Dr. O.S. Voskoboinikova


Dr. Voskoboinikova O.

         Born 11.04.1952 in Novozybkov-city of the Brjansk region. Graduated from Leningrad State University, Dept. Ichthyology and Hydrobiology with Diploma in Science. Thesis: Peculiarities of the structure and evolution of the visceral skeleton of fishes of the genus Notothenia Rich.

1985 - Candidate of Science (= Ph.D.) at the Zoological Institute, Leningrad. Dissertation: Morphology and general trends of evolution of the visceral skeleton of the nototheniids (Nototheniidae, Perciformes).


1975-1980- postgraduate student Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences
1980-1986 - technical assistment Zoological Institute St. Petersburg
1986-1998 - scientific worker, Zoological Institute St. Petersburg
1998- present - senior scientific worker, Zoological Institute St. Petersburg


         Society of French Ichthyologists

         Research Interests:: Morphology, systematics, phylogeny, ontogeny and origin of fishes of the Blennioidei s.l. (Perciformes).

         Publications: 56 scientific works.

         Voskoboinikova O.S. 1993. Evolution of the visceral skeleton and phylogeny of the Nototheniidae/ J. Ichthyology. Vol. 33. N 7. P. 23-47.
         Balushkin A.V. & O.S. Voskoboinikova. 1995. Classification and phylogeny of the antarctic dragonfish of the family Bathydraconidae (Notothenioidei, Perciformes). Vopr. Ikthiol., 35(2): 147-155 (in Russian).
         Voskoboinikova O.S. 1997. Osteological development of the channichthyids/ Cybium. Vol. 21. N 4. P. 369-379.
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194356 St. Petersburg, Engels Prospect, 135, ap. 131
199034 St. Petersburg, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
phone (work): 328.0612
Fax: 007(812)328.2941