P.B. Klimov. A review of the Palaearctic genus Mezorhizoglyphus Kadzhaja, 1966 (Acari, Acaridae). - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 25: 1-8.
ABSTRACT. A redescription of genus Mezorhizoglyphus Kadzhaja and key to related genera are given. M. bratskensis sp. n. (Siberia) is described and M. colchicus Kadzhaja, 1966 is redescribed. KEY WORDS: Acaridae, mites, Mezorhizoglyphus, new species, Siberia, Far East of Russia.

M. Takahashi, A. Abe, I. Amano and K. Yodoe. A list of butterflies (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) collected in Southern Primorye in 1993. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 26: 1-17.
ABSTRACT. One hundred eighteen species of Rhopalocera species taken by the authors in Southern Primorye are listed with their collecting data. A brief account of the collecting sites and the notes about behaviour of some butterflies based on the field observations are given as well. KEY WORDS: Rhopalocera, faunistics, Southern Primorye.

S.Yu. Storozhenko. New Upper Carboniferous grylloblattids (Insecta, Grylloblattida) from Siberia. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 26: 18-20.
ABSTRACT. Family Daldubidae Storozhenko, fam. n. with two new genera and species from Upper Carboniferous of Siberia (Dalduba faticana Storozhenko, gen. et sp. n., Vrezalduba nervosa Storozhenko, gen. et sp. n.) are described. New name Narkeminidae Storozhenko, nom. n. is proposed for Narkemocacurgidae Pinto et Ornellas, 1978 (with genera Narkemina Martynov, 1931, Paranarkemina Pinto et Ornellas, 1980 and Narkeminopsis Whalley, 1979). KEY WORDS: Grylloblattida, new taxa.

S.A. Belokobylskij. Contribution to the knowledge of braconid fauna of the subfamily Rogadinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) of Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia. Part 1-2. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 27-28: 1-36.
ABSTRACT. A new data on Braconidae of the subfamily Rogadinae of the Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia is given. Six new species of the genera Aleiodes and Rogas are described and figured: A. (Neorhogas) leleji sp. n., A. (N.) sirin sp. n., A. (A.) eous sp. n., A. (A.) krasheninnikovi sp. n., A. (A.) sichotealinus sp. n., R. nigridorsum sp. n. Rare species A. (N.) angulinervis He et Chen and A. (N.) daisetsuzanus (Watanabe) are redescribed and figured. Five species of Aleiodes, 3 species of Heterogamus and 1 species of Triraphis for the Russian fauna and 11 species of Aleiodes, 2 species of Heterogamus and 1 species of Triraphis for the fauna of the Russian Far East are recorded for the first time. New synonymy is given: Rhogas (Rhogas) microculatus Watanabe, 1937 = Rhogas caliginosus Shestakov, 1940, syn. n.; Rhogas (Rhogas) sapporensis Watanabe, 1937 = Rhogas ussuriensis Telenga, 1941, syn. n. Rogas oyeaymensis Watanabe, 1937 is really Rogas species (former Pelecystoma). KEY WORDS: Braconidae, Rogadinae, Aleiodes, Heterogamus, Rogas, Triraphis, systematics, new species, new records.

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ABSTRACT. Epanerchodus cuspidatus sp. n. is described from the Kunashir Island (South Kuriles). It differs from congeners mainly by the shape of gonopod telopodite with long and short pointed branches and by a very small postfemoral process of the gonopods. KEY WORDS: Diplopoda, Epanerchodus, new species, Kuril Islands.

A.S. Lelej. To the knowledge of the East Asian species of the tribe Trogaspidiini Bischoff, 1920 (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae) with description of eight new genera and two new species. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 30: 1-24.
ABSTRACT. Fourteen genera and 52 species are reviewed. Eight new genera: Pagdenidia gen. n. (type species Timulla mickeli Pagden), Orientidia gen. n. (type species Mutilla proserpina Smith), Promecidia gen. n. (type species P. yamanei sp. n.), Krombeinidia gen. n. (type species K. peterseni sp. n.), Protrogaspidia gen. n. (type species Mutilla volatilis Smith), Nonveilleridia gen. n. (type species Mutilla bataviana Andre), Neotrogaspidia gen. n. (type species Mutilla pustulata Smith), Eotrogaspidia gen. n. (type species Mutilla auroguttata Smith), and two new species: Promecidia yamanei sp. n. (Malaysia: Sarawak) and Krombeinidia peterseni sp. n. (Sri Lanka) are described. The key to 15 genera is given. The dividing of tribe Trogaspidiini to subribes Trogaspidiina and Petersenidiina subtribe n. is proposed. KEY WORDS: Mutillidae, mutillid wasps, Trogaspidiini, Oriental Region, East Palaearctic, taxonomy.

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ABSTRACT. A review of 16 species of the subgenus Kimminsia Killington, 1937 with special attention to wing venation and detailed distribution is given. New synonymy is proposed: Wesmaelius conspurcatus (MacLachlan, 1875), stat. n. = Boriomyia amseli H. Aspock et U. Aspock, 1966, syn. n. = Kimminsia pekinensis Yang, 1980, syn. n.; W. navasi (Andreu, 1911) = K. neimenica Yang, 1980, syn. n.; W. ravus (Withycombe, 1923) = K. ogatai Nakahara, 1956, syn. n. The following species were recorded for first time: W. altissimus Ohm from Korea and Kirgizia, W. sinicus Tjed. from Russia, W. sufuensis Tjed. from Kazakhstan and Tadzhikistan, W. mortoni McL. from Ukraine, W. ravus With. from Japan, W. subnebulosus Steph. from Azerbadzhan, W. conspurcatus McL. from Kirgizia. KEY WORDS: Hemerobiidae, Wesmaelius, Palaearctic Region, taxonomy.

V.G. Novokshonov and S.Yu. Storozhenko. New genus of the family Sojanoraphidiidae (Grylloblattida) from Lower Permian of Ural. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 33: 1-4.
ABSTRACT. Aibolitus medicinus gen. et sp. n. is described from Lower Permian locality Chekarda. KEY WORDS: Grylloblattida, Sojanoraphidiidae, taxonomy.

T.I. Arefina, V.D. Ivanov and I.M. Levanidova. Six new species and three new records of caddisflies (Insecta, Trichoptera) from the Far East of Russia, with remarks on Hyalopsyche sachalinica Martynov. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 34: 1-12.
ABSTRACT. Six new species: Dolophilodes affinis Levanidova et Arefina, sp. n., D. kunashirensis Ivanov, sp. n., Cheumatopsyche daurensis Ivanov, sp. n., Lype daurica Ivanov et Levanidova, sp. n., Psychomyia birushka Arefina et Levanidova, sp. n., and Limnephilus tiunovae Arefina et Levanidova, sp. n. are described fron the south part of the Russian Far East. Tree species are newly recorded to Russia: Ecnomus yamashironis Tsuda, Micrasema hanasensis Tsuda and Pseudostenophylax reideli Botosaneanu. New synonymy is proposed: Hyalopsyche sachalina Martynov, 1910 = H. amurensis Martynov, 1934, syn. n. KEY WORDS: Trichoptera, caddisflies, new species, Russian Far East.

A.I. Ozerov. Scathophaga exalata sp. n. (Diptera, Scathophagidae) with reduced wings from Kuril Islands. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 35: 1-4.
ABSTRACT. A new apterous species of Scathophagidae is described from Russia, Kuril Is: Chirinkotan, Ekarma, Raikoke, Yankicha. KEY WORDS: Diptera, Scathophagidae, new species, Kuril Islands.

Yu.A. Tshistjakov. Taxonomic study of the Far Eastern Hepialidae (Lepidoptera). Record 1. On systematic position of the Phymatopus taxa described from East Palaearctic. - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 36: 1-8.
ABSTRACT. Two taxa hecticus O.Bang-Haas, 1927 and japonicus Inoue, 1982 till now regarded as subspecies of Phymatopus hectus (Linnaeus, 1758) are separated from the latter as distinct species. A new subspecies Phymatopus hecticus albomaculatus ssp. n. is described from Russia (Primorskii krai or Primorye territory). The diag-nostic features of all discussed taxa in forewing pattern and in male genitalia are presented in the key. KEY WORDS: Hepialidae, taxonomy, East Palaearctic.

P.G. Nemkov and A.S. Lelej. Phylogenetic relationships and classification of the digger wasps tribe Gorytini (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae, Nyssoninae). - Far Eastern entomologist, 1996, 37: 1-14.
ABSTRACT. The digger wasps tribe Gorytini is reviewd, with an extensive reevaluation of generic groupings. Phylogenetic analysis of thirty-three genera, with hypothetical ancestor as outgroup, reveal the relationships: (Ancestor + Clitemnestrina) + {Olgia + (Argogorytina + [Exeirus + (Handlirschia + Gorytina)]}. A tree generated from 33 genera yielded a length of 86 steps and CI of 0,45. The tribe Gorytini id divided into six subtribes: Clitemnistrina subtribe n., Olgiina subtribe n., Argogorytina subtribe n., Exeirina Dalla Torre, Handlirschiana subtribe n., and Gorytina Lep. The key to subtribes is given. KEY WORDS: Sphecidae, digger wasps, Gorytini, phylogeny, taxonomy.