New Genus and new species of the family Issidae (Hemiptera: Auchenorryncha: Fulgoroidea) from Southern Spain

V.M. Gnezdilov and C.F.M. den Bieman

Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS, 2018, 322(4): 389–397  ·

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A new genus, Dozierana gen. nov., is erected for Thionia gibbicollis Dozier, 1931 which is transferred from the family Issidae Spinola, 1839 to the family Nogodinidae Melichar 1898, subfamily Colpopterinae Gnezdilov, 2003. This new combination increases the fauna of Colpopterinae of Haiti Island up to 3 genera with 5 species. Accordingly, the family Issidae is no longer formally known from the island. Dozierana gen. nov. is characterized by wide metope, with distinct median carina and very weak sublateral carinae, upper margin of metope concave; coryphe 3 times as wide as long medially; large ocelli present; pronotum short, with 4 lateral carinae, its anterior margin strongly convex and posterior margin strongly concave; mesonotum 7 times as long as pronotum along midline, greatly elevated along median carina, with two lateral carinae joined with median one in shape of inverted “V”; fore wings wide, with wide hypocostal plate and rich cross-venation through whole wing, except subcostal area; basal cell large oblong-oval; costal vein with distinct upper keel appearing as a separate vein; clavus as long as whole wing, open; hind tibiae with single lateral spine subapically.

Key words

Iberian Peninsula, Issini, morphology, new genus, new species, systematics

Submitted October 25, 2018  ·  Accepted November 12, 2018  ·  Published December 25, 2018


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