Contributions to Modern Science"

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Aanen Duur K. Fungus-growing termites maximize harvest and minimize host-symbiont conflict by growing Termitomyces fungi in monoculture
Ab Hamid Suhaila Effects of embeddedness and canopy cover on Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera (EPT) diversity and abundance at three
Abai Mohammad-Reza Species compostion of sandflies (Diptera: Pyschodidae) and determination of their Leishmania infection using Nested-PCR at zoon...
Abbot Patrick Evolving out of conflict: Imperialism and altruism in gall-forming eusocial aphids
Abdel-Razek Atef Evaluation of a pheromone: Lure trap for monitoring distribution of the red palm weevil population in Egypt
Abdelgader Hayder Preventive and curative measures to combat early cotton insect pests in Sudan
Abdullah Khalid Integrated management of fruit flies Bactrocera sp. (Diptera: Tephritidae) infesting mango (Mangifera indica) in Pakistan
Achhami Buddhi Bahadur Screening of brinjal varieties/lines against shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera)
Adams Michael Initiation and scheduling of an innate behavioral sequence by central peptidergic ensembles
Adarkwah Charles Potential of the wasp Habrobracon hebetor (Say, 1836) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) as a biological control agent for Corcyra cephal...
Adarkwah Charles Resistance and physiological differences among three species of stored product beetle pests exposed to diatomaceous earth
Addison Matthew Rearing of codling moth Cydia pomonella (L.) for research purposes in South Africa
Addo-Bediako Abraham Assessing the risk of introduction of Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae) into sub-Saharan Africa
Adebayo Raphael Preliminary observations on the role of seeds of wild plants as reservoir hosts of insect pests of stored crops
Adldoost Heidar Evaluation of a sampling trap for adult insect of alfalfa weevil Hypera postica Gyll. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Adler Cornel Studies on the reproductive capacity and intraspecific competition of Holepyris sylvanidis (Hymenoptera: Betylidae), a larval parasit
Adusumilli Sreedhara Rao Ericulture: boon to castor cultivators of Andhra Pradesh
Afzal Hasnain Effect of and temperature and relative humidity on population dynamics of wheat aphid
Agnello Arthur A fixed spray system for applying pesticides to high-density apple plantings
Agusti Nuria Detection of plant DNA in the gut of omnivorous predators by molecular markers.
Ahad M.A. Abundance of pests and predators on different varieties of cotton in Bangladesh
Ahmad Imtiaz Male and female genitalial characters in the establishment of a new subgenus of cotton stainers in the genus Dysdercus Guerin-Me...
Ahmed Buba Ibrahim Potential of entomopathogenic fungi in controlling Sitophilus zeamais Motsch (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on stored maize grain
Ahrens Dirk Morphospace parameters in a phylogenetic context - implications on the evolution of chafer assemblages (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
Aisagbonhi Charles Evaluation of some trapping methods for the control of Oryctes monoceros on palms in Nigeria
Akbarzadeh Shoukat Gholamali Studies on larval parasitoids of Lobesia botrana (Denis & Schiff.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) on grapes in Orumieh, Iran
Akbarzadeh Shoukat Gholamali Pupal parasitoids of grape berry moth Lobesia botrana (Denis & Schiff.) (Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) and their role in an IPM program
Akbarzadeh Shoukat Gholamali Evaluation the efficacy of some new insecticides against codling moth, Cydia pomonella (L.) in apple orchards of Orumieh, Iran
Akhtar Fakhar U Zaman Biological control of American bollworm, jasid and aphids by Crysopa and Tricogramma in cotton crop
Akhtar Muhammad Termite, Odontotermes obesus (Rambur), feeding preferences based on field experiments
Akinwumi Felix Evaluation of the effect of some stored plant products on the survival of two beetles on smoked catfish, Clarias gariepinus Burchell...
Akram Waseem Urbanization and species richness of some commonly occurring mosquito genera
Alamalakala Leela Molecular characterization of eggplant fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis, populations from India based on ISSR analysis...
ALAyied Hassan The population dynamics of red date palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Oliv. and other insects in date palm orchards in the K...
Albrectsen Benedicte R. Metabolite Profiling for Genotypic Discrimination of Aspen Clones and Determination of Herbivore Resistance
Alcantara Edwin Development of diagnostic dose for monitoring resistance of the Asian corn borer Ostrinia furnacalis Guenee to Bt corn in the Philip...
Ali Shahzad Gamma radiation effects on mature larvae and their F1 progeny of Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders)
Aliakbarpour Hemaseh Biology of brown soft scale, Coccus hesperidum on four host plants under laboratorial conditions
Alibert Paul Dynamic of differentiation and hybridization in Carabus solieri : a comparison of morphological, genetic and colour variation
Allen Cerisse Variation and the evolution of the shape and relative size of butterfly wings
Allsopp Mike The Varroa destructor invasion in South Africa: doing nothing can be the best response
Alphey Luke Genetic control of mosquitoes
Alphey Luke Available genetic enhancements to the Sterile Insect Technique
Alvarez Juan M. Effects of potato viral infections in the biology and preference of aphid vectors and their epidemiological implications
Amdam Gro V. Endocrine and genetic network regulation of social life histories
Ameixa Olga Beetles at our service
Amin Abd El-Rahman Genetic fingerprint of fifteen whitefly species (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae), in Egypt
Amin M.R. Effect of indigenous plant oils on lesser grain borer Rhizopertha dominica in storage wheat
Amin M.R. Biology and predation efficiency of lady beetle, Menochilus sexmaculatus
Amiri-Besheli Behnam Toxicity evaluation of Spinosyn, Chloropryfos methyl, Methoxyfenozide, insecticide Gel(IG), mineral oils (MO), insecticidal emulsio...
Anaso Chinwe E. Efficacy of neem pesticides on whorl larva, stem-borer and panicle insect pests of sorghum in Nigeria
Anderson Kylie The role of habitat structure on disease-infected insects invading Australia
Andrade Gabriel On the polymorphism of Aetalion Latreille, 1810 (Hemiptera: Aetalionidae), with special reference to A. reticulatum (Linne, 1758)
Andrew Nigel Insect community structure and invasive insect species: Potential impacts of a rapidly changing climate
Anikin Vasilii V. South Africa is one of the centres of species and genus diversity of casebearers (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae) in the Afrotropical Region
Anikwe Joseph Studies of the ant-plant mutualism in a cocoa plantation
Anilkumar Konasale Fitness costs associated with lab-selected Cry1Ac-resistance may help explain the lack of field-evolved resistance in Helicoverpa ze...
Aramideh Shahram Evaluated effect of different concentration Bacillus thuringiensis on Steinernema carpocapsae
Arbab Abbas Modeling embryo development of Sitona discoideus Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) under constant temperature
Arif Basil Interaction between baculoviruses and midgut cells
Arif Jalal Studies regarding the most susceptible stage of cotton mealy bug, Phenacoccus spp. in Pakistan
Armbruster W. Scott The evolution of "resin flowers" (Euphorbiaceae, Clusiaceae) and their bees (Apidae, Megachilidae): the roles of exaptation and...
Armbruster W. Scott Adaptive accuracy and evolution of morphological fit between flowers and insect pollinators
Armstrong Karen New technologies for tackling major challenges in border diagnostics
Arnstrong Adrian Conservation of the endemic and endangered Karkloof blue butterfly Orachrysops ariadne
Arpaia Salvatore Comparative analysis of natural predation on colorado potato beetle eggmasses in Cry-expressing experimental fields
Arshad Muhammad Fate of transgenic bt cotton in the Punjab, Pakistan: A farmers' perception
Arthur Aston The biology of an emerging mite pest of grains, Balaustium medicagoense, in southeastern Australia
Asawalam Elechi Essential oil of Ocimum grattissimum (Labiatae) as Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) protectant
Asayehegne Birhane Efficacy of chemical insecticides in controlling the pea beetle (weevil) Bruchus pisorum L. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae ) on field pea...
Ashamo M.O. Management of moth pests of stored yam tubers (Dioscorea spp) using plant powders
Ashfaq Muhammad Studies on the control of wheat aphid (Sitobion avenae) through bio-pesticides and habitat management
Ashfaq Muhammad Cotton mealybug in Pakistan: species identification and genetic diversity studies through DNA sequencing
Ashraf Irfan Responses of flies on different pupation materials
Asiwe Joseph The impact of phosphate fertilizer as a pest management tactic in four cowpea varieties
Aslam Muhammad Biology of cabbage aphid on canola
Aslam Naveed Comparison of synthetic and botanical pesticide mixtures for the control of spotted bollworm (Erias sp) on cotton
Asogwa Uche Distribution and damage characteristics of an emerging insect pest of cashew, Plocaederus ferrugineus L. (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Asogwa Uche Host plant range and morphometric characteristics of an emerging insect pest of cashew, Plocaederus ferrugineus L. (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Assefa Yoseph The establishment of Cotesia flavipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in sugarcane fields of Ethiopia and the origin of the founding population
Auger-Rozenberg Marie Anne Share the resources or displace the natives: different strategies in invasive Megastigmus seed insects
Augustin Sylvie Potential impact of Cameraria ohridella on maple: Is a host shift likely?
Aukema Brian Influence of landscape features on the establishment and spread of mountain pine beetle populations
Austin Andy Molecular phylogeny of the Platygastroidea: The big leap to a robust classification
Aviles Leticia Intrinsic and extrinsic factors in social evolution and the geographical distribution of spider sociality
Aviles Leticia The evolution on inbred social systems in spiders-causes and consequences
Avtzis Dimitrios Sympatric occurrence of diverged mtDNA lineages of Pityogenes chalcographus (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) in Europe
Ayali Amir Neuromodulation-induced neural circuit interaction in the desert locust
Ayres Matthew Climatic effects on pestilence: parsing the processes and predicting the patterns
Ayres Matthew Pestilence arising from cooperation: symbiotic associations among plant enemies
Azimi Maryam Comparison of different methods of bioassay for detecting Calypso and Spinosad susceptibility in Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)...
Azimi Maryam Comparison of different methods of bioassay for detecting Calypso and Spinosad susceptibility in Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)...
Azrag Adam Evaluation of some sorghum genotype Sorghum bicolor L. for resistance to sorghum midge Stenodiplosis sorghicola Coq. in Suda...
Backus Elaine Electrical Penetration Graph (EPG) monitoring of feeding by glassy-winged sharpshooter and potential application of EPG to other...
Badawi Haidi Multidiscipline approach for studying the climate and molecular phylogeographic analysis of termites
Badawi Haidi Molecular phylogenetics and phylogeographic analysis of the Australian termite genus Coptotermes
Badawi Haidi Biomimicry of termite engineering as solution for water and soil conservation
Badenes-Perez Francisco Diamondback moth choice in glucosinolate-containing plants, hosts and non-hosts
Bagny Leila Aedes vectors of arboviruses in Mayotte: breeding sites and geographic distribution
Bailey Joe Community and ecosystem consequences of plant genetic differentiation along an elevational gradient
Bandani Ali Reza A study on .-amylase characteristics in the rice striped stem borer, Chilo suppressalis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Bang Heason Different effects of three paracoprid dung beetles baased on their niche
Barbosa Pedro Stoichiometric constraints within and across trophic levels
Barnes Brian The sterile insect technique programme in South Africa - in pursuit of fruit fly areas of low pest prevalence and international fruit tra...
Baro Deborah The role of dopaminergic G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in the homeostatic regulation of the transient potassium current (IA)...
Barratt Barbara Post-release evaluation of risks of a biocontrol agent: a New Zealand case study
Barrera Juan Strepsiptera diversity in an urban environment in Southern Mexico
Barrera Juan F. Developing a holistic approach for pest management in coffee
Barry Katherine Influence of sexual cannibalism on paternity in the Australian praying mantid Pseudomantis albofimbriata
Barth Friedrich G. Signals and cues in the recruitment behavior of stingless bees: An introduction
Bascompte Jordi Plant-animal mutualistic networks: The architecture of biodiversity
Bashir Muhammad Hamid Subfamily Cunaxiinae (Acarina: Cunaxidae) with descriptions of two new species of the genus Cunaxa from Pakistan
Bashir Yasir G. A. Studies on host range, competition ability and hot water survival on the mango fruit fly Ceratitis cosyra Walker (Diptera: Tephritidae)
Basseri Hamid Reza Replacing isoenymes of cytochrome P450 in insecticide resistance strain of malaria vector, Anopheles stephensi
Batterham P. Insecticide resistance - can we prevent it?
Battisti Andrea Phylogeography as a tool to trace the origin of expanding populations of the pine processionary moth in the Mediterranean area
Bayless Keith M. Molecular phylogeny of the horse flies: a framework for renewing tabanid taxonomy
Bazelet Corinna Implementing ecological networks using grasshoppers as indicators
Bebas Piotr Molecular analysis of circadian system in male moth reproductive organs
Beekman Madeleine Cheating honey bee workers produce royal offspring
Behmer Spencer T. Insect outbreaks viewed through a nutritional physiology framework
Belda Consuelo Natural enemies of Plodia interpunctella and Ephestia spp. in cereal and dried fruit facilities
Bell James R. Spatial co-occurrence networks couple with DNA analysis to reveal the dynamics and feeding histories of polyphagous predators
Belmain Steven Can botanical pesticides be used safely and reliably in stored product protection?
Bennett Andrew M. Phylogeny of the Ichneumonidae
Benoit Joshua Release of alarm pheromone components during feeding increases bed bug encounters with their host and decreases traumatic ins...
Benoit Joshua Response of two mosquito heat shock proteins to environmental stress
Benrey Betty Potential for host plant-mediated genetic differentiation in a tritrophic system
Berenbaum May All we are saying is give bees a chance - citizen scientists and pollinator decline
Berenbaum May Bees in bonnets, butterflies in stomachs, and ants in pants; how insects creep into culture
Berenbaum May A history of insect outbreaks - from Genesis to GIS
Bergeron Colin Forest inventory data: A basis for conservation of ground dwelling beetles in managed landscapes
Berkvens Nick Alternative foods for Harmonia axyridis
Berling Marie Codling moth and CpGV interactions: Resistance versus virulence
Berndt Lisa Development of host range testing for a potential Uraba lugens biological control agent
Berner Jacques A role for lipids and phenolics in the RWA resistance response of wheat
Bernier Ulrich Chemically-Induced anosmia in mosquitoes: A novel way to prevent host finding
Bertheau Coralie Preference and performance of the six toothed bark beetle Pityogenes chalcographus L. (Coleoptera : Scolytinae) on native and exot...
Bertoncelj Irena Spatial dynamics of ground beetle assemblage in a mosaic fragmented landscape
Beye Martin Evidence for the evolutionary nascence of a novel sex determination pathway in honey bees
Bezemer Martijn Aboveground-belowground interactions: state of the art and current and future challenges
Bezuidenhout Isabella Phytosanitary constraints: South africa's export regulatory system
Bhalla Shashi Detection and management of alien insect-pests in plant germplasm imported into India
Bhargava Vinay K. Communal roosting: An investigation of eusociality in Cicindellidae
Bhuyan Mantu Morphological and biochemical characteristics of a cecidomyiid leaf gall of Machilus bombycina - a silkworm host plant
Bicker Gerd Regulation of cell migration by the gaseous messenger molecules CO and NO during formation of neural circuits
Bigler Franz Balancing benefits and risks of biological control
Bigler Franz Insect resistant transgenic crops: An opportunity for biological control?
Billen Johan Exocrine glands in the legs of ants
Bingham Georgina Synergistic enhancement of plant activators
Birch Nick GM crops and biological control: What are the concerns and how to address them...
Birch Nick Ecology of natural enemy-prey interactions: What can we learn for practical biocontrol?
Bisch-Knaden Sonja Evolution of odour coding in moths
Bischoff Mascha L. Floral odour patterns and pollinator guilds in a New Zealand alpine plant community
Bjorkman Christer Outcome of enemy-enemy interactions: Role of behavior, life-history and scale...
Bjorkman Christer Conservation biological control via unharvested enemy refugia: Coppicing willows, leaf beetles and predatory bugs
Blackmer Jacquelyn Progress in the development of a semiochemical-based system for managing Lygus spp. in an Arizona landscape
Blenau Wolfgang Control and modulation of salivary secretion in Periplaneta americana
Bloch Guy Social regulation of plasticity in the circadian clock of the honeybee (Apis mellifera)
Bloch Guy The functional organization of size-related division of labor in bumblebees - from circadian rhythms and phototaxis to gene expres...
Boakye Daniel Increasing coverage of ITNs: the role of second-hand treated materials
Bocak Ladislav Evolution of neotenic lineages in Lycidae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea): from body softness to larviform females
Bocakova Milada Phylogeny of Cleroidea (Coleoptera) inferred from 18S ribosomal DNA
Bocher Jens The entomofauna of Greenland and its zoogeographical status
Bocher Jens The entmofauna of Greenland and its zoogeographical status
Boiteau Gilles Tracking the field dispersal of the Colorado potato beetle using a portable harmonic radar
Bolckmans Karel J.F. Reliability, quality and cost: The basic challenges of commercial natural enemy production
Bonato Olivier Global change and IPM: the emblematic case of Bemisia tabaci in Mediterranean Europe
Bonello Pierluigi Trees as mediators of pathogen-insect interactions: The role of systemic induced resistance
Bopp Daniel Sex determination in the housefly: Variations on a common theme?
Borges M. Bt-Cotton damaged and undamaged by Spodopetra frugiperda and its influence on the behaviour of the egg parasitoid Trichograma...
Borovsky Dov Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF), from reproduction to digestion
Bosque-Perez Nilsa Progress in the management of maize streak virus and its leafhopper vectors in sub-Saharan Africa
Bosque-Perez Nilsa Effects of adjacent pasture and forest land uses on leafhoppers vectors of Xylella fastidiosa, causal agent of Crespera disease in co...
Bosque-Perez Nilsa Discussion: international themes and challenges in coffee pest management
Bossart Janice Winners and losers in a transformed landscape: butterfly diversity in remnant Afrotropical forests
Bostanian Noubar J. Ground-dwelling spiders in two Quebec vineyards
Bostanian Noubar J. The effects of six novel insecticides and an acaricide on Galendromus occidentalis Nesbitt, Acarina, Phytoseiidae
Bosu Paul Field assessment of shoot borer repellent properties of Azadiratcha indica to protect Khaya ivorensis
Bouchard Patrice Family-group names in Coleoptera
Boucias Drion Pathogenicity of Thripinema fuscum Tipping & Nguyen (Tylenchida: Allantonematidae) infecting Frankliniella fusca (Hinds) (Thysanoptera)
Boucias Drion The scarab digestive tract as a target for microbial pathogens
Bourtzis Kostas Insect-Wolbachia-WO phage tripartite symbiotic interaction: exploring the role of phage...
Bourtzis Kostas Drosophila-Wolbachia symbiotic interactions: exploring the role of ankyrins...
Bouwer Gustav Control of the African stalk borer (Eldana saccharina) by expression of a truncated Bacillus thuringiensis cry1Ac gene in the sugarc...
Bowers Deane Variation in caterpillar chemical defense: Effects on predators versus parasitoids
Bownes Angela Potential efficacy of a candidate agent, Cornops aquaticum Bruner (Orthoptera: Acrididae) for biological control of water hyacinth, ...
Bowsher Julia The evolution of novel abdominal appendages in sepsid flies: a role for HOX genes?
Bradley Timothy Respiration under high metabolic load in Rhodnius
Bradley Timothy J. Saline tolerance in mosquito larvae
Brady Sean Reconstructing social evolution in halictine bees
Brady Sean Phylogeny and diversification of ants (Formicidae)
Brady Sean Phylogeny of the fungus-growing ants and the major evolutionary transitions in their symbiosis with fungi
Brattsten L.B. Insecticide defenses in the salt marsh mosquito Aedes sollicitans
Bravo Alejandro The role of Cadherin protein in the mode of action of Cry1A toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis is to induce oligomeric structures res...
Bravo Alejandro A GPI-anchored alkaline phosphatase is a functional receptor of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry11Aa toxin in Aedes aegypti
Brightwell Robert John Factors promoting Argentine ant colony expansion
Briley Bruce An engineering approach to controlling certain arthropod tree infestations
Brockerhoff Eckehard Biogeographic patterns of forest insect invasions and their impact
Brockerhoff Eckehard Analysing border interceptions and establishments of bark and ambrosia beetles: Can we identify traits of successful invaders?
Brodeur Jacques Intraguild predation and selection of best species of biological control agents for release
Brody Alison K. Trait-mediated effects of termites and vertebrate herbivores in East-African savannas
Brothers D.J. ZooBank: The Official Registry of Zoological Names
Brothers Denis Apterous males in Mutillidae (Hymenoptera: Aculeata): Pattern and process
Brown John Protecting irrigated hybrid poplar monocultures from wood-boring insect pests in the Pacific Northwest.
Brown Mark Pest management: An emergent property of biodiversity
Brown Peter M.J. The spread and distribution in Europe of Harmonia axyridis, a non-native coccinellid
Brown William Sexual cannibalism and male risk-taking behavior in the Chinese praying mantids
Brunner Jay F. Integration of new insecticides into apple pest management programs in Washington
Buckley Thomas Evolution and radiation of stick insects (Phasmatodea) in the Pacific Ocean Region
Buczkowski Grzegorz The diminutive supercolony: Argentine ants of the southeastern United States
Buffington Matthew MorphBank: A look into the state of the art of morphology-based systematics
Buffington Matthew Phylogeny and evolution of Cynipoids
Bugeme David Possibilities for biological control of the invasive spider mite Tetranychus evansi in Africa
Bukovinszky Tibor Direct and indirect consequences of variation in plant quality for food web structure
Bukovinszky Tibor Variation in induced plant responses and parasitoid foraging behaviour
Bulbert Matthew BugWise, a programme providing opportunities for the community to work with invertebrates in a meaningful way
Bulbert Matthew The irresistible allure of an ant-eating assassin
Bullangpoti Vasakorn Impact of botanical extracts derived from Amaranthus viridis L. (Amaranthaceae) on populations of Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Le...
Bullangpoti Vasakorn Efficiency of Jatropha gossypifolia L. (Euphorbiaceae) against Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): Toxicity and detoxification
Bullangpoti Vasakorn Insecticidal effects of leaf extracts from Melia azedarach L. (Meliaceae) on Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): ...
Burbano Elsie Population dynamics and infestation levels of Xylosandrus compactus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on coffee in Hawaii
Burckhardt Daniel The evolution of psyllids and galls: a review
Burgess Elisabeth No tri-trophic impacts of transgenic insect-resistant avidin tobacco on predatory carabid beetles fed pure or mixed diets
Burgess Treena Population genetics of the eucalypt weevil; diversity and origin of Western Australian introductions
Burmester Thorsten Insects with blue blood: On the occurrence of respiratory hemocyanins
Buschman Lawrent Fipronil treatments for controlling the dectes stem borer in soybeans
Bussiere Luc Female immunity, sperm length and sperm death
Byers John A. Simulation of mating disruption and mass trapping with competitive attraction and camouflage
Byrne Marcus The role of a maternal gift in the larval development of a dung beetle
Cabeza Mar Conservation priority setting and insects: How, where, how often?
Cabral Susana Effects of pirimicarb, buprofezin and pymetrozine on survival, development and reproduction of Coccinella undecimpunctata (Coleoptera ...
Cakir Mehmet Pre-breeding for resistance to Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia, in wheat and barley in Australia: germplasm characterization ...
Cameron Stephen Beyond barcoding: Genomic approaches to molecular systematics and diagnostics
Cameron Sydney Independent gains or reversals of highly eusocial behavior in the corbiculate bees? Visualizing conflict among multiple gene trees ...
Campbell James Assessment of structural fumigation efficacy in food processing facilities
Campbell James Potential of entomopathogenic nematodes as biological control agents of stored product insects
Candolfi Marco Advantages, limitations and extrapolation to field situation of different laboratory test methods used to evaluate side-effects of plan...
Caprio Michael Probabilistic methods for assessing the risk of the evolution of resistance to transgenic crops
Cardinal Sophie Evolution of cleptoparasitism, eusocial behavior and shifts in diversification rates in apid bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)
Cardinal Sophie Phylogeny and antiquity of the bees based on combined molecular, morphological and paleontological datasets.
Carlini Celia R. Digestive enzymes of insects and the insecticidal effect of plant ureases
Carpenter James Eradication and containment of Cactoblastis cactorum in Mexico and the United States
Carpenter James Understanding the factors that influence the geographical expansion of Cactoblastis cactorum in non-native habitats
Carroll Allan Climate change, forest disturbance and feedbacks: the mountain pine beetle in western North America
Carroll Allan Dynamics of an eruptive herbivore in a novel habitat: consequences of climate-induced range expansion by the mountain pine beetle
Carroll Scott P. Evolution in response to climate change and species invasions
Carroll Scott P. Next generation repellents of public health value
Carvalheiro Luisa Pollinator networks, alien species and the conservation of rare plants: Trinia glauca as a case study
Carvalho Maria Otilia IPM practices on insect populations on stored rice in Portugal
Carvalho Remulo The threat of Dactylopius opuntiae and proposals for its management in cactus pear cultivations in north-eastern Brazil
Castane Cristina Plant damage to horticultural crops by zoophytophagous mirid predators
Casteel Clare L. Impacts of CO2 pollution on plant-insect interactions: A transcriptional and biochemical analysis of soybean defense signaling
Casula Paolo Model selection in predator diversity experiments
Casula Paolo The weight of predatory mirids in whitefly control
Catanach Therese A phylogeny of the leafhopper genus Flexamia (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) constructed with morphological and molecular characters
Chabi-Olaye Adenirin Role of agroecosystem in the abundance and diversity of Liriomyza leafmining flies and their natural enemies
Channamadhavni Manjula Effect of RH-5849 on the protein content in the ovaries of Tribolium confusum, (Duval)
Chapman Jason How do long-range insect migrants influence their flight direction?
Chapman Nadine Do queenless colonies of Apis mellifera and A. florea attract more drifted workers than colonies with a queen?
Charabidze Damien Forenseek: a simulation program of carrion-feeding insect's development dedicated to forensic entomology
Chareonviriyaphap Theeraphap Biting patterns of Anopheles minimus (Diptera: Culicidae) in experimental huts treated with DDT and deltamethrin
Chatterjee Monilal Spinosad 45 SC - the novel pesticide for the management of chilli pests
Chatterjee Monilal Management of Rice Brown Plant Hopper by different modules of pesticide application
Chatterjee Monilal Spinosad 45 SC - The novel Pesticide for the Management of Chilli Pests
Chatterjee Monilal Spinosad 45 SC - the novel pesticides for the management of chilli pests
Chauhan Kamlesh Fast acting insecticides: Novel utilization in vector control
Cheek Sharon Harmonising approaches to pest risk assessment in Europe: The EFSA Plant Health Panel
Chen Xue-xin Insects in the ancient Chinese custom and faith
Chen Xue-xin Systematics of the family Braconidae in China
Cheng Jia-an Ecology and management of three rice planthopper species in the Yangtze Delta, China
Chenoweth Luke Social evolution of the Allodapine bees
Chigoverah Alex Botanical pesticides for stored grain protection: from the laboratory to the farm
Chilima C.Z. General overview of the extent, impact and management of forest alien invasive species in Africa
Ching'oma Godfrey Spatial distribution and movement of lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica F.
Chiroleu Frederic On a temporal model for the Chikungunya disease: application for vector control
Chloridis Aris Development of Spinetoram: A new spinosyn insecticide from Dow AgroSciences
Choi Kyung-Hee Status of occurrence and monitoring of ambrosia beetles with alcohol baittraps in Korean apple orchards
Christoffels Alan International Glossina Genome initiative: towards an understanding of the Glossina morsitans transcriptome
Christophides Geoge Comparative and functional genomics of disease vector mosquitoes
Ciosi Marc Invasion of Europe by the western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera: multiple transatlantic introductions with various...
Clark Katy Are there patterns in above and below ground insect herbivore interactions?
Claudianos Charles Sensorydriven synaptic remodelling in the honey bee brain
Coetzee Julie The status of aquatic weed biological control in South Africa
Coetzee Maureen Insecticide and fungal susceptibility of laboratory-reared Anopheles gambiae s.s. and Anopheles arabiensis
Coetzee Maureen Malaria vector control: will insecticide resistance be our downfall?
Coipan Elena Claudia Current situation of sericulture in Romania
Colazza Stefano Indirect host-related chemical kairomones for improving egg parasitoid efficacy in IPM
Colazza Stefano Synomones induced by egg deposition in herbaceous plants
Coleman Michael MonitoringtheoperationalimpactofinsecticideusageformalariacontrolonAnophelesfunestusfromMozambique
Coleman Michael Malaria decision support systems: the entomology
Coll Moshe Spatial dynamics of omnivore-prey systems: predatory bugs as a model
Collins Frank VectorBase: a bioinformatics resource for the analysis and display of vector genomes
Conlong Des Biological and habitat interventions for Integrated Pest Management systems
Contreras Heidy Transitions between respiratory patterns in sedentary insects is dependent on metabolic rates: A look into the respiratory patterns
Cook Lyn Co-radiation of gall-inducing scale insects and their myrtaceous hosts.
Cope Stanton Products and services of the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, USA
Cordero Pedro J. When umbrellas kill: the case of small reserves in sensitive habitats
Cormier Daniel Establishing the noxious/beneficial status of the zoophytophagous mullein bug, Campylomma verbasci
Cornel Anthony Pyrethroid resistance in Culex pipiens sensu lato: bridging the gap between bench-work and the field
Cornelissen Tatiana Ants on your plants: a meta-analysis of the role of ants as plant biotic defenses
Cornette Richard Juvenile hormone and soldier-caste differentiation in the termite Hodotermopsis sjostedti
Cory Jenny Genomic approaches in forest entomology - implications for insect ecology and pest control
Cory Jenny Plant-mediated effects in insect-virus interactions
Costa-Leonardo Ana Maria Current status of termite management in Brazil
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d'Ettorre Patrizia Reproductive strategies in ant social parasites
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Damos Petros Development and validation of models in forecasting the seasonal emergency and population dynamics of the peach twig borer Ana...
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Davo Vodouhe Simplice Habitat manipulation and supplementary food spray for enhanced pest management in organic cotton: implications to cotton IPM
Dawes-Gromadzki Tracy Termites as ecosystem engineers: increasing ecohydrological function and soil health in the savanna grazing lands of tropical north...
de Beer Chantel Assessment of blackfly (Diptera: Simuliidae) abundance along the Vaal and Orange Rivers in South Africa with reference to potential...
De Bruyn Luc Heavy metals alter interactions in a grass-leaf miner system
De Busschere Charlotte Introduction on a geometric approach in the study on the patterns of divergence in ecological relevant traits in an adaptively radiate ...
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de Graaf Johan Population dynamics and management of the mango seed weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae (F.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), in South ...
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De Lange Willem Replacement cost estimates of insect pollination services
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Debboun Mustapha Insect repellents and personal protection as components of integrated disease management
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Deguine Jean-Philippe Structure and diversity of dung beetles communities (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) in Southern Larzac (France)
Del Socorro Alice Field trials of attract-and-kill (Magnet) on American heliothine and other noctuid pests in cotton
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Desurmont Gaylord Aggregative oviposition of viburnum leaf beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni (Paykull): Mechanisms and benefits of an unusual social behavior
Desurmont Gaylord Evaluation of Podisus maculiventris (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) for biological control of viburnum leaf beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Devy Soubadra Identifying areas of conservation importance in Western Ghats, India: Can the mega-faunal approach capture insects?
Dharma Rajan Priyadarsanan Conserving invertebrates: Do we need a top down strategy?
Dharma Rajan Priyadarsanan Impact of anthropogenic disturbance on the diversity of dung beetles (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae)
Diarra Karamoko Compared effectiveness of three insecticides (Biobit, Neem and Metophos) on Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae), the...
Dicke Marcel Using GM to enhance bodyguard attraction in crops
Dicke Marcel The value of omics to community ecology
Dicke Marcel Insects in western art
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Dikow Torsten Synthesis of information in phylogenetics, evolution, biogeography, and megadiverse taxa
Dikow Torsten Asilidae from the Cretaceous and Tertiary (Diptera: Brachycera): phylogenetic placement, biogeography, and faunal comparison
Dilling Carla Community response of phytophagous and transient non-target canopy insects associated with eastern hemlock, Tsuga canadensi...
Dimopoulos George Resistance to human pathogens through the manipulation of mosquito immune pathways
Dinter Axel Rynaxypyr (Chlorantraniliprole): A novel DuPont insecticide with low toxicity for beneficial arthropods providing excellent tools ...
Dipali Prof. Sericigenous insects of Assam, India and strategies for their conservation
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Dorn Silvia Movement towards favourable microhabitats on the apple tree by Cydia pomonella caterpillars
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Drezen Jean-Michael Wasp-bracovirus associations: the grail quest for the ancestor virus
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Drummond Frank A simulation model of the greyback canegrub and its pathogens, with special emphasis on Metarhizium anisopliae
du Plessis Hannalene Groundnut leafminer, Aproaerema modicella (Deventer) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), a pest of groundnuts in South Africa
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Duncan Frances Ecophysiology of respiration in dung beetles - a comparative study
Durrheim David Managing mosquito threats using personal protection strategies: Living with mosquitoes in northern New South Wales, Australia
Duso Carlo Effects of different routes of exposure to pesticides on the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot (Acari Phytoseiida...
Dyer Adrian Bee perception of warmth as a floral reward
Dyer Lee A tritrophic view of diversity
Dzerefos Cathy Univoltinity in the winter aggregator Encosternum delegorguei (Hemiptera: Tessaratomidae) in relation to abdominal fat, food plant
Eades David Species File Software and the Orthoptera Species File
Eardley Connal Collaborating in pollination science
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Eggleton Paul Termites - the sophisticated cockroaches
Eggleton Paul Phylogenetic evidence for steps in the early social evolution of termites
Eggleton Paul The effects of anthropogenic activities on the termite-fungus mutualism in fungus-growing termites
Eigenbrode Sanford Effects of farm and landscape vegetational diversity on attack on coffee plants by leafcutting ants
Eigenbrode Sanford Predators on the plantscape
Eisen Lars Use of Google Earth to strengthen public health capacity and facilitate management of vector-borne diseases in resource-poor envi...
Eisen Lars Decision support systems for prevention and control of vector-borne diseases
Eisen Rebecca Spatial modelling of human risk of exposure to vector-borne pathogens based on epidemiological versus arthropod vector data
Ekbom Barbara Coarse woody debris and saproxylic beetles in a managed forest landscape in boreal Sweden
El Bouhssini Mustapha Progress in host plant resistance to Russian wheat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in North Africa and West Asia
El-Sayed Ashraf Simultaneous disruption of a leafroller complex using a common pheromone dispenser
Elek Jane Reducing the chemical footprint when managing chrysomelid leaf beetles in eucalypt plantations: lethal trap trees
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Elkinton Joseph Why the browntail moth went extinct in much of its invasive range in North America
Ellis Michael B. Regulation of humidity in honeybee hives
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Engel Michael The evolution of termites: Fossils and phylogenetic patterns
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Esfandiari Mehdi Biological control of Icerya purchasi Maskell by Rodolia cardinalis Mulsant in citrus orchards of north Khuzestan, southwest Iran...
Esperk Toomas Intraspecific variability in the number of larval instars in insects
Esselink Hans Life-history tactic analysis reveals fragmentation and low soil temperature as main bottlenecks for ant communities in Dutch chalk...
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Evans Theodore Termites may be a friend to farmers: Ecosystem services in wheat paddocks in Australia
Facknath Sunita Ditrophic relationship of Liriomyza spp. with its potato host
Fadamiro Henry Semiochemical-mediated fire ant-phorid fly interactions: GC-EAD response of Pseudacteon tricuspis to Solenopsis fire ants
Fagua Giovanny Structure of Orthoptera communities in an altitudinal gradient with Andean forest and oak forest.
Fagua Giovanny A phylogeny of genera of the Pedaliodes complex (Lepidoptera: Satyrinae: Pronophilini) based on morphological and molecular analysis
Farrar Nasser Host excreta in relation to host-finding by Pales murina Mes. (Diptera: Tachinidae)
Fathi Aliasghar Prey preference of Orius niger (Wolf.) and Orius minutus (L.) (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae) on two prey species in potato...
Fathi Alisghar The effect of selected potato cultivars on the population growth of Bactericera Puton, 1876, (Homoptera: Psyllidae)
Fatouros Nina Costly butterfly anti-aphrodisiac: direct and indirect arrestment of egg parasitoids
Fayle Tom The maintenance of high ant diversity in tropical rain forest canopies: Empirical evidence for a lottery model with taxonomically limit...
Feng Qili An EST database for the lepidopteran forest insect, Choristoneura fumiferana
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Fernandes G. Wilson Mechanisms of host defense and the geography of galling insects
Fewell Jennifer Genetic diversity and division of labor in social insect colonies: diversity promotes colony resiliency
Ffrench-Constant Richard Insecticidal toxins from Photorhabdus: comparative genomics and Rapid Virulence Annotation (RVA)
Fiala Andre In vivo visualization of odor propagation along the olfactory pathway of the Drosophila brain
Fiala Andre Optophysiological approaches to dissect neuronal circuits underlying learning and memory in Drosophila
Field Linda Odorant-binding proteins in insect vectors
Finke D. Do dietary constraints promote intraguild predation and antagonistic interactions among predators in complex-structured food web...
Finke Deborah Resource partitioning and the relationship between natural-enemy diversity and the strength of prey suppression
Finke Deborah Predator trophic composition influences the relationship between predator diversity and herbivore suppression
Finke Deborah Changing landscapes, predator subsidies, and altered biodiversity at higher trophic levels: Consequences for plant-herbivore interaction
Finlay Kyla Modelling the potential distribution of the Asiatic citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae), in Australia under...
Fischer Hanna Evolutionary origins and local adaptations of a novel host-plant detoxification gene in butterflies
Fitt Gary Field performance of transgenic crops: do they frustrate biological control?
Fitt Gary Have Bt crops led to changes in insecticide use patterns and impacted IPM?
Fkih Samia Characterization of Dacus punctatifrons (Karsch) populations using a molecular taxonomy approach
Flatt Thomas Comparative aspects of life history regulation in honeybee and fruit fly
Fleming Richard Effects of spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana) outbreaks on fire hazard in central Canada's boreal forest landscapes
Flinn Paul Area-wide IPM for commercial wheat storage
Flinn Paul Biological control of the Indianmeal moth on finished stored products using egg and larval parasitoids
Flinn Paul SimBeetle: Agent-based model for simulating red flour beetle in two-dimensional flour landscapes
Floyd Joel An international cooperative effort to protect Opuntia cactus resources in the American Southwest and Mexico from the South Amer...
Fonagy Adrien Sphragis-bearing in the clouded Apollo butterfly (Parnassius mnemosyne, Parnassiinae, Papilionidae)
Fontaine Colin Does asymmetric specialization differ between mutualistic and trophic networks?
Forero Dimitri Phylogenetic analysis of the Zanchius-group (Heteroptera: Miridae: Orthotylinae)
Forgie Shaun Factors in the establishment of boneseed leaf roller in New Zealand
Forster Thomas D. Spiracular fluttering is not a steady state behaviour
Foster Steve Are neonicotinoid insecticides resistant to the evolution of resistance in aphids?
Foster William Are oil palm plantations green deserts? Invertebrate biomass, diversity and function in oil palm plantations in Sabah, Malaysia
Fourie Michelle L. The potential of crop borders to reduce incidence of aphid-transmitted Potato Virus Y
Fournier Philippe Genome microsynteny between Lepidoptera
Fox Eduardo Morphological description of the last instar larva of Solenopsis saevissima Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Fox Eduardo Different identification protocols yield incongruous species identification to Brazilian Fire Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Solenop...
Franc Alex Impacts of environmental alterations on the population dynamics and the gregarisation of the red locust in the Sofia basin (Madaga...
Francis Frederic Use of proteomics to investigate the respective role of insect and bacterial endosymbionts in aphid -plant interactions
Francis Frederic Tribolium species as models for chemical ecology and proteomic studies in insects
Frank Steven The effect of predator and alternative prey density on cutworm survival, activity, and growth
Franklin Kimberly Effects of the conversion of native rangeland to exotic grass pasture on ant assemblages in Sonora, Mexico
Freitas Breno Assessing bee diversity and their role in pollinating crops with potential for biofuel production in Brazil
Frolov Andrei Electronic agricultural atlas of insect pests and other harmful organisms of the Former Soviet Union
Frouz Jan Soil macrofauna effect on plant succession in post mining sites
Frouz Jan The effect of wood ants on nutrient flow and tree growth in spruce forest
Frouz Jan Communities of ants and carabid beatles after clear cut of spruce forest: the effect of site age and landscape position
Fuentes-Contreras Insecticide resistance and genetic structure of Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) from apple orchards in central Chile
Furth David Flea beetle diversity of the Sierra Tarahumara, Copper Canyon, Mexico (Chrysomelidae: Alticinae)
Gadagkar Raghavendra The functional organization of a tropical insect society
Gade Gerd Locusts versus grasshoppers: presence of adipokinetic peptides and functional aspects
Gagnon Annie-Eve Factors affecting the incidence of intraguild predation
Galizia C Giovanni Odor representation in Drosophila local neurons
Gamez-Virues Sagrario Conservation of biodiversity using shelterbelts: consequences for biological control at local and landscape scales
Ganeshan Seelavarn Climate change and new cultural practices affect incidence and management of sugar cane pests in Mauritius
Garcia Patricia V. Side-effects of pesticides on long-term cold-stored diapausing Trichogramma wasps
Garcia-Gutierrez Effect of temperature on the viability and toxicity of B. bassiana and M. anisopliae on P. rapae
Gariepy Tara The utility of molecular diagnostics in biological control: evaluating non-target effects associated with introduced parasitoids
Garnas Jeff Spatial and temporal patterns in the abundance of beech bark disease-associated organisms in North America: evidence for negati...
Gasperi Giuliano Gene discovery and functional genomics in the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata
Gassmann Aaron Potential for entomopathogens to delay resistance of pests to Bt crops
Gatarayiha Celestin M. Effects of Break-thru and an oil emulsion on the efficacy of Beauveria bassiana for the control of red spider mite, Tetranychus urti...
Gaylord Monica Impacts of thinning ponderosa pine forests on pine bark beetles: Implications for mitigating climate change
Gebeyehu Solomon Pest risk analysis of importation of banana propagation materials from Uganda to Rwanda
Gelbic Ivan Changes in development of male germinal cells of Egyptian cotton leaf worm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd) caused by selected comp...
Genc Hanife Species diversity of butterflies in Troia National Park in Turkey
Gentz Margaret C. Spider venoms as source of bioinsecticides: a comparison of the insecticidal toxicity of various tarantula venoms...
Georgis Ramon Current and future prospects of microbial insecticides in agriculture
Geraci Christy Jo Road-building and use in the western Amazon Basin, Part 2: Employing data from applied conservation research to address basic ...
Gerber Corey K. The Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center - the place for in-field "hands-on" training for field crop insect pests
Gerlach Justin Conservation status and needs of an oceanic island fauna: the case of Seychelles insects
Ghani Idris Termite species inventory across an oil palm agroecosystem with variable scales of sampling
Ghani Idris Diurnal behavior of Nosema bombycis-infected Diadegma semiclausum, a parasitoid of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostela (L.)
Ghebremariam Tsedal Changes in plant attributes: a possible cause for alterations in insect host-plant selection in laboratory host-specificity tests
Gibbs Jason Multiple origins of social parasitism in the bee subgenus Dialictus (Halictidae: Lasioglossum) identified using morphology and DNA
Gibson Gabriella Evidence of an interaction between host preference and endo/exophagy in the malaria mosquito Anopheles arabiensis
Gibson Gabriella Interactive auditory communication in mosquitoes
Gibson Gabriella Male and female Culex mosquitoes match their flight tones at frequencies beyond their auditory range
Gibson Gary Fossil Neanastatinae (Chalcidoidea: Eupelmidae) - implications for inferences of evolution and relationships of the subfamily
Giebultowicz Jadwiga Circadian clocks regulate insect response to pesticides
Gilioli Gianni Across spatial scales dynamics of Anopheles gambiae populations and malaria transmission
Gilioli Gianni Ecosocial implications of cattle health improvement based on adaptive management of arthropod transmitted diseases
Gill Sarjeet S. Characterization of Clostridim bifermentans malaysia that is active to Anopheline species.
Gillette Nancy Consequences of environmental change and globalization for Dendroctonus valens and its fungal symbionts: A case study...
Giordanengo Philippe Influence of potato plant preinfestation on its colonization by aphids
Giorgi Jose The evolution of lady beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): Reconstructing phylogeny based on molecular data
Giron David Leafminer insects trigger the host plant physiology through an unexpected association with endosymbiotic bacteria
Githeko Andrew The spread of viral and parasitic diseases due to climate change
Gitonga Linus Population dynamics and within plant distribution of Megalurothrips sjostedti and Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)
Glaze Ezekiel Movement strategies and plant structure: a modeling system for analyzing foraging insect development
Gliniewicz Aleksandra Studies on pediculosis in Poland
Gobin Bruno Life history patterns of an important predator in orchards, the common earwig, determines pest control efficacy
Godfray Charles Insect community ecology: the challenge of hyperdiversity
Godfray H. Charles J. Population dynamics and biological control
Godfray H. Charles J. Stochastic spread of Wolbachia: drifting through the threshold
Goebel Francois-Regis Towards agro-ecological management of sugarcane stalk borers in South Africa and Reunion: a synthesis of results and perspective
Gohole Linnet S. Close-range host searching behaviour of the stemborer parasitoid Dentichasmias busseolae: Role of a non-host plant Melinis minut...
Goldsworthy Graham Immunogen-induced anorexia in locusts
Goldsworthy Graham A locust model can be used to study virulence determinants of Escherichia coli K1
Gols Rieta Differential effects of the induction of direct plant defences on the development of a generalist herbivore and its solitary endoparasi...
Gomez Jose M. A geographic mosaic of selection in a generalized plant-pollinator-herbivore system
Gonzalez Megias Adela A complex world: Direct and indirect interactions between plants, decomposers and herbivores
Goodisman Michael The causes and consequences of multiple mating in the social wasp Vespula maculifrons
Gordon Deborah M. Local ecological effects on the rate of spread of Argentine ants: Interspecific behavioral interactions and aggregation sites
Gordon Deborah M. Interaction rate and task allocation in harvester ants
Gorr T. Fly as cancer model? Genomic analysis of Drosophila's hypoxia tolerance
Gorr T.A. Drosophila tracheal cells can sense hypoxia and induce terminal branch sprouting
Goto Shin G. Clock and photoreceptor in the photoperiodic regulation of diapause in the flesh fly Sarcophaga similis
Goulson Dave Impacts of honeybees on native bumblebees in northern Europe
Goulson David Population structure and the conservation of bumblebees in western Europe
Grant Jerome Impact of invasive insect pests on eastern hemlock in the southern Appalachians, USA: Novel approaches to evaluating biological control
Grant Jerome Impact of selected pesticides on canopy-dwelling predatory guilds on eastern hemlock, Tsuga canadensis
Grant Paul B.C. Micro-hotspot determination and buffer-zone value in the core of a global hotspot (Cape Floristic Region)
Gray Michael The relevance of economic thresholds in transgenic corn: Does IPM affect IRM?
Grazia Jocelia Review of Parachinavia Roche (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae)
Greenplate John Unusual challenges, unusual rewards: Introduction of insect-protected biotech cotton in Burkina Faso, West Africa
Gregoire Jean-Claude Allee effects and high dispersive behaviour: Antagonist forces in potentially invasive bark beetles
Grichanov Igor Sciapodinae from Baltic amber (Diptera: Dolichopodidae): systematic position and possible palaeoclimatic implications
Grichanov Igor Dolichopodid species number in the North and South of West Palearctic (Diptera): Explanation of differences and forecast...
Griffiths Georgianne Density dependent effects of predator species-richness on herbivore supression
Grobbelaar Elizabeth First biological and larval records for Afrotropical Donaciinae confirming the tribal placement of Donaciasta goeckei Monros (Coleoptera ...
Grohme Simone Diversity and interactions of flower visitors of Aechmea nudicaulis and Vriesea friburgensis (Bromeliaceae)
Gross Caroline Introduced bees in Australia - a control regime for integrated weed management.
Gross Caroline Pollinator food-webs on granite outcrops - diversity, specificity and a fly story
Gross Juergen Multitrophic interactions between the apple proliferation phytoplasma, its psyllid vectors, and their host plants
Gross Juergen Exocrine glands of leaf beetle larvae: Protective structures against attacking predators and pathogens
Grout Tim Changes to citrus IPM strategy in southern Africa
Grove Simon Principles and practice of invertebrate conservation in managed forests in Tasmania
Grove Simon Invertebrates as conservation biology research tools in Tasmanian forestry: what are they telling us?
Grove Tertia Developing a systems approach for false codling moth on Hass' avocado
Gruner Daniel Soil invertebrate-plant feedbacks and community change in a California coastal prairie
Grzywacz David Uptake of insect viral insecticides in India and Thailand: Successes and constraints to scaling up the adoption of microbial pesticid
Guda Tom Plant-feeding by field collected Anopheles mosquitoes in relation to their dispersal, gonotrophic status, parity and seasons in a mal...
Guerrieri Emilio Belowground mycorrhizal endosymbiosis and aboveground insects: can multilevel interactions be exploited for a sustainable contr...
Gullan Penny Diversity and relationships of gall-inducing scale insects in South Africa
Gupta Kamal Sperm precedence and its implication on evolution of prolonged copulation in Dysdercus koenigii
Gurrea M. Pilar Biogeographic factors that determine the distribution of the Exapiini Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990 (Coleoptera: Apionidae) in the Iberian Peninsula
Gwiazdowski Rodger Fine-scale pine scale intraspecific phylogeography across North America (Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Haas Fabian Invasive alien species, Classical Biological Control and the Convention on Biological Diversity
Habustova Oxana Lack of effect of Bt-corn on the non-target arthropods
Hadjistylli Margarita Genetic structure, origins, and evolution of biotypes in the Bemisia tabaci species complex
Hafeez Faisal Population dynamics of Aedes albopictus in urban and rural areas
Hafeez Faisal Biodiversity of entomophagous arthropods in rice crops
Hajek Ann Ecology of insect hosts and entomopathogens
Halaweh Nasser Control of tomato pests under protected cultivation in the hot and seasonally humid tropics
Hall Richard A. Supporting scientific research in developing countries
Hall Robert Ethical Issues in the use of forensic entomology evidence
Hamback Peter The landscape ecology of trophic interactions: Trait- and density-mediated effects
Hance Thierry Consequences of temperature fluctuations on tritrophic systems plants-aphids-parasitoids: adaptation to climate change and biocontrol...
Hankeln Thomas Globins in Drosophila: oxygen carrier, ROS detoxifier or else, contd.
Hankeln Thomas Globins in Drosophila: Oxygen carrier, ROS detoxifier or else?
Hanna Rachid Fruit fly pests of horticultural crops in tropical Africa: present knowledge and prospects for management
Hansen Allison Symbiotic relationships of an invasive psyllid colonizing eucalyptus in California, USA
Hansen Lise Stengaard The potential for biocontrol in stored products in general, with specific attention to application of parasitoids against Sitophilus gra...
Hanson Paul Invasive hymenopterans of the Neotropical Region
Hardman John Simulating causes and remedies for spider mite outbreaks in Canadian apple orchards
Hargrove John Modelling the responses of tsetse to climate change: from mechanisms to macroecology
Harrison James Using electron microscopy to define species within Asthenopholis Brenske, a genus of African leaf chafer beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
Harrison Jon Does atmospheric oxygen limit insect size? Effects of oxygen on insect growth and tracheal morphology
Harrison Libby To free or not to free: the New Zealand experience
Hartfelder Klaus Caste polyphenism in bees: New phenotypes from tinkering with old genes and conserved signaling pathways
Hartfelder Klaus Stingless bees and the reproductive ground plan hypothesis
Harvey Jeffrey A. Interactions between generalist and specialist herbivores and their endoparasitoids on the invasive weed, Bunias orientalis
Hassanali Ahmed Discovering potent tsetse repellents from odours of refractory hosts and structure and blend optimization studies
Hattenschwiler Stephan Plant litter-detritivore interactions: links between the green and the brown part of ecosystems?
Hatting Justin Louis Ecology of cereal aphid - fungal pathogen interactions: A South African perspective with potential for inoculative-augmentation
Hattingh Vaughan Implications of international sanitary and phytosanitary regulations for the southern African citrus industry
Haughton Alison J. Using insects in an integrated, novel approach to land-use planning: A case study of bioenergy crops
Hauxwell Caroline The success of biopesticides in Australian broadacre crops
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Huang Yongping Detection of the pine wilt disease nematode through molecular markers
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Idowu Babatunde Extracellular enzyme production of microbial isolates associated with the gut of the variegated grasshopper Zonocerus variegatus (...
Igrc Barcic Jasminka The abundance and distribution of the ground beetles Pterostichus melanarius Ill. and Harpalus rufipes De Geer in corn fields in Cro...
Il'Ichevi Alexandre Improved monitoring of early-season emergence of males, virgin and mated females of oriental fruit moth and codling moth in Austr...
Il'Ichevi Alexandre Long-term sustainable area-wide mating disruption program with improved monitoring tools for oriental fruit moth and codling mot...
Imbahale Susan Shading by agricultural and natural plants affects growth and development of malaria mosquito larvae in Western Kenya
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Imperatriz-Fonseca Vera Lucia The landscape in agroecosystems and the ecological services provided by stingless bees
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Jadhav Ashwini Effect of a retardant dose of glyphosate on biocontrol agents of water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms-Laubach...
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James David HIPV, HIPPO and IPM: Telling plants to pull in their defenders
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Jindal Vikas Elucidating cotton genotypes resistant to whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) by population build up stu...
Jindra Marek Juvenile hormone regulation of metamorphosis in the beetle Tribolium castaneum
Jockusch Elizabeth Functional genomic analysis of appendage development in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
Jockusch Elizabeth The evolution and development of integrated phenotypes
Joffrey Moiroux Local adaptations of life history traits of a Drosophila parasitoid, Leptopilina boulardi
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Johnson Erik Integration of neuropeptidergic signaling and stress behaviors via the AMP-activated kinase in Drosophila
Johnson Norman Data management and taxonomic applications for the Platygastroidea Global Biodiversity Inventory
Johnson Norman The Hymenoptera Name Server
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Johnson Steven A population perspective on plant-pollinator interactions
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Jonsson Mattias The impact of floral resource subsidies and landscape context on biological control in forage brassicas
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Joubert Pieter H. Integrated pestmanagement (IPM) on mangoes in South Africa
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Jurc Maja Phenology of the European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus (L.) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) as the basis for modelling outbreak ris...
Jurgens Andreas Attraction of nectar-seeking mosquitoes to inflorescence odours of Silene otites (Caryophyllaceae)
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Kabayo J.P. Plans and progress in the implementation of the PATTEC Initiative
Kadono-Okuda Keiko Positional cloning of densovirus-resistance genes in Bombyx mori
Kaiser Tobias Low tide is high time! Timing of adult eclosion in Clunio marinus
Kakkassery Francy The reproductive behaviour and oviposition in Pseudagrion microcephalum, Rambur ( Zygoptera: Odonata)
Kalibbala Faith Post-release evaluation of the seed feeding bruchid beetle Sulcobruchus subsuturalis in the biological control of Caesalpinia decap...
Kamarudin Norman Mass trapping of the male moths (Metisa plana Wlk, Lepidoptera: Psychidae) for control of bagworms on mature oil palms in a small...
Kamata Naoto Ambrosia beetles as affected by environmental factors: Are these phenomena changes or just new findings?
Kamata Naoto Platypus quericovrus causing Japanese oak wilt disease in Japan: Why has JOW become epidemic recently?
Kambhampati Srini New Genes for New Phylogenies: Possible Candidate Genes from Termite EST Libraries
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Kaplan Ian Plant-mediated interactions linking foliar-feeding insects and root-feeding nematodes: ecological significance and underlying mech...
Kapoor Neera Evaluation of effect of sunlight on insecticide impregnated fabrics against vector species of mosquitoes under laboratory condition...
Karar Haider Farmers knowledge and perception about methods of spreading and hibernation places of mango mealybug (Drosicha mangiferae...
Kareem Maharajan Influence of two mulberry varieties on the larval performance of the silk worm Bombyx mori L. in Bapatla ecosystems
Karim S. Biology and leaf consumption of lemon butterfly, Papilio demoleus
Kasambala Trust Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) infestation levels on different maize varieties and modelling occurrence ...
Kasina Muo Enhancing crop productivity in Kakamega, Kenya: Strategies for bee conservation in the agriculture landscape
Kathirithamby Jeyaraney Introduction to the biodiversity and heteronomy in Strepsiptera
Kati Amalia The influence of the parasitoids on the development of their aphid hosts
Kaufman Leyla Ecological correlates of non-indigenous parasitoid assemblages associated with the Hawaiian endemic moth Udea stellata (Lepidoptera ...
Kawahara Akito Y. Progress report on the Lepidoptera Tree-of-Life (LepTree) - 2.5 years of facilitating lepidopteran research globally
Kawate Kunitake Yoko Ecological risk assessments for the invasion of Bombus terrestris in Japan
Kawatsu Kazutaka Larval requisition behavior for food trophallaxis in the termite Reticulitermes speratus
Kawecki Tadeusz Adaptation to chronic nutritional stress in Drosophila
Kawecki Tadeusz Natural polymorphism affecting learning and memory
Kay Brian Astounding success in dengue control in Vietnam, using Mesocyclops and community-based methods
Kean John M. STEPP: spatio-temporal population probability models for delimiting pest incursions and monitoring eradication success, and a ...
Keeping Malcolm Benefits and mechanisms of silicon-mediated resistance of sugarcane to Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Keeton Kierryn Rates of larval parasitism of false codling moth, Thaumatotibia leucotreta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), on citrus in South Africa
Kehinde Ademolu Impact of reproductive activities on the tissues metabolites of the adult Zonocerus variegatus (L.)
Kehinde Ademolu Digestive enzymes activities in the gut homogenates of Zonocerus variegatus (L.) during post embryonic development
Kekeunou Sevilor Phenology of Zonocerus variegatus (L.) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) in natural and planted fallow systems in the humid forest zone
Kellner Katrin We are one but not the same: Population and colony structure of the thelytokous ant Platythyrea punctata in Puerto Rico
Kemabonta Kehinde The efficacy of Spindor dust in controlling the kola weevil, Balanogastris kolae (Desbr) infesting kolanuts in storage
Kence Meral Analysis of the relationship between Pgm (Phosphoglucomutase) heterozygosity and fitness in honeybee, Apis mellifera L.
Kenis Marc Assessing the risk posed by the invasion of Harmonia axyridis on European ladybirds. 1. Likelihood of encounter
Kerdelhue Carole Allochronic differentiation of a phenologically atypical population of the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Lepi...
Kerdelhue Carole Tracing the origins of the invasive maritime pine bast scale Matsucoccus feytaudi in Corsica and Italy: use of mitochondrial and mic...
Keriko Joseph Anti-plasmodial, anti-trypanosomal and anti-parastic natural products of some selected Kenyan medicinal plants
Keshlaf Marwan Role of pollen beetles in cotton pollination, and their effect on the foraging behaviour of honeybees
Keshlaf Marwan Optimizing cotton pollination period by using high stocking rate of honeybee colonies
Kessler Andre Herbivory-boosted primary metabolism: A mechanism to alleviate fitness costs of plant vaccination
Kessler Andre The value of changing phenotypes: Herbivore population consequences of induced plant responses
Kessler Philip New baculovirus products offer solutions for the biological control of Cydia pomonella and Cryptophlebia leucotreta
Keyhanian Ali Akbar Affects of abiotic factors on populations of Brevicoryne brassicae L. on canola crops in the Varamin region (Iran)
Khaghaninia Samad A geometric morphometric study on sexual dimorphism of Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in north west of Iran
Khan Muhammad Comparative efficacy of Ivermectin and Cypermethrin against Hyalomma anatolicum ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)
Khan Muhammad Effect of temperature and relative humidity on population dynamics of predators of cotton pests
Khan Rashad Rasool Studies on the toxicity of some commonly used insecticides at different dose rates against a larval parastoid, Bracon hebetor (Say)...
Khan Zeyaur Push-Pull' - a chemical ecology-based IPM strategy for smallholder farmers in Africa
Khattak Masood Field tests of neem oil and neem seed water extract for the management of sucking and chewing pests attacking cotton
Kikawada Takahiro Molecular cloning and characterization of Tret1-orthologs facilitating trehalose transport in insects
Kim Jeong-Hwan Effects of Orius laevigatus (Fieber) on the population dynamics of Amblyseius swirskii (Athias-Henriot) and Bemisia tabaci (Gennadi...
Kim Kyung Hee Current status of oak wilt disease in Korea
Kim Si Yong Bistrifluron: A new benzophenyl urea insecticide for both agricultural and non-agriculture use...
Kim Yonggyun Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A (eIF4A) of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella: a putative molecular target of CpBV1
Kim Young-Joon Sex peptide receptor, a G-protein coupled receptor that mediates the post-mating switch in Drosophila reproductive behaviours
Kindlmann Pavel Harmonia axyridis - top predator or invader? A critical examination
King Andrew Spatial analysis of earthworm predation by generalist carabid predators using molecular analysis of gut contents
Kinuthia Wanja Effects of land use and land management on indigenous pollinators and their conservation: A case in Kilimambogo, eastern Kenya
Kirichenko Natalia Ranking of the potential host plants for the invasive Siberian moth in Europe
Kitade Osamu Cospeciation in the triplex symbiosis of termites, gut protists, and their bacterial endosymbionts
Klass Klaus-Dieter Placement of Isoptera inside the Blattaria seen from the morphological perspective: the key role of the cockroach Cryptocercus and...
Klass Klaus-Dieter Basal phylogenetic relationships in Dictyoptera and Mantodea
Klass Klaus-Dieter Morphological diversity and species distinction in Mantophasmatodea
Klein Hildegard Unraveling a chalicidoid wasp complex associated with galls in the seed capsules of Eucalyptus camaldulensis in South Africa
Kleineidam Christoph J. The olfactory pathway in Attine ants
Kleineidam Christoph J. Neuronal organization of the trail pheromone pathway in Attine ants
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Kline Daniel Area-wide management of the Asian tiger mosquito
Kline Daniel Utilization of attractants/repellents for pest management of Culicoides biting midges
Klingenberg Christian Peter Patterns of integration of Drosophila wing shape at multiple levels: From mutational potential to evolutionary divergence
Klok C. Jaco Critical oxygen responses in Drosophila melanogaster reared in hypoxia or hyperoxia
Knaden Markus Desert ants Cataglyphis use olfactory topographical cues to pinpoint their nest entrance
Knell Rob Immunity and insect social systems
Kobayashi Tetsuya Genetic variability of the sorghum plant bug, Stenotus rubrovittatus in Japan: its relationship with increasing populations in rice fiel
Kocher S. Genomic analysis of chemical communication in honey bees
Kocher Sarah Individual variation in queen pheromone response is correlated with ovariole number in worker honey bees
Kodandaramaiah Ullasa Polytomies and rapid radiations - phylogenetics of the Coenonymphina-Hypocystina group of butterflies (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae)
Kohnen Annette Cynipid - parasitoid interactions: Comparing three dog rose species along a geographical gradient
Koivula Matti Implications of forestry on insects: experiences from large-scale experiments in Finland
Kolver Jacobus Hendrik A forensic anomaly: Decomposition in the fast lane
Kolver Jacobus Hendrik A forensic conflict: What happened to Sarcophaga cruentata?
Komura Ryotaro Analysis of Japanese oak wilt spread using aerial photography and GIS
Konate Souleymane Diversity and role of termites in West African savannas: case studies in Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire
Kong Xiang bo Female sex pheromone of simao pine caterpillar moth, Dendrolimus kikuchii: SPME collection, electrophysiological analysis, and fie...
Konuma Junji Morphological dimorphism in carabid beetles living on land snails
Koohnavard Fahimeh Six new records of Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea from Fars province of Iran
Kooyman Christiaan Lessons from the development of Green Muscle for the future of microbial insect control in Africa
Kopp Dennis Integrated pest management Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (ipmPIPE)
Korb Judith The biological significance of the shape of magnetic termite mounds
Korb Judith Termites and mites: adaptive behavioural responses to infestation
Korb Judith Islands in the Australian savannah: Population genetics of magnetic termite mounds
Koricheva Julia Effects of mycorrhizal fungi on insect herbivores: a meta-analysis
Kotaki Toyomi Heteropteran juvenile hormone unveiled: a novel type of juvenile hormone identified in a stink bug, Plautia crossota stali...
Kotrba Marion Mass occurrences of Thaumatomyia notata (Diptera: Chloropidae) on buildings in Europe
Kovach Joseph Modular Ecological Design: A fruit and vegetable polyculture system
Krasnov Boris Respiratory physiology as a tool for understanding ecological patterns in fleas
Krauss Jochen Extinction debt of vascular plants and butterflies in five European countries
Kreissl Sabine Allatostatin A, a candidate peptide in olfaction driven behavior
Krischik Vera Soil-applied imidacloprid is translocated to nectar and kills nectar-feeding beneficial insects in landscapes
Kristensen Niels Peder Deep splitting events in the mecopterid endopterygotes: a diversity of diversification modes
Kristensen Niels Peder Extensile oviscapts: enigmas in early Lepidoptera evolution
Kriticos Darren Some challenges in modelling the potential distribution of invasive insects under climate change
Kriticos Darren An integrated approach to biosecurity threat identification and prioritization
Kroder Stefan Multiple interactions and temperature constraints in a parasitoid guild attacking tephritid fruit fly eggs in Hawaii
Krogmann Lars Wasp diversity down under': systematics and biogeography of Australian Rhopalosomatidae (Hymenoptera: Apocrita)
Krokene Paal Deadly dosages: Tree killing as a life history in insect-fungal symbioses
Kruger Hendrik A short history of the commercialisaition and the benefits of MON810 Bt maize in South Africa
Kruger Kerstin Edge effects on landing patterns of aphids in commercial potato fields
Kruger Martin The southern African lepidopteran fauna in a regional and global context
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Kuebler Linda S. Mechanisms of odor information processing: Investigating representations of odor mixtures in the antennal lobe
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Kumar Dolly Bio-diversity, conservation and priorities concerning some families of the orders Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Lepidoptera
Kurtz Ryan Syngenta's approach to deploying transgenic insect resistance traits
Kutima Helen Lydia Immunization studies in rabbits using gut membrane-bound proteins derived from Rhipicephalus appendiculatus, R. evertsi evertsi
Kutsch Wolfram Recent progress in insect telemetry
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Labandeira Conrad The initial radiation and environmental context of leaf-miners: Late Triassic Karoo floras of South Africa
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Lach Lori Comparing Argentine (Linepithema humile) to big-headed (Pheidole megacephala) and native ants in their interactions with an extra...
Lach Lori Interactions among invasive ants, herbivores, and plants
Lackner Tomas Frequent habitat changes in Saprininae as revealed from a cladistic analysis
Lal Sada N Interventions for control of beetle pests of staple food crops in Pacific island countries
Lampe Karl-Heinz Transdisciplinary approaches in documentation of biodiversity
Lan Yen-Chiu Techniques in determining the progressive stages of EGW infestation for galling pest control in Taiwan
Landis Douglas Can we conserve Mitchell's satyr butterfly in the face of invasive species and global climate change?
Landis Douglas A. Landscape structure and arthropod-mediated ecosystem services
Lange Angela Central neurons expressing multiple chemical factors are involved in the neural control of reproductive tissues in the female locust,...
Larsson Mattias Pheromones and biodiversity - monitoring change in a changing world
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Laumann R.A. Pheromone baited traps for neotropical brown stink bug, Euschistus heros (Fabricius) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) monitoring: the...
Laurino Marilda Ecology of harvesting in stingless bees
Lavandero Blas Landscape composition modulates population genetic structure of Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann) on Malus domestica Borkh in...
Lawson Handley Lori An evolutionary perspective on biological invasions: insights from the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis
Lawson Simon Developing a process-based population model for Paropsis atomaria Olivier, an emergent pest in subtropical hardwood plantations
Leblanc Luc Non-target impact of the use of fruit fly (Tephritidae) male lures and Biolure
Lee Chi-Hon Mapping Drosophila color-vision circuits
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Lee Richard Physiological mechanisms underpinning the rapid cold-hardening response
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Liebhold Andrew The importance of Allee effects in predicting and managing insect pest invasions
Liebhold Andrew Spatial synchrony in forest insect outbreaks: Why is it so ubiquitous?
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Lieutier Francois Fungus pathogenicity, establishment of bark beetle populations and tree death
Lind Eric The role of ecological stoichiometry in outbreaks of forest Lepidoptera
Lind Robert Pymetrozine for brown planthopper control overcomes neonicotinoid resistance
Lindh Jenny Towards a better insecticide-treated target for controlling Glossina fuscipes fuscipes
Lit Merdelyn Natural refugia using alternate hosts of the Asian corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis) for insect resistance management of Bt corn in the...
Liu Lan-Yu Microstructural characters in the systematics of Bostrichidae (Coleoptera)
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Lof Marjolein Odor-mediated parasitoid-host interaction: A model study
Logan James Natural repellents from human hosts against biting insects
Loganathan M. Solar energy for disinfestation of green gram - a pilot scale study
Lohrmann Volker Phylogeny of apoid wasps
Lommen Suzanne Exploiting natural variation in ecologically relevant traits to improve natural enemies for biocontrol
Loomans Antoon J.M. How did the Netherlands handle the risk evaluation of 150 natural enemies in a few months time?
Loomans Antoon J.M. Newest quick scan and comprehensive evaluation methods of environmental risks for exotic natural enemies
Lopez-Vaamonde Carlos DNA barcoding reveals the area of origin of the highly invasive horse chestnut leaf-miner Cameraria ohridella
Lord J. Tribolium spp. as model insects for pesticide efficacy studies
Lord Jeff Effects of environmental stress on efficacy of Beauveria bassiana for stored-product pest suppression
Lord Jeff Tribolium castaneum as a model organism for comparative pathology
Lorenzen Marce The Tribolium genome project: annotation and functional analysis of the first beetle genome
Lorenzen Marce The Tribolium genome project and its potential impact on pest management
Lorenzen Marce Genome-wide insertional mutagenesis in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
Louw Cornelia Estelle Determining the efficacy curve of thiametoxam (Actara 240SC) with regards to the intensity and duration of oviposition of the man...
Louw Cornelia Estelle Investigating mango seed weevil (Sternochetus mangiferae F. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)) development in order to determine the...
Lucas Eric Intraguild predation in predatory Heteroptera
Luck Robert Competitive Exclusion Principle and Understanding Parasitoid Success
Luth Peter The commercialisation of microbial biocontrol agents
Lyal Christopher INOTAXA: open access, easy navigation and data mining of taxonomic literature on the web
Lyal Christopher The role of GBIF's ECAT programme in access to taxon names
Lyal Christopher Completing the Catalogue of Life for insects
Lyal Christopher Taxonomic needs in managing invasive species: A global assessment
Lye Gillian New Zealand as a Noah's Ark for British bumblebees
Lynch Jeremy EGF signaling and the origin of dorsal-ventral polarity in insects
Macel Mirka Ecological metabolomics of plant-insect interactions
Macharia Joseph Antibacterial activity of honey from Kenyan stingless bees and honeybees
Machida Ryuichiro Egg structures and embryological features of heel-walkers (Mantophasmatodea)
Madzimure James The efficacy of Strychnos spinosa (Lam.) and Solanum panduriforme (Incanum) fruit-extracts in controlling ticks in cattle...
Maekawa Hideaki Novel mariner-like elements (MLE), Pmmar1, 2 and 3, isolated from the big-headed ant, Pheidole megacephala, inhabiting Okinawa,...
Mafra-Neto Agenor SPLAT formulations: Optimization of semiochemical IPM tools
Magagula Cebisile N. Determination of Lantana camara L. (Verbanaceae) biotypes and evaluation of its biological control agents in Swaziland
Magallanes-Cedeno Structure of the arthropod community during flowering in mango, Mangifera indica L. (Anacardiaceae: Terebinthales) cv Ataulfo in ...
Magallanes-Cedeno Identification and population dynamics of mango white scale (Aulacaspis tubercularis N. (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) in Tapachula, Chi...
Magallanes-Cedeno Identification and population dynamics of mango white scale (Aulacaspis tubercularis N. (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) in Tapachula, Chi...
Magoba Rembu Assessing freshwater health using macroinvertebrate surrogates, especially adult dragonflies
Maharaj Rajendra Inter-country collaborative efforts in vector control in Africa
Mahon Rod Cry2Ab resistance in Helicoverpa armigera and factors influencing the evolution of resistance to transgenic cotton in Australia
Mahroof Rizana M. Trees or bins? Determining the natal sites of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) using chemical and physical techniques
Mailafiya Duna Madu Diversity, distribution and host range of stemborer parasitoids within the natural habitat in East and Southern Africa
Maistrello Lara Forecasting tools for the management of the grapevine moth Lobesia botrana (Lepidptera, Tortricidae) in SW Spanish vineyards
Malan Antoinette Potential of entomopathogenic nematodes for the control of false codling moth, Thaumatotibia leucotreta, (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae
Malcolm Stephen Does the southern monarch butterfly, Danaus erippus, migrate?
Malcolm Stephen Effects of milkweed modularity on foraging by monarch larvae at different scales
Malcolm Stephen Dynamics and impact of chemical defence expression in a plant-aphid-coccinellid interaction
Maleque Md. Abdul The importance of line thinning to arthropod conservation and ecosystem management in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D.)
Malick B.A. Developing an IPM strategy for rice cropping in Burkina Faso
Mallapur Channabasappa Evaluation of entomopathogenic fungi, Acremonium zeylanicum (Petch) W. Gams and H. C. Evans against Sugarcane Woolly Aphid,...
Malone Louise Beyond Bt: alternative strategies for insect-resistant GM crops
Mand Marika The effect of agri-environmental schemes on bumble bee abundance and diversity
Manda Hortance Understanding the nutritional ecology of Anopheles gambiae in western Kenya and its possible impact on malaria transmission
Mandelik Yael Diversity patterns and pollination services provided by bees in an arid agro-natural landscape across the Jordanian-Israeli border...
Maniania Nguya Entomopathogenic fungi vs semiochemicals: Mutualistic affair against pests
Mankin Richard Feasibility of acoustic technology for canegrub detection and management
Manrakhan Aruna Fruit fly population and damage in SIT and non-SIT treated deciduous fruit growing areas of the Western Cape Province, South Afric...
Mans Ben Comparative approaches to the evolution of a blood-feeding lifestyle in ticks
Mansell Mervyn Monitoring fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Africa
Manzoor Farkhanda Repellency, toxicity and tunneling activity of Coptotermes heimi (Wasmann) (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in response to Biflex, Termi
Maranga R. Attraction of Amblyomma variegatum to the attraction-aggregation-attachment pheromone (AAAP) blended with 1-octen-3ol in the p...
Marco Heather G. Metabolic strategies and adipokinetic hormones of two stinkbug taxa
Mari J.M. Populations of lacewings, Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens), in relation to sucking insect pests in cotton ecosystems
Marino-Perez Ricardo Two species of backswimmers (Notonectidae) and one species of water boatmen (Corixidae) as basibionts of some protozoan ciliat...
Marino-Perez Ricardo Grasshoppers, locusts, crickets and katydids of Mexico: A new synthesis
Mariod Abdalbasit A. Fatty acid composition, oxidative stability and transesterification of lipids recovered from melon and sorghum bugs
Marko Viktor Post-disturbance recovery of apple orchard spider communities
Marquez-Ferrando Rocio Altitudinal variation of dung beetle communities in Sierra Nevada Mountains (Southeast Spain)
Marrone Pam Status of the market, commercialization and opportunities for biological insecticides
Marten Andreas Divergence between populations of the dampwood termite Schedorhinotermes lamanianus driven by ancient climate fluctuations
Martinelli Samuel Strategies for Insect Resistance Management (IRM) for Bt crops in Brazil and Argentina
Martinez-Pardo Rafael Esterases as a tool to diminish insecticide resistance risks in F. occidentalis and B. tabaci.
Martius Christopher Termites as parts of the Amazonian rainforest ecosystem
Masiga Daniel Consortium for the Barcode of Life: An African perspective
Mason Linda A real world examination of sulfuryl fluoride as a replacement for methyl bromide in midwestern US flour mills
Mason Peter How to select a limited number of non-target species for host specificity testing?
Massuretti de Jesus Carlos Do the crazy-ants Paratrechina fulva Mayr, 1862 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) control the passage of foods inside their bodies?
Masters Greg Implications of global environmental change for above- and belowground insect-insect and insect-plant interactions
Matsuura Kenji The cuckoo fungus "termite ball" mimicking termite eggs: a novel insect-fungal association
Matthews Philip The role of haemoglobin in diving insects
Maudlin Ian The history of sleeping sickness control in Africa
Mausse Silvia Incidence of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) on native fruit trees of southern Mozambique: The role of habitat
Mausse Silvia Incidence of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) on native fruit trees of southern Mozambique: the role of habitat q
Mawela Khethani V. Biology of the egg parasitoid Trichogrammatoidea lutea (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) on three lepidopteran host species
Maxwell Michael R. Fatal attraction or just attraction? Evaluating alternative hypotheses on the occurrence of sexual cannibalism in praying mantids...
Mayer Carolin A journal for pollination ecology
Maynard Glynn A tool to assist with invasive pest recognition
Mbogo Charles Development and demonstration of Earth Observation technology for identifying potential mosquito larval habitats in Kilifi, Kenya...
Mburu David M. Termite-fungus interactions: Are semiochemicals involved in the defense behaviour of the termite, Macrotermes michaelseni?
Mc Donnell Rory Prey location mechanisms in the snail-killing flies, Dictya montana and Sepedon spinipes spinipes (Diptera: Sciomyzidae)
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McDonald Claire M. Insect traces in Antarctic fossil forests: a modern day comparison
McEvoy Peter Managing insect invasions: Lessons from biological control of weeds
McGeoch Melodie One hundred years of occupation: The Argentine ant in South Africa
McGeoch Melodie A global indicator for insect invasions: possibilities and challenges
McGlynn Terrence Local gradients in stoichiometry and trophic level of an omnivorous ant
McGraw Elizabeth A. Wolbachia effects on host biology beyond reproductive parasitism
McKenna Duane Timing and patterns of diversification in beetles (Coleoptera)
McKenna Duane Tropical forests are both evolutionary cradles and museums of leaf beetle diversity
McMahon Dino A molecular phylogeny of Strepsiptera
McNeil Jeremy Juvenile hormone and sexual maturation in migratory and non migratory populations of the true armyworm, Pseudaletia unipuncta...
Mecenero Silvia The Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment (SABCA) takes flight
Medina Raul Genetic differentiation and outbreak species in agroecosystems
Meikle William Impact of a formulation of Beauveria bassiana conidia on varroa mites and on honeybee colony health
Meiners Torsten Chemical and behavioral ecology in insect parasitoids: How to behave in a complex odorous environment
Meiners Torsten Infection of ticks with borrelia cuts off olfactory orientation towards host kairomones
Meinertzhagen Ian Neural circuits in the insect brain
Meinertzhagen Ian Synaptic circuits in the medulla neuropile of the Drosophila visual system
Memon Dr. Nasreen A review of the Palaearctic genus Apodiphus Spinola (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Halyini) and a key to its world known species
Menard Katrina Revealing Australia's Miridae diversity: New species and genera of Leucophoropterini (Heteroptera: Miridae) from Australia and a pr
Mendonca Milton A first view of gall-inducer beta diversity in South America
Mendoza-Cuenca Luis The impact of antagonisms: effect of asymmetric morph florivory on the reproductive success and evolution of floral chemical defe...
Menendez Rosa Changes in altitudinal distributions of dung beetle species in European mountains
Menezes Cristiano Queen selection in the stingless bee Scaptotrigona aff. depilis (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponini)
Meng Yan Cloning and characterization of the genes responsible for larval body color mutants in the silkworm, Bombyx mori
Mensah Robert Managing Helicoverpa spp. and Creontiades dilutus on cotton crops: Role of entomopathogenic fungus, semiochemicals and trap
Mercer Alison Royal manipulation of G-protein coupled receptors in the brain of the bee: impacts on brain function and behaviour
Merkel Katharina Activity patterns and sex identification of the mango seed weevil (Sternochetus mangiferae)
Merritt Richard W. An instructional DVD on collecting entomological evidence from crimes scenes
Merritt Richard W. Buruli ulcer disease in Africa: The potential role of aquatic insects in transmission
Mery Frederic Benefits and fitness costs of learning in insects
Metz Bradley Differential foraging response to racially-derived blends of brood pheromone in the honey bee, Apis mellifera
Mgocheki Nyembezi Impacts of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on vine mealybug parasitoids Anagyrus sp. near pseudococci (Girault) and Coccidoxen
Michalkova Veronika How glyphosate pesticide residues affect the behaviour of agrobiont spiders and beetles
Michie Laura Jane Interactions between colour pattern, temperature and life history traits in three coccinellid species (Harmonia axyridis, Adalia bipun...
Midega Charles Can we exploit nature's influence on arthropods and mechanisms of the push-pull' technology in resistance management to Bt-mai...
Midega Janet Targeted Aedes aegypti vector control interventions in Malindi district, Kenya
Mikac Katarina Understanding the invasive potential of the khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts, in the Australian grain storage system usi...
Mikheyev Alexander Phylogeography of post-Plesitocene population expansion in a fungus-gardening ant and its microbial mutualists
Millar Jocelyn G. Advances in the semiochemistry of cerambycid beetles
Millar Jocelyn G. Chemistry and practical applications of pheromones of mealybugs infesting vineyards
Miller James Origins of the push-pull concept as applied to pest management
Mills Nick Climate change and biological control: A multitrophic perspective
Mills Nick Light brown apple moth in California: ecology, impact and management of a new invader
Minakawa Noboru Recent increase of water hyacinth in Lake Victoria and reduction of lake water level increased breeding habitats for Anopheles fune...
Mita Kazuei Finishing the sequence of the Bombyx mori genome
Mita Toshiharu The genus Carminator (Hymenoptera: Megalyridae): geographic distribution and phylogeny
Mitchell Carolyn Overcoming host plant resistance and parasitoid attack: tri-trophic challenges for the large raspberry aphid
Mitchell Jannette Managing harvester termites: the ecosystem approach
Mito Taro Evolution of segmentation mechanisms in insects, as revealed by a study on the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus
Miyamoto Tetsuya Gustatory and pheromone perception in Drosophila
Mnzava Abraham Addressing capacity needs in medical entomology for national disease vector control programmes in the Eastern Mediterranean Re...
Moar William Progress towards engineering resistance to weevil in sweetpotato in East Africa using Bt gene technology
Moar William Criteria for determining field-evolved resistance in Bt cotton
Moeeny Naghadeh Naser Biology and larval feeding rate of Scaeva albomaculata (Diptera: Syrphidae) on Macrosiphum rosae (Linnaeus) (Homoptera: Aphididae)
Moemenbellah-Fard Mohammad-Djaefar Bionomics of red-legged ham beetle, Necrobia rufipes (Coleoptera), a forensic insect in carrion decomposition
Moemenbellah-Fard Mohammad-Djaefar Investigation of forensically-important myiasis flies species in Shiraz: Identification and regional distribution
Moerkens Rob Combining theoretical population ecology and practical biocontrol: Earwigs in fruit orchards
Mohaghegh Jafar Demography of Nysius cymoides (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) fed on canola seeds under laboratory conditions
Mohamed Samira Old and novel parasitoid-fruit flies association: physiological suitability consideration
Mokwunye I.U. Evaluation of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) as a potential natural insecticide against termites (soldier and worker castes)
Moldenke Andrew Automated image-analysis arthropod identification
Monfared Alireza Abundance and species diversity of bumblebees, Bombus spp. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in mountainous regions of five provinces of...
Monfared Alireza Nesting methods and natural colony structure comparison of three species of bumblebees, Bombus spp. (Hymenoptera: Apidae), in...
Monnin Thibaud Colony relocation in the ant Aphaenogaster senilis: role of foragers and reminiscence of acquired experience
Monnin Thibaud Nest inheritance in the social wasp Polistes dominulus
Monteiro Antonia The evolution of eyespot number in Bicyclus butterflies: developmental mechanisms, sex, and imprinting
Monteiro Antonia Manipulating butterfly wing patterns using over-expression and knock-down of candidate genes using transgenics
Moore Sarah A novel experimental hut assay to test spatial repellency
Moore Sean Insect rearing for commercial virus production
Moore Sean Analysis of a market-focussed biorational product business
Moore Sean Realities and prospects for microbial control of citrus pests in South Africa
Moores Graham Does temporal synergism increase the efficacy of natural pyrethrins against insect pests?
Moores Graham Mechanisms of insecticide-resistance in hemipteran species: An overview
Moradi Mona Comparative biological characteristics of black scale, Saissetia oleae on different host plants under laboratory conditions
Moravvej Gholamhossein Vapor activity of essential oils extracted from fruit peels of two Citrus species against adults of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera ...
Morin Shai Metabolic resistance to synthetic insecticides in the B and Q biotypes of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)
Morita Shelah I. Floral niche models best explain proboscis length evolution in long-tongued, bloodsucking pollinators (Diptera: Tabanidae)
Moritz Robin Genes and pheromones: The molecular basis of social parasitism in insect societies
Moritz Robin F.A. Reproductive success of subfamilies in the honeybee colony (Apis mellifera)
Morris Mike Experiences of a South African company
Morrison Amy Longitudinal studies on the emergence of dengue virus in Iquitos, Peru
Mosel Silke Functional and phylogenetic implications of the sting apparatus of solitary wasps
Moser John Phoretic arthropods of the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta, Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Central Louisiana
Mossadegh Mohammad Saeed Biological study of mealybug, Nipaecoccus viridis (Newstead), and possibility of its biological control by Cryptolaemous montrouzi...
Mostovski Mike Brachyceran assemblages (Diptera) as indicators of terrestrial palaeoenvironments in the Late Mesozoic
Mostovski Mike Revision of some parasitic wasps (Hymenoptera) from Florissant, USA, with certain palaeoenvironmental inferences
Mothapo Natasha Palesa Love thy neighbour: Argentine ants do not attack non-nestmates
Mouatcho Joel C. The effect of the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae against the major malaria vector Anophel...
Mphosi Maboko The role of chemical cues on host selection by female sunflower moth, Homoeosoma electellum (Hulst) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), an...
Mslim Ramle Microbial control of rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabeidae) on oil palm in Malaysia
Muhamad Awang Rita Allozyme studies on Helopetis theivora (Hemiptera: Miridae) from Peninsular Malaysia
Mujica Norma Agromyzidae (Diptera) leafminer fly-parasitoid relationships in potato agroecosystems of the Peruvian coast
Muller Chris Wallacea' - The origin of diversity for butterflies (Lepidoptera) in the Indo-Pacific? Biogeographic patterns across three co-occurrin...
Muller Pie Metabolic insecticide resistance in field populations of the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae
Munhenga Givemore Studies on a major vector Anopheles arabiensis from Gwave, a malaria endemic area in Zimbabwe
Murdock Larry L. The Bt cowpea project - the long road to field trials
Murray Tara J. Interspecific competition between parasitoid wasps: sneak vs. guard, who wins?
Musolin Dmitry L. Too hot to handle: Ecophysiological responses of the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) to clim...
Musundire Robert Diversity of Agromyzidae and associated parasitoid species in the Afrotropical region
Mutambara-Mabveni Audrey R.S. Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) assessment in the ZSAES sugarcane varieties' breeding and selection program
Mutanen Marko Tentative phylogeny of Ditrysian Lepidoptera based on molecular data from mitochondrial and nuclear genes
Mvumi Brighton M. Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) interactions with Rhyzopertha dominica F. and Sitophilus spp. on threshed and unthreshed sorghum...
Mwamburi Lizzy Laboratory and field evaluation of formulated Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis as a feed additive for controlling house fly...
Mwangangi Joseph Aquatic habitat productivity to adult Anopheles arabiensis and Culex quinquefasciatus in a rice agro-ecosystem, in Mwea, Kenya
Mwatawala Maulid Invasions by Bactrocera spp.: Its implication on horticulture in Africa
Mwingira Victor The influence of larval stage and density on oviposition site selection behaviour of the Afro-tropical malaria mosquito Anopheles...
Myers Judith Disease resistance and viral epizootics in western tent caterpillars
Myers Judith Does successful biological weed control by an insect herbivore improve the plant community?
Myers Judith Is decreased generalized immunity a cost of Bt-resistance in cabbage loopers Trichoplusia ni?
Nachimuthu Senthilkumar Isolation and characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis and their toxicity against different ISSR- PCR based biotypes of Helicoverpa...
Nachman Gosta Spatial processes in predator-prey dynamics and their importance for biological control of phytophagous pests.
Nachman Ronald Pseudopeptide and nonpeptide mimetic agonists and antagonists of diuretic insect kinin and diapause hormone neuropeptide class...
Nadel Ryan L. Genetic diversity of Thaumastocoris peregrinus (Hemiptera: Thaumastocoridae) in South African and South American Eucalyptus pl...
Naeem-Ullah Unsar Folk knowledge about infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, from an urban area
Naeem-Ullah Unsar Spatio-temporal distribution of dengue vector mosquitoes from different agro-ecological zones
Nagaba Yoshiki Cloning of vitellogenin gene of the giant water bug, Lethocerus deyrollei
Nagaraju Javaregowda RNAi mediated silencing of essential multigenes of baculovirus induces higher level of resistance in transgenic silkworm, Bombyx...
Naguran Riann The effects of pyrethroid resistance on transcription of metabolic enzymes in a major African malaria vector, Anopheles funestus...
Nagy Lisa Adding segments one by one: comparing the regulation of segmental growth between branchiopod crustaceans and insects
Naik D. Jemla Studies on population dynamics and management of small cardamom white fly, Kanakarajiella cardamomi (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)
Nakajima Yumiko The future of mariner-like elements (MLEs) of Bombyx mandarina compared among the population of China, Korea, Japan and relat...
Naranjo Steven The present and future role of insect-resistant GM cotton in IPM
Nash David What can social parasites tell us about cooperation and conflict in insect societies?
Nassel Dick What can chemical neuroanatomy tell us about signalling in the lamina of the Drosophila visual system?
Nassel Dick R. Functional roles of short neuropeptide F in the brain of Drosophila
Natwick Eric An integrated approach to management of sweetpotato whitefly and cucurbit yellow stunting disorder
Nayak Manoj The threat of insect resistance to phosphine in bulk grain storages in Australia
Ndou Penelope Muthundinnyi The role of the national department of agriculture in biosecurity
Nedved Oldrich Spread of the invasive ladybird Harmonia axyridis in the Czech Republic and Denmark
Needham Glen Cat fleas, dust mites and mold mites are susceptible to a brief exposure of ultraviolet light
Needham Glen Dedication to Dr Andrew Spielman
Needham Glen Physiological adaptations enable American dog tick adults to survive temperature extremes
Needham Glen Impact of mattress rotation and vacuuming on allergen levels and dust mite populations
Neethling Ken The difficult transition from good science to good business - a decade in review of the key drivers and restrainers in BCP's quest to...
Nelson Leigh A. DNA-based approaches to the identification of forensically important Australian Chrysomya (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
Nesbit Rebecca Compass orientation mechanisms in migratory butterflies
Neser Stefan A largely unstudied wealth of galls, gall-inducers and associated insects on indigenous South African plants
Neuenschwander Peter Critical analyses of successes and failures of biological control in Africa
Neupert Susanne Peptidomics of pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN)-expressing neurons of an insect
New Timothy Conserving narrow range endemic insects in the face of climate change: Options for some Australian butterflies
Newton Alfred Documenting biodiversity: No end in sight in Staphyliniformia (Coleoptera)?
Ngamo Tinkeu Leonard Insecticidal activity and variation of pesticides towards four successive generations of Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
Ngamo Tinkeu Leonard Main parasitoids of Sitophilus zeamais Motschulky and S. oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), stored grain insect pests in Came...
Ngo Hien Bee diversity in coffee agroecosystems in Costa Rica
Nicolson Sue Nectar amino acids and insect responses
Nieberding Caroline Importance of male sex pheromones in sexual selection in the African butterfly Bicyclus anynana
Nielsen Mogens Gissel Anaerobic respiration by the mangrove ant, Camponotus anderseni
Nienhuis Caroline The impacts of alien plants on native pollinators
Nighorn Alan Concentration and mixture interactions change the nitric oxide production patterns in the antennal lobe of Manduca sexta
Niitepold Kristjan Tracking butterfly flight with harmonic radar: Linking genotype, phenotypeand performance
Nijssen Marijn Understanding distribution patterns of invertebrates within inland drift sand areas using life-history tactics and feeding guilds...
Nijssen Marijn Are nitrogen driven changes in host plant quality responsible for the decline of butterfly species in NW-Europe?
Nisimura Tomoyosi The efficiency of regulation of brood size in securing resources for reproduction in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus quadripunctatu...
Noble-Nesbitt John Functionally-linked ultrastructural changes in the water vapour absorptive epithelium of the firebrat, Thermobia domestica (Packard...
Nofemela Robert S. The pest status of diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) in South Africa: the role of parasitoids in suppressing the pest pop...
Noji Sumihare Integration of growth and positional information by Dachsous-Fat signaling in leg regeneration of the two-spotted cricket Gryllus bi...
Nonaka Kenichi Insects in Asian culture
Northfield Tobin A novel methodology for testing for niche partitioning in insect predator communities
Nouri-Ganbalani Gadir Functional response of three instars of Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) to eggs and first instar larvae of Helicoverpa
Nouri-Ganbalani Gadir Functional and numerical responses of Stethorus gilvifrons to densities of the Oligonychus afrasiaticus
Novak Robert Mosquito species diversity and abundance in relation to land use in a riceland agroecosystem in Mwea, Kenya
Novotny Vojtech Comparing apples and oranges: methodological challenges of temperate - tropical comparisons
Nowell David C. Plant biosecurity capacity to protect national and internal borders against invasive insects
Nukenine Elias Comparative toxicity of neem seed powder with three local leaf powders to Sitophilus zeamais and the influence of drying regime a...
Numata Hideharu Circadian and circannual oscillators share the same mode in phase resetting
Nunes-Silva Patricia Foraging activity in stingless bees depends on the reproductive state of a colony (Plebeia remota)
Nurtjahya Dita Megachile unbripennis Smith: Leaf cutting behaviour on rose leaves (Rosa)
Nutt Kerry Egg whites and whitegrubs - transgenic sugarcane for grub control
Nyambo Brigitte Re-distribution of ex-South African strain of Cotesia plutellae Kurdjumov (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Africa for control of diamon...
Nyeko Philip Aspects of non-chemical control of pestiferous termites in agriculture and agroforestry: recent experiences from eastern and south...
O'Callaghan Maureen Effects of insect-resistant transgenic crops on nontarget organisms
O'Connor Simon Innovative offshore prophylactic biosecurity measures for hitchhiker species
O'Hanlon James The behavioural ecology of Ciulfina praying mantids
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O'Neill Scott L. The use of life-shortening Wolbachia strains to reduce dengue transmission by Aedes aegypti
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Obopile Motshwari The influence of maize phenologies and transgenic Bt maize on oviposition and injury to maize by European corn borer
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Ogwang James Biological control of water hyacinth - the Lake Victoria case
Ohgushi Takayuki Herbivore-induced bottom-up trophic cascade
Ohgushi Takayuki Trait-mediated indirect effects on the structure of insect communities through herbivore-induced changes in plants
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Ojimelukwe Philippa Research progress in optimising the use of selected plant products for the protection of stored grains
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Olaniran Oladele Abiodun Toxicity of allelochems derived from Tephrosia vogelii and Petiveria alliacea against post-flowering insect pests of cowpea (Vigna u...
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Pagadala Jayanthi GMP dependent changes in foraging behaviour of predatory coccinellid Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant: a possible basis of pr...
Paine Timothy A new look at beetle-fungus-tree interactions
Paini Dean Using artificial neural networks to predict and quantify risk of invasion by insect pests
Palchamy Kadirvel Genetic relationship of Diadegma semiclausum populations of Taiwan and Syria by means of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA seque...
Pandey Ashish Antifeeding, repellent and insecticidal efficacy of some plant products against Helicoverpa armigera Hubn.
Panfilio Kristen Morphogenesis in insect extraembryonic development
Panizzi Antonio Switch in the pest status and range of some true bugs (Heteroptera) due to landscape change and global warming in the neotropics...
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Parimi Srinivas IRM policies and compliance: A stakeholder's perspective from India
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Perdikis Dionyssios Enhancing sustainability in vegetable farming: Clarification of Macrolophus species that colonize tomato and the potential of altern...
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Pietrantonio Patricia G protein-coupled receptors from tick (Rhipicephalus microplus) and mosquito (Aedes aegypti): biological significance and peptido...
Pietrantonio Patricia Reproduction in fire ant (Solenopsis invicta Buren) queens: vitellogenin receptor biology
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Popoola Kehinde Effects of short-term laboratory infestation of dried cassava variety TME - 7 by Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Bostrichidae: Coleoptera)
Poulsen Michael Ant use of antibiotics in agriculture
Poulsen Michael Conflict and cooperation in fungus-growing ant mutualisms
Poveda Katja A mutualistic herbivore? Increased yield through herbivore specific cues
Powell Chela The role of the matrix in shaping ground-dwelling arthropod diversity and community composition of native remnants embedded wi...
Powell Kevin Triphasic screening of cultivated grapevines Vitis species for resistance to grapevine phylloxera Daktulosphaira vitifoliae
Powell Kevin S. Development of an artificial diet rearing system for woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum H.)
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Pringle Kenneth Developing sampling systems for monitoring pest population levels on deciduous fruits in the Western Cape, South Africa
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Prinsloo Goddy Could semiochemicals enhance parasitism of aphids on Russian wheat aphid resistant cultivars?
Proches Serban Insect versus wind pollination in the South African cycad Stangeria
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Pyza Elzbieta Circadian plasticity of neurons and synaptic contacts in the fly's visual system
Pyza Elzbieta Circadian circuits in the fly's visual system
Qadri S. Salahuddin A revision of the subgenus Megadysdercus Breddin, in the genus of cotton strainers Dysdercus Guerin-Meneville (Hemiptera: Pyrrh...
Qiu Yu Tong Functional studies of ORN populations on the antennae and maxillary palps of Anopheles gambiae
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Quemada Hector Development of insect resistant potatoes for South Africa
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Quicke Donald Relating ichneumonoid phylogeny to global diversity patterns
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Quiring Dan The influence of fundatrix density and plant module size on gall induction success in adelgids: a test of the dose-dependent gall ind...
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Radcliffe Edward B. Possibilities and constraints to breeding potatoes resistant to aphids and aphid-transmitted viruses
Ragaei Mohamed Symbiotic flagellated Protozoa isolated from red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier), (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Raguso Robert CO2 as a floral scent: When "primary" metabolites have "secondary" functions
Rahim Faszly Towards an integrated diversity and pest management (IDPM) of termites in an oil palm agroecosystem
Rahim Faszly Area-wide spatial and successive mapping of termite infestation in an oil palm agroecosystem
Rahman Touhidur Residual toxicity of spinosad to predatory mites and their effectiveness against western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis Per...
Raizada Richa Biometrical studies of Macrosiphoniella sanborni (Gillette) on chrysanthemum in North Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India
Raj Desh Ecofriendly management of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. on cabbage in north-western Indian Himalaya
Rajatileka Shavanthi Metabolic resistance to insecticides in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti
Ramirez Claudio Coevolution and the adaptive value of autumn tree colours: colour preference and growth rates of a southern beech aphid
Ramos Mariangie Effects of local and landscape context on leafhopper communities in coffee farms of Costa Rica
Ranganath H.A. Phylogenetics of the nasuta-albomicans complex of Drosophila
Ranger Christopher Xylosandrus germanus: A long established, but emerging invasive pest in U.S. nurseries
Rantala Markus The role of immune defence in avian predation risk on a territorial damselfly
Rantala Markus Immune Responses and Their Potential Role in Insect Outbreaks
Rao Sujaya Entomological experiences for rural youth in Oregon through university partnerships
Rao Sujaya The pollinator crisis: native bees in native habitats and agricultural landscapes
Rao Sujaya A contrary perspective on native bee declines: The Oregon experience
Raupp Michael Disasters by design: Why pests outbreak in the urban forest
Rawat Preeti Sharma Effect of temperature on toxicity and persistence of Artemisia annua against Anopheles stephensi larvae
Reed Robert Evolution and development of Heliconius wing patterns
Rehan Sandra Evidence for transitions to sociality in the small carpenter bees (Apidae: Ceratinini)
Reinhard Judith Honeybee learning of complex scents: from behaviour to odorant receptors
Reynaud Bernard Bioecology of the invasive B biotype compared to the indigenous Ms biotype of Bemisia tabaci on tomato
Richard Freddie-Jeanne Alteration of social interactions with an immune-challenged nestmate in honeybees.
Richard Freddie-Jeanne Effect of mating on queen quality and consequences for queen-worker interactions in honey bees (Apis mellifera)
Rickard Ignell Neurochemicals in the mosquito chemosensory systems
Riddiford Lynn Insulin signaling and juvenile hormone in metamorphic commitment of imaginal primordia and discs in the tobacco hornworm
Ridsdill-Smith James Tools to improve surveillance for insect plant biosecurity in Australia
Riegel Claudia Operation Full Stop - 10 years of area-wide termite management
Rind Claire Circuits for collision detection in the locust optic lobe
Ritchie Scott Taking dengue control from the government to the people: Development of a 'Do it yourself' Lure and Kill technology for dengue ...
Roberts John Population biology of the lucerne flea, Sminthurus viridis, with applications for control
Robertson Hugh The insect chemoreceptor superfamily
Robertson Hugh The honey bee Apis mellifera genome: genes shared by bees and humans, but lost from Drosophila
Robertson Hugh Evolution of the gustatory receptor (Gr) family in mosquitoes
Robertson Mark What ecological niche models can tell us about invasive species' distributions
Robinet Christelle Expansion of pine processionary moth in Europe: patterns and predictive model
Robinette Marianne Bridging theory and practice: the role of service-learning in bringing entomology to the public
Robinson David The ecology and acoustic biology of the duetting bushcricket Leptophyes punctatissima
Robinson Marsha Field host range of Melanagromyza eupatoriella in Jamaica: implications for biological control of Chromolaena odorata
Robinson Wayne Temperature and humidity facilitates competition between native ants and Pheidole megacephala (Hymenoptera:Formicidae) on Fra...
Rochon Kateryn Vector potential of stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans) for transmission of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PR...
Rodrigues Daniela Aversive conditioning in the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus (L.) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)
Rodriguez-Castaneda Genoveva Is there a gradient of predation pressure on specialist caterpillars at different elevations in the North Eastern Andes of Ecuador?
Rodriguez-Saona Cesar Environmental influence on tri-trophic interactions: Plant phenotypic diversity and multiple herbivory
Roff Derek Selection on the integrated phenotype: Responses in migratory traits of Gryllus firmus
Romain Bonafos Suitability of two laboratory testing methods to evaluate the side effects of pesticides on Typhlodromus pyri Scheuten (Acari: Phyto...
Romeis Jorg Assessing the impact of Bt maize pollen on adult green lacewings
Romeis Jorg Non-target risk assessment of insect-resistant GM crops: an international, multi-stakeholder approach
Romero Susan Using Tribolium castaneum as a model to evaluate influence of landscape structure on behavior
Rosca Ioan Present and future of GM corn in Romania
Rosca Ioan Impact of western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera Le Conte) on EU regulations and experiences related to its management in R...
Rosenberg Olle Population management of cone- and seed insects in Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) seed orchards in Sweden
Rostas Michael Surfactants, but not fatty acid amides contribute to caterpillar defence against predators
Roth Siegfried The evolution of dorsoventral axis formation in insects
Rouland-Lefevre Corinne The role of Termitomyces in the symbiosis with Macrotermitine termites
Roulston T'ai Pollen nutritional content: we know everything but what it means
Roura-Pascual Nuria On the relationships between biodiversity and habitat fragmentation across spatial scales
Roux Estelle Evaluation of cold-stored eggs of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) for parasitization by Trichogramma chilonis ...
Roux Estelle Comparative effectiveness of two release rates of the egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis Ishii (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
Roux Jolanda Scolytine beetles and Ceratocystis fungi: a deadly interaction for tree health in Africa
Roux-Morabito Geraldine Incorporation of mitochondrial fragments in the nuclear genome (Numts) of the longhorned beetle Monochamus galloprovincialis (Cerambycidae)
Roux-Morabito Geraldine Use of molecular markers to identify cryptic species or complexes of sibling species in invasive or potentially invasive conifer pest i...
Roy Helen From biological control to invasion: the ladybird Harmonia axyridis
Roy Helen Intraguild predation involving Harmonia axyridis: a threat to native biodiversity and ecosystem function?
Rubinoff Daniel The ancient origins, phylogeography and conservation of Hawaii's aquatic moths
Rueda Pollie L.M. Distribution, habitats, taxonomy and ecological niche models of malaria vectors, Anopheles hyrcanus group (Culicidae: Diptera), fro...
Russell Tanya Entomopathogenic fungus for the control of adult Anophelines in Tanzania
Rust Michael The activity and effects of Indoxacarb on subterranean termites
Rutherford Stuart A new artificial diet for the sugarcane stalk borer Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) includes an endophytic fungus
Rutherford Stuart Is Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) infected by Wolbachia, anywhere in Africa?
Rwomushana Ivan Population dynamics of the invasive fruit fly Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Kenya and its response to protein food ...
Sabelis Maurice W. Multiple predators sharing prey: Consequences of microhabitat specialization
Sabelis Maurice W. Enemy-induced responses and their indirect effects on arthropod communities on plants
Saeed Shafqat Influence of plants originated diet on physiology of cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Safavi Seyed Ali Beauveria bassiana isolates use different mechanism of entry into insect cuticle
Sagadai Manickavasagam Status of chalcidids in the IPM of lepidopteran rice pests of cauvery delta zone of India
Sagili Ramesh Effects of brood pheromone modulated foraging behaviour on honey bee colony growthEffects of brood pheromone modulated for...
Sahragarad Ahad A comparison of population growth parameters of lady beetles, Hippodamia variegata Goeze and Coccinella septempunctata L. (Coleoptera ...
Sahragard Ahad Effects of Galleria melonella (L.) and Ephestia kuehniella Zell. on demographic parameters of Habrobracon hebetor Say
Saini Rajinder Potential of repellents in the control of tsetse and other disease vectors
Sajap Ahmad Said The utilization of biomasses and returned benefits of termites in an oil palm agroecosystem
Salah Faiza Yield losses due to natural infestation of Vicia faba by liriomyza spp., in Central Sudan
Salah Faiza Yield losses due to natural infestation of tomato by Liriomyza spp., Central Sudan
Salah Faiza Effects of soil type on incidence of Agrotis ipsilon (Hfn.) on potato, in Sudan
Salehi Latif Investigation on the efficiency of Encarsia berlesei and E. fasciata two parasitoids of the white peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis penta...
Sallam Mohamed Enhancing sugarcane biosecurity measures in Australia
Sallam Mohamed GrubPlan: A greyback canegrub monitoring program in Australian sugarcane fields
Sami Siddique Shahid Isolation and toxicity evaluation of bacterial entomopathogens against phytophagous white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Ind...
Samietz Jorg Phenology modelling of major fruit tree pests: From biological basics to decision support
Samietz Jorg Phenology models from day-degrees to complex simulations: how to increase their benefit for integrated production?
Samson Awolola Multiple pyrethroid insecticide resistance mechanisms in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. from Nigeria, West Africa
Samson Peter A prediction system for greyback canegrub, Dermolepida albohirtum, to aid growers' management decisions
Samuel Mwansat Georgina Insects of lowland rain forest and oil palm plantation in southern Nigeria
Samways Michael Insect conservation in practice: lessons in the real world
Sandanayaka Manoharie Using EPG to compare acceptance by the spittle bug Carystoterpa fingens of four plant species
Sanders Nathan Are the determinants of ant diversity invariant across spatial and taxonomic scales?
Sappington Thomas Long-distance gene flow among European corn borer populations in North America
Sarfo Joseph Development of sex pheromones for management of cocoa mirids in West Africa
Sasaki Masami How does alpine moth, Syngrapha ottolenguii adapt their life cycle and flight activity rhythm to severe Alpine environment?
Sato Satoru The effects of VAM fungi inoculation on occurrences of plants and insects in the field
Sato Satoru Seasonal changes in above ground community structure of insects and plants after ground application of fungicide
Satoh Aya Circatidal rhythm of locomotor activity in the mangrove cricket Apteronemobius asahinai
Satti Abdalla A. Investigations on biology and host range of Urentius spp. (Hemiptera: Tingidae) in Sudan
Sauphanor Benoit Heredity and fitness cost of resistance to granulosis virus in French populations of Cydia pomonella
Savolainen Riitta Inquilinism in ants: ecology, social organization, phylogenetics, and speciation
Schade Daynika Effect of intraspecific larval competition on the mating strategies of Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)
Scharf Michael Termite hexamerin as an environmentally and nutritionally responsive caste regulatory switch
Scharf Michael Juvenile hormone and caste differentiation in termites
Schauff Michael Remote Diagnostics - research and identifications from afar?
Schauff Michael Invasive Hymenoptera: a global perspective
Schausberger Peter Trait-mediated effects of predatory mites on thrips and its host plant
Schausberger Peter Early experience with alternative prey affects adult performance in predatory mites
Schellhorn Nancy Rate of colonisation of Bemisia tabaci and its parasitoid Eretmocerus hayati : The role of landscape composition
Schiestl Florian Pollination by sexual deception in orchids
Schiff Nathan Invasive Symphyta
Schiott Morten Identification of proteins found in fungus-growing ant fecal material
Schlyter Fredrik Lower herbivory in diverse forests due to semiochemical diversity? Test by an artificially mixed forest
Schmidt Anna M. Occurrence of Wolbachia in introduced populations of pharaoh ants: A case of enemy release?
Schmitt Michael Extraocular photoreceptors and frontal grooves in Criocerinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Schmitz Oswald Predator identity and the nature of trait-mediated indirect effects
Schoeman Schalk Macadamia IPM: A Southern African perspective
Scholtz Olivia The community ecology of tropical rainforest termites: a spatial analysis considering environmental and biotic interactions
Schorkopf Dirk Louis P. Advances in the study of scent trails in stingless bees (Apidae: Meliponini)
Schramm Katharina Specific adaptations to plant chemical defences in a generalist herbivore: Detoxification of isothiocyanates by glutathione-S-transf...
Schuetz Stefan Semiochemicals produced by living beeches attacked by Trypodendron domesticum
Schurmann Friedrich Wilhelm Comparing mushroom body with surrounding neuropil of insect brains
Schwarz Michael Understanding the evolution of social parasitism: Implications from phylogenetic analyses of allodapine bees
Schweitzer Jen Plant genotype and herbivory alter ecosystem processes: Extended, evolutionary implications for species genetic interactions
Scoble Malcolm CATE - Creating a Taxonomic E-Science
Scott Michelle The role of juvenile hormone in parental care by burying beetles: A comparative perspective
Scott Thomas Spatially and temporally targeted vector-borne disease interventions
Seal Jon The phylogeography of sex in the parthenogenic ant, Platythyrea punctata
Sehgal Amita Link between the circadian clock and metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster
Sehgal Amita Serotonin receptors in the control of circadian rhythms and sleep in Drosophila
Sehnal Frantisek Hormonal regulation of larval diapause in a noctuid moth
Selek Fazil The biology and predators of Orthotomicus erosus (Woll.) in Pinus pinaster Ait. plantations in Marmara Region of Turkey
Senyuz Yakup Scarabaeidae fauna of the Felent River Basin
Senyuz Yakup Records of Scarabaeidae from the Sundiken Mountains
Senyuz Yakup Records of Scarabaeidae from Kutahya Province
Seth Rakesh Influence of host irradiation on the parasitization behaviour of egg parasitoid, Trichogramma chilonis(Ishii) and its F-1 progeny tow...
Settele Josef Conservation of community modules - Maculinea butterflies
Seymour Colleen Non-target effects of biological control - could there also be implications for agriculture?
Seymour Roger Hot plants: heat reward for insect visitors to thermogenic flowers
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Shafir Sharoni Cognitive processes involved in decision making by honey bees: applications for agriculture
Shah Mansoor Ali Use of sex pheromones and light traps to monitor the population of adult moths of cotton boll worms in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan...
Shaikh Abdul Manan Revision of stink bugs genus Halys Fabricius (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Halyini) from Pakistan with addition of two...
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Shashidhara L.S. On the evolution of insect wings
Shaw Peter W. A change for the better: Resurgence in biocontrol agents associated with the adoption of Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) in New Z...
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Shayesteh Nouraddin Electron beam treatment as a phytosanitary measure for stored product pests
Shayesteh Nouraddin The control of Callosobruchus maculatus L. (Bruchidae: Coleoptera) in different cereals with Spinosad dust
Shayesteh Nouraddin The terresterial bugs (Heteroptera) of Marand
Shayesteh Nouradin The control of storage pest with entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. in wheat
Shelton Anthony Trap cropping in pest management strategies
Shelton Anthony IPM and insect-protected transgenic plants: Thoughts for the future
Shelton Anthony Resistance management for Bt crops: from theory to reality
Shi Min Abundance of genome segments of Cotesia vestalia bracovirus (CvBV) and its effects on hemocytes of host, Plutella xylostella larv...
Shi Zuhua Which sex parent is responsible for heightened incidence in progeny generation of Cotesia plutellae?
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Shufran Kevin Diuraphis noxia populations are genetically uniform and phenotypically diverse in the US
Shukla Bhal C. Influence of ecological factors on rice gall midge (Orseolia oryzae Wood-Mason) in Chhattisgarh, India
Shuttleworth Adam The basis for floral specialization in a guild of wasp-pollinated plants
Shweil Sania Dispersal and field progeny production of released Trichogramma species in an olive grove in Egypt
Sileshi Gudeta Application of statistical models for efficient monitoring of invasive insects
Sileshi Gudeta Farmers' ethno-ecological knowledge of termites and their management in southern and eastern Africa
Silva-Brandao Karina Evolutionary history of Actinote (Heliconiinae, Acraeini) in Southeastern Brazil
Simelane David Edaphic factors influencing the performance of a root-feeding flea beetle, Longitarsus bethae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a biolog...
Simmons Alvin Whitefly Transmission of Sweet Potato Leaf Curl Virus
Simoes Zila Differential gene expression patterns correlate with caste fate in the honey bee, Apis mellifera
Simonsen Thomas Higher level phylogeny of the true Swallowtail Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae: Papilioninae) with special reference to the enig...
Singal Shiv K. Use of Indigenous Technology Knowledge (ITK) for small scale and safe storage of pulses in households of Haryana (India)
Singal Shiv K. Efficacy of various ecofriendly pulse protectants against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) infesting chickpea, Cicer ari...
Singh Ashok Influence of Ageratum conyzoides (L.) extract on the orientation of larvae and oviposition of adult Helicovepra armigera (Hub.) (Lepi...
Singh Dwijendra Whitefly resistance potential in different genotypes and cultivars of Mentha species
Singh Gursharan Physiological influences of some insecticides on cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius)
Singh Ravindranath Push - Pull management of pests, predators and parasites in sericulture
Sinkins Steven Genome Evolution of Wolbachia from Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes
Sithole Hendrik Preliminary investigations into a potentially new ant invader in Kruger National Park, South Africa
Sithole-Niang Idah The technical status and regulatory safety assessment of Bt Cowpea in West Africa
Sivaram V. Role of commercial bee-attractants in the pollination and yield parameters of Niger
Sivell Duncan Moth migration patterns over the past 40 years: how are they changing and how is climate influencing this change?
Six Diana The effect of temperature and climate change on the distribution of bark beetle-associated fungi
Six Diana L. Expansion of the geographic range of the mountain pine beetle and one fungal symbiont genotype in Canada in response to increas...
Slippers Bernard Multi-scale effects of humans on forest insect-microbe symbioses
Slippers Bernard Effects of international movement on populations of Sirex noctilio and its symbiotic fungus Amylostereum areolatum
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Slippers Bernard The influence and control of invasive pests in commercial forestry plantations in South Africa
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Snell-Rood Emilie The butterfly bell curve: linking behavior, brains, and life history in the study of host learning
Snyder William Predator biodiversity strengthens herbivore suppression
Snyder William Will climate change alter the relationship between predator biodiversity and herbivore suppression?
Soar Rupert Passive ventilation in large termite mounds, and implications for human construction methods
Soares Antonio O. How costly is it to be an intraguild predator?
Sobotnik Jan Inner anatomy of intercastes soldier-neotenic reproductives in Prorhinotermes simplex (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Soler Roxina Plant mediated multitrophic interactions between aboveground and belowground herbivores
Song Kyung-Han Proteomic identification of parasitism-specific proteins in Plutella xylostella larvae
Song Qisheng The roles of PKC in mediating 20E-induced gene expression in salivary glands of Drosophila melanogaster
Soomro Naheed M. The effect of agronomic practices on yellow rice stem borer Scirpophaga incertulus (Walker)
Sorvari Jouni Habitat quality linked immune defence in ants
Sowjanya Sree Kandregula Ultrastructural and biochemical alterations in Spodoptera litura larvae treated with destruxin from Metarhizium anisopliae (Metch.)...
Spector Sacha Species conservation - a time of crisis and opportunity
Spence John Life history and population dynamics of temperate waterstriders: lessons from a 24-year bug count...
Spence John Application of classification tree methods to the study of insect population dynamics
Sperling Felix Single locus molecular markers can give a misleading trace of the origin and spread of species
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Spillings Belinda The effect of a blood meal on insecticide resistance in Anopheles funestus
Srinivasan R. Developing an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy for the legume pod borer (Maruca vitrata)
Srinivasan R. Is Bacillus thuringiensis better than pesticides in vegetable brassica production systems?
Srivastava C.N. Amalgamative action of phytoextract and synthetic insecticide against the larvae of the filaria vector, Culex quinquefasciatus
Srivastava Chandra Insect pest management in pulses in India
Srivastava Meera A short-term surveillance of lepidopteran fauna in an agro-ecosystem near Bikaner(Western Rajasthan), India
Stals Riaan Arrival and rapid spread of Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in South Africa
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Stark John Using population modelling to assess the risk of pesticides to non-target arthropods with different life history strategies
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Steenhuisen Sandy-Lynn The importance of floral scent in the evolutionary shift from bird to beetle pollination in Protea
Steinbauer Martin Humanity hastens host expansion: the autumn gum moth as an Australian example
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Stinner Ronald Monitoring phytosanitary insect pests and sharing pest information in tropical areas
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Strand Michael Bracovirus mediated evasion of the insect immune response
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Suasaard Wiwat Augmentative biological control of sugarcane moth borers with Cotesia flavipes (Cameron) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Thailand
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Suckling David M. Integrated pest eradication: technologies for incursion response against invasive species
Sueyoshi Masahiro Changes on the species diversity of craneflies (Diptera: Limoniidae) by improvement cutting of Yambaru, a subtropical forest of Japan
Suhail Anjum Climate change and insect biodiversity in Pakistan
Suhr Elissa A supercolony of Argentine ants spans southern Australia
Suiter Karl Building Sanitary/Phytosanitary (SPS) capacity in East Africa
Sujeetha Alice A biological weapon against cockroaches
Suleman Nazia Irradiation: an advance technique to enhance pesticide resistance in an egg parasitoid and to break the host immunity against a lar...
Sullivan Gregory Thomas Pest management in organic hazelnut growing in Turkey
Sunaryo Sunaryo Study on insectivorous bats as potential predator of moths of sugarcane borers
Sunday Adeniyi Termicidial effect of creosote oil and spent engine oil on some treated hardwood species
Sunday Adeniyi The biology of Anaphe venata (local silkworm) as a pest of the Triplochtion scleroxylon tree
Sunden Bylehn Agneta International activities related to Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) that are termiticides
Sunder Shyam Spinosad 45 SC a biopesticide - effective against Leucinodes orbonalis and safe to parasitoids and predators on eggplant, Solanu...
Suresh S. Impact of Virtako on natural enemies in rice ecosystem
Suwannapong Guntima Bioassay of the mandibular gland pheromones of dwarf honeybee at the hive entrances of Apis mellifera
Suzuki Takeshi Action spectrum for the suppression of arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase activity in the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urtic...
Svenson Gavin Tracing the origins of the praying mantises (Dictyoptera: Mantodea): Is their rapid diversification and the repeated occurrence of ec...
Swart Vaughn Establishing a protocol for South African agriculture, based on new crop case studies
Swify Gamal The potential of entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana for the biological control of red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugi...
Symondson William O.C. Molecular analysis of predation and parasitism: problems and future directions
Symondson William O.C. Molecular detection of predation: opportunities and challenges
Szendrei Zsofia Increased habitat complexity to manage natural enemy community of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (Coleoptera ...
Tabashnik Bruce Transgenic crops, pest resistance, and outbreaks
Tack Ayco The role of competition in structuring an insect metacommunity on oak (Quercus robur)
Takagi Masami Biological control-based IPM for citrus in Japan
Takeda Makio Peptidergic and monoaminergic mechanisms regulating circadian rhythms in insects
Takeda Makio Structures and uptake mechanisms of vitellogenins in cockroaches
Taki Wakana Food attraction and reproductive success of the Japanese burying beetle, Eusilpha japonica
Talamas Elijah Species, morphology, and relationships of the African genus Oreiscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)
Talukder Farid Insecticide resistance frequencies in Bemisia tabaci in Omani and UAE vegetable farms
Tammaru Toomas The causes of outbreak dynamics: A life history perspective
Tamo Manuele Biological control as a component of IPM for cowpea
Tamura Toshiki Construction of piggyBac-based enhancer trap system in the silkworm
Tanaka Hiromitsu Comparative genomic analysis of immunity-related genes in Bombyx mori
Tanaka Nobuaki Odor evoked neural oscillations in Drosophila
Taylor Bryony Viability of Beauveria bassiana formulations for the control of stored product pests
Taylor Gary Host specificity, speciation, and coevolution in Fergusonina (Diptera: Fergusoninidae) -Fergusobia (Nematoda: Neotylenchidae) ga...
Team HYMAToL HYMAToL: Assembling the Hymenoptera tree of life
Teramoto Yuko Colonizastion process of the threatened damselfly, Mortonagrion hirosei, inhabiting the artificially established reed community
Terry Irene Heat and odour of Macrozamia cycad cones offer mixed cues to their host specific thrips pollinators
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Thakur D.R. Biological control of Callosobruchus theobromae (L.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae), a seed pest of edible legumes
The Chong Lay Use of beneficial plants in the natural resolution of leaf pests in oil palm
Theyse Marianna Developing sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) capacity in Africa
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Thomas Matthew The potential for novel malaria control interventions using fungal entomopathogen sprays
Thomas Matthew The ecology of insect-pathogen interactions and the implications for microbial control of locusts and grasshoppers
Thomson Linda Spatial analysis of the influence of adjacent vegetation on the abundance and distribution of natural enemies in a vineyard in south...
Thomson Linda Ecologically sustainable chemical recommendations for agricultural pest control?
Throne James Seasonal distribution and comparison of methods for sampling psocids in stored wheat
Tierney Simon Sociality in nocturnal environments
Tindall Kelly Mid-Southern USA regional evaluation of insecticide seed treatments on soybeans
Tindo Maurice Advantages of multiple foundress colonies in Belonogaster juncea juncea L.: Greater survival and increased productivity
TinzaaraWilliam Infochemicals for the management of the banana weevil, Cosmopoilites sordidus
Tittiger Claus Molecular targets for bark beetle pest management
Tittiger Claus Regulation of bark beetle pheromone biosynthesis by JH III
Tjahjono Budi Application of Sycanus collaris as biocontrol agent for insect pests in plantation forestry
Tobe Stephen Ancestral reconstruction of ancient insect allatostatins: a novel approach to the study of allatostatin function and evolution
Todd Jacqui The PRONTI species selection method: Can this tool be used for risk assessments with biological control agents?
Tojo Sumio Reduction of respiration by aggregate formation in Parastrachia japonensis
Tokuda Makoto Shed leaves revitalized by a galling insect
Tolmay Vicki Collaborative Screening for Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) resistance
Tolmay Vicki Probing behaviour of Diuraphis noxia on near-isogenic wheat lines with resistance ex PI 137739 and PI 262660.
Tomioka Kenji Period gene plays a role in circadian rhythm and photoperiodism in crickets
Tomlinson Anne Arthropod decomposer communities in native forests in northern New Zealand
Tomoyasu Yoshinori Multiple co-options of sclerotization into the conserved wing gene network during beetle elytral evolution.
Tompkins Jean Conservation biological control to manage pests of crop plants
Tonnang Henri Step-by-step guideline for the development of an artificial neural network for host-parasitoid population density prediction
Tooker John Gall-inducing insects can evade host-plant defences that are triggered by other insect herbivores
Torto Baldwyn Autodetection effect of the desert locust nymphal aggregation disruption pheromone phenylacetonitrile (PAN)
Toth Amy L. Genomic analyses of behavior in Polistes wasps: Insights into social evolution
Tothova Andrea Extinction of the genus Neurohelea (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in Europe?
Traugott Michael Analyzing complex trophic interactions in arthropod communities using DNA-based methods
Trebicki Piotr Characterising feeding behaviour and nutritional requirements of leafhopper Orosius orientalis using in vitro and in planta systems...
Trebicki Piotr Population dynamics and diversity of leafhopper Cicadellidae vectors of Tobacco Yellow Dwarf Virus (TYDV)
Trematerra Pasquale Management of stored product insects in pasta factories
Trematerra Pasquale Precision IPM and spatial distribution of Lepidoptera pests of pome, stone and grape fruits
Trematerra Pasquale Spatio-temporal distribution of Coleoptera in food mills
Tribe Geoff Biological control of the Sirex noctilio wood wasp in pine plantations in South Africa
Trumbo Stephen Juvenile hormone and parental care in biparental burying beetles
Tscharntke Teja Complementary resource use in species-rich predator and parasitoid assemblages
Tscharntke Teja Coffee pollination on a landscape scale
Tscharntke Teja Multitrophic level interactions in changing landscapes
Tscharntke Teja Landscape perspectives on land-use change and insect outbreaks
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Tschinkel Walter R. Fire ants and native ants: A cautionary tale
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Tuey Remy Seasonal changes in field populations of epilachnid beetle Chnootriba similis Thunberg (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)
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Tung Gene-Sheng Movement of non-native phytophagous Hymenoptera in Asia
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Turlings Ted Cross-effects between below- and aboveground tritrophic interactions in maize
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Turpin Frank Science on six legs: the insect connection for public outreach
Turpin Frank The Buzz and the Beat(les): insect inspiration for music throughout the ages
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Ukeh Donald A. Repellent activity of alligator pepper, Aframomum melegueta (Zingiberaceae) and ginger, Zingiber officinale (Zingiberaceae), against...
Ulyshen Mike The relative importance of snags and logs to the saproxylic beetle community in two forest types of the southeastern United States...
Umbers Kate Temperature-controlled colour change in the chameleon grasshopper (Kosciuscola tristis) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
Umina Paul Pyrethroid resistance in the redlegged earth mite: current situation and prospects for the future
Unal Sabri Gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in the forest-tree fauna of Turkey
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Uraichuen Sopon Dynamic population density of the coconut hispine beetle, Brontispa longissima Gestro (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Urban Alan Trichromatic colour vision and alightment of a psyllid
Utsumi Shunsuke How does herbivore-induced plant regrowth govern geographic and genetic variation in a feeding preference of a leaf beetle?
Vafaei Reza Contributions to the Iranian aquatic Coleoptera fauna (Dytiscidae: Gyrinidae: Helophoridae and Hydrophilidae) with two new record
Vale G.A. Modelling the bait control of tsetse flies (Glossina spp) in heterogeneous areas of operation
Valicente Fernando Production of Bacillus thuringiensis based biopesticide using a commercial lab medium and raw material rich in carbon and nitroge...
Valicente Fernando A new baculovirus isolate that doesn't cause the liquefaction of the integument in Spodoptera frugiperda dead larvae
Valle Denise The Brazilian experience in the resistance monitoring and control of Aedes aegypti
Valtonen Terhi Does copulation corrupt resistance against real pathogens in Tenebrio molitor?
van Baaren Joan Coexistence of Aphidius species: Does interspecific competition structure the parasitoid community?
Van De Klashorst Gerrit Post-campaign assessment of desert locust pesticide pollution at loading sites in West Africa
Van der Linde Theuns To be at the crime scene with the police investigation team is vital: Two case reports
Van der Putten Wim Above-belowground interactions, global warming, and biological invasions
Van der Putten Wim Plant-insect interactions are controlled by the underworld
van Huis Arnold Insects and technology
van Kuik Fons Implementation of biological control in hardy ornamental nursery stock in the Netherlands
van Tol Rob Induced host-plant volatiles with the aphid sex pheromone using a specific trap design create a highly selective attractant for the m...
van Tol Rob Introduction of integrated pest management in hardy ornamentals: A good bug alone is not enough
van Tol Rob Attraction and repellence of grubs in soil systems as part of pest control strategies: the cockchafer Melolontha melolontha example
van Vuuren Bettine The phylogeographic population structure of Argentine ants in South Africa: genetic evidence for multiple introductions
van Zweden Jelle Recognition cues for cooperation and conflict in ants: Interplay between uniformity and variability of cuticular hydrocarbons
Vanden Broeck Jozef G protein-coupled receptors and their signaling properties in flies and locusts
Vanden Broeck Jozef Neuro-endocrinology of reproduction and phase transition in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria
Vander Meer Robert Physiological consequences of fire ant primer pheromones
VanKirk James The ipmPIPE: Focus on the Other I in IPM
Vargas Roger New reduced risk control approaches for area-wide pest management of fruit flies in the Pacific
Vargo Edward Social life below ground: Colony breeding structure and inbreeding variation in subterranean termites
Vargo Edward L. Breeding systems in social insects: causes and consequences of within colony genetic diversity
Vasaitis Rimvydas Community dynamics of Ips typographus - associated fungi in spruce stands following storm disturbance
Veldtman Ruan Status of pollination ecosystem services in South Africa
Velioglu A. Sibel Neonicotinoid resistance status of green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae), in Turkey
Vellaisamy Ambethgar Weather based forewarning of tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis antonii Signoret (Miridae: Heteroptera) on cashew in India
Vellaisamy Ambethgar Biological control of cashew stem and root borer, Plocaederus ferrugineus L. (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) with Metarhizium anisopli...
Venter Gert J. A multi-vector potential for transmitting African horse sickness virus (AHSV) in South Africa
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Verma Krishna K. Biogeography and biology of the New Caledonian Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera)
Vet Louise E.M. Fine tuning of foraging behaviour to increase control impact of natural enemy
Vet Louise E.M. Insect-plant interactions in a multitrophic world
Vezenegho Samuel B. Baseline surveys of malaria vector mosquitoes from Guinea Conakry, West Africa
Vig Karoly Data on the distribution, life-history and morphology of immature stages of Eupales ulema (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Eumolpinae)
Viggiani Gennaro Reflections and evidences on the present status of biological control of arthropod pests
Viggiani Gennaro Leafhopper host plant associations for egg parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae and Trichogrammatidae) in the vineyard agroeco...
Vihervuori Liisa Feeding performance of two lepidopteran herbivores on chitinase transgenic birches (Betula pendula)
Vilhelmsen Lars Beyond the wasp-waist: Mesosomal anatomy and phylogeny of apocritan Hymenoptera
Viljanen Heidi Native and introduced dung beetles (Scarabaeidae: Aphodidae) using cattle dung in Madagascar
Vincent Charles VirosoftCP4 field trials in an organic apple orchard
Vinson Bradleigh Resource flow and digestion in the imported fire ant
Vinuela Elisa The joint use of chemical and biological control agents: How the effects of pesticides on natural enemies can be elucidated?
Virgilio Massimiliano Molecular systematics of the genus Dacus Fabricius (Diptera: Tephritidae)
Visser Anna A. Does Xylaria play a specific role in the fungus-growing termite mutualism?
Visser Diedrich Preliminary results of laboratory efficacy tests using registered insecticides against the potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella,...
Visser Diedrich Six years of field trials with transgenic Bt-potato in South Africa - experiences and lessons learnt
Vogel Heiko The genetic basis of a plant-insect coevolutionary key innovation
Volkoff Anne-Nathalie Gene expression variation in the lepidopteran host Spodoptera frugiperda induced by polydnavirus-carrying wasps
Volney Jan Forest management and the conservation of boreal forest arthropod biodiversity
Vonshak Merav The impact of Wasmannia auropunctata on local ant species in its invasive range
Vorgetts Joseph Securing natural borders: Harmonization of U.S. permit practices with North American regional phytosanitary guidelines for release
Voss Sasha Parasitic wasps: succession, development and forensic importance as PMI indicators
Voss Sasha Host location and behavioural response patterns of the parasitoid, Tachinaephagus zealandicus (Hymenotpera: Encyrtidae), to host...
Vrdoljak Sven Effect of floral traits and display area on insect visitation rates in lowland vegetation in the Cape Floristic Region
Vreysen Marc Area-wide integrated pest management for tsetse flies: The role of sterile insects
Vreysen Marc Sterile insects for the control of perennial crop insect pests in a time of global change
Wackers Felix Interactions between the Bt-transgenic trait and inherent plant resistance mechanisms
Wackers Felix L. Parasitoid learning and sensory orientation. Implications for biological pest control and their use as biosensors
Wagan M. Saeed Comparative study on the morphology of egg pods, egg development and hatching of three Hieroglyphus species (Acrididae: Orthoptera)
Wagan M. Saeed Current pest status, life-cycle and ecology of Hieroglyphus perpolita (Uvarov, 1932) (Acrididae: Orthoperta) of Pakistan
Wagner Thomas Diversity patterns of African Galerucinae (Chrysomelidae)
Wahlberg Niklas An awkward age for butterflies: when did Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera) diverge and diversify?
Walling Linda Bemisia tabaci biotype B manipulates its host to suppress effective defenses
Wallman James F. Factors influencing weather station ambient temperature corrections in forensic entomology
Walters Terrence New challenges facing regulatory agencies and advances in technology, communication, and research to support these challenges
Walton Angela The use of oil soluble dyes to mark Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) adults
Wang Haikou The 1999 - 2001 Australian plague locust outbreak in eastern Australia from the perspective of insect monitoring radar
Wang Haikou Estimation of insect migration trajectories with flight parameters measured by Insect Monitoring Radar
Wang Jin-Jun Sequence analysis and expression of Acetylcholinesterase cDNA from PH3 and DDVP resistant strains of Liposcelis bostrychophila
Wang Jin-Jun Molecular Cloning and Sequence analysis of a novel P450 gene encoding CYP6BK17 from the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
Wang Jin-Jun Occurrence and control of psocids in China
Wang Zhen-ying Species composition, abundance and dynamics of ladybird beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in Bt and non-Bt cornfields
Waqas Ali Akbar Syed Population fluctuations of predators in cabbage ecosystems
Ware Remy Assessing the risk posed by the invasion of Harmonia axyridis on European ladybirds. 2. Consequence of encounter
Warner Keith Douglass On the frontier of risk management: Potential nontarget effects of classical biocontrol agents stimulate innovation by entomologist
Warren Marie Temperature and starvation limit fig wasp abundance and distribution
Warrior Prem Opportunities for biological and biologically-derived insect control products in the global marketplace
Watanabe Mamoru The conservation ecology of the endangered brackish water damselfly, Mortonagrion hirosei: Planning to establish a new habitat fo...
Watt Allan Impacts of some forest management practices on insects and other taxa in Europe
Watts Corinne Translocation tools for New Zealand weta
Weaver Robert Mass spectral analysis of expressed versus predicted peptides (AKHs, PRLamides, FLRF-amides, NVP-like peptide) in the corpus ca...
Webster Kenneth The relative importance of colour and odour cues for thrips host-finding
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