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Vladimir A. Payevsky

PhD, DSc (Biology), Cheaf research fellow

Honorary Fellow of the American Ornithologists Union (1998). Member of Scientific Program Committees of XXII International Ornithological Congress in Durban (1998) and 2nd Meeting of the European Ornithologists Union in Gdansk (1999) and member of Scientific Program Commities of two International ornithological conferences of Northern Eurasia. Member of Central Council of the Russian Menzbier Ornithological Society (1983). Member of the Russian Bird Conservation Union (1999). Assessor of State Consulting Centre of Experts (2001). Member of the Scientific Council of the Zoological Institute. Co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Avian Ecology and Behaviour” (Russia).

The main field of scientific activities
is population ecology of birds and avian demography, namely age and sex structure of populations, breeding productivity, survival rates and longevity, the impact of various factors on the population dynamics. The main objects of investigations: order Passeriformes, mainly Thrushes (Turdidae), Warblers (Sylviidae), and Finches (Fringillidae). Several reviews about the systematics of passerines and true finches, and the monograph "True Finches of the World" (2015, in Russian) were published.

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