Vladimir M. Khrabryi – Publications

Total 112 publications, including two monographs. Main publications:

  • Khrabryi V.M. 1983. Birds of Beriozovye islands. In: Fauna of Vyborg Reserve. Leningrad, Proceed. Zool. Inst. Vol. 123, P. 116-146.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 1984. Birds of Sestroretsk lagoon and neighbouring areas. In: Preservation of natural ecosystem of basin in urban landscape. Leningrad. P.116-129.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 1988. Birds and other animals in the parks of Leningrad. Leningrad, Nauka Press. 78 p.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 1988. School Atlas for Identification of Birds. Moscow, Prosveshchenie Press. 224 p.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 1988. Protection of rare animals in Leningrad Region. Leningrad, Lenizdat Press. 19 p.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 1991. Birds of Saint Petersburg. Fauna, Distribution, Numbers. Proceed. Zool. Institute, Vol. 236, St. Petersburg, 275 p.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 1992. Map of breeding bird distribution In: Ecological Atlas of Saint-Petersburg. St. Petersburg.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2002. Dynamics of species composition and numbers of breeding birds in different biotopes of Saint-Petersburg during 24 years. Proceed. Zool. Inst. Russ Acad. Sci.
  • Khrabryi V.M., Tikhonov A.N. 2004. About the rate of investigation of rare species of birds and mammals in Leningrad region and Saint-Petersburg city. Communications of Samara Scientific Centre. Special issue “Natural heritage of Russia”. Part 2. P. 326-333. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2004. The status of bird fauna in Saint-Petersburg. In: Ecological situation in Saint-Petersburg. Publ. house “Format”. P. 455-477. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2005. Birds in the parks of Saint-Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg. 65 pp. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2005. Fauna of terrestrial vertebrates. In: Yuntolovsky regional complex nature reserve. Saint-Petersburg. P. 153-171. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2005. Principles of renewal of marsh biotopes in Lahta floods. In: Yuntolovsky regional complex nature reserve. Saint-Petersburg. P. 181-184. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2005. Birds of the Saint-Petersburg. In: Birds in European Cities. Ginster Verlag, St. Katharinen. P.307-333.
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2006. Atlas-Identification of birds. Saint Petersburg: “Amphora”. 231 pp. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2006. Breeding birds in some projected nature reserves of Saint- Petersburg. Part 1. Russ. ornithol. journal . Vol 15. Express-issue 325. P. 701-705. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M., Shishkin A.A. 2006. Information about distribution of raptors in the terrirory of Saint-Petersburg Russ. ornithol. journal . Vol 15. Express-issue 326. P. 711-720. (In Russian).
  • Khrabryi V.M. 2007. The birds of Yelagin Island. In: The nature of Yelagin Island. Saint-Petersburg. P.76-93.

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