Fleas distribution

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The world fauna of the order Siphonaptera comprises 2000 species and 550 subspecies belonging to 18 families and 4 infraorders. A great number of endemic species and genera are distributed in East-Asian, Central-Asian, West-American, Patagonian, Papuan (New Guinean), and East-African zoogeographical subregions. It is possible that forest foothills with temperate and subtropical climate present the most favorable conditions for the fleas.

The infraorder Pulicomorpha is characterized by more or less relations between the faunas of Africa, Asia and South America.

The existence of the Antarctic bridge in the Southern hemisphere and the Beringian bridge in the Northern hemisphere had the most significant influence on the distribution of the infraorders Pygiopsyllomorpha, Hystrichopsyllomorpha, and Ceratophyllomorpha.

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