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Ph.D. Alex Galkin
Senior Scientific Researcher


Short CV:

A. Galkin Born: 1952

1974: MSc, St.Petersburg University, Department of Invertebrates Zoology

1982: Ph.D, Moscow State University

1974-1976: Probationer-Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1976-1979: Post-graduate student , Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1979-1984: Senior Technical Assistent, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1984-1986: Junior-Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1986-98: Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1998-present: Senior Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

General directs:

Faunistics, morphology and systematics of bird cestodes are main directions of my investigation. They are of own importance but also give an opportunity to analyse a number of general parasitological problems. Cestodes, including Cyclophyllidea, coevolved with vertebrates for a long time and are unique in many trends. The diversity of proglottisation patterns in their polyzootic body is of peculiar interest and may elucidate the origin and evolution of this strobilar class of Cercomeromorphae.

Scientific interests:

Cyclophyllidean parasites of birds. The material, mainly from passeriform birds, is collected on the ornithological station on the Kurish Spit. Faunistical and morphological investigations, revision of separate genera and species. Special attention is paid on the morphogenesis of genital system.
Cestodes of Arctic birds: morphology, verification of systematic position, host-parasite relations.
Cestodes as strobilar class within Cercomeromorphae. Evolutional analysis of holdfast and reproductive organs in tapeworms in the light of their most probable polyzootic origin.


Main publications:

  1. Galkin A.K. 1979. Morphogenesis of the genital system of Passerilepis crenata (Cestoidea: Hymenolepididae). Parazitologiya 13: 611-619.
  2. Galkin A.K. 1981. Cestodes of Passeriformes of the Kurish Spit: ecological and faunistical survey. Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta 108: 53-98.
  3. Galkin A.K. 1987. On the origin of non-cyclophyllidean cestodes - parasites of gulls. Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta 161: 3-23.
  4. Galkin A.K. 1988. On the scolex structure in the cestode Nematoparataenia southwelli (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea). Parazitologiya 22: 464-470.
  5. Galkin A.K., Galaktionov K.V., Marasaev S.F., Prokofyev V.V. 1994. Cestodes of the fish-eating birds of Kharlov Island and Franz Joseph Land. Parazitologiya 28: 373-384.
  6. Gerasev P.I., 1994. The structure of the reproductive system in diplozoids (Monogenea). Parazitologiya, Vol.28, N 6, P.475-487 (In Russian, English summary).
  7. Galkin A.K. 1996. The postlarval development of the scolex of Tetrabothrius erostris (Cestoda: Tetrabothriidea) and the phylogenetic essentials of this process. Parazitologiya 30: 315-323.
  8. Galkin A.K. Reidentification of "Hymenolepis setigera" from eider ducks of Murman Coast. Parazitologiya 31: 223-230.
  9. Galkin A.K. Composition of the genus Tschertkovilepis (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae). Problemy tsestodologii. St.Petersburg: 40-50.
  10. Galkin A.K. 1999. Position of Amphilinidea in the system of Cercomeromorphae. Parazitologiya 33: 497-506.

Total number of publications: 35

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