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Ph.D. Elena Kornakova
Scientific Researcher

Morphology and ultrastructure of Platyhelminthes

Short CV:

Elena Kornakova (15935 bytes) Born: 1955

1978: MSc, St.Petersburg University, Department of Invertebrates Zoology

1985: Ph.D, ZIN RAS

1978-1981: Laboratory assistant in Zoological Institute

1981-1984: Post-graduate student , Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1984-1993: Junior-Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1993-present: Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

General directs:

Morphology and ultrastructure of Platyhelminthes.

Scientific interests:

Comparative morphological and ultrastructural study of free-living and parasitic Platyhelminthes, especially not quite sufficient studied and important for understunding of phylogeny of Platyhelminthes.


Main publications:

  1. Kornakova, E.E. 1983a. The ultrastructure of the integument of Udonella murmanica. Proceedings of the Zoological Institute, Lelingrad, 121, 52-56. (In Russian, English summary).
  2. Kornakova, E.E. 1983b. Structure of the guts front parts of some representatives of Diplozoonins (Monogenea, Diplozoonidae). Parasitologicheskij Sbornik, 31, 95-107. (In Russian, English summary).
  3. Kornakova, E.E. 1985a. The structure of the digestive system of Udonella murmaniva (Turbellaria, Udonellida) and phylogenetic relations of udonellids. Parasitologiya, 19, 206-212. (In Russian, English summary).
  4. Kornakova, E.E. 1985b. Udonellids biology: relations origin within the system Udonellida-Copepoda-Pisces. Parasitologicheskij Sbornik, 33, 88-98. (In Russian, English summary)
  5. Kornakova, E.E. 1987. The structure of the reproductive system of Udonella murmanica (Turbellaria, Udonellida). Proceedings of the Zoological Institute, Leningrad, 161, 24-50. (In Russian, English summary)
  6. Kornakova, E.E. 1988. On morphology and phylogeny of Udonellida. Fortschritte der Zoologie, 36, 45-49.
  7. Kornakova, E.E. 1989. The structure of the parenchyma of Udonella murmanica (Turbellaria, Udonellida) and the main tendencies in the evolution of the connective tissue in Plathyhelminthes. Parasitologicheskij Sbornik, 36, 161-179. (In Russian, English summary)
  8. Kornakova, E.E. 1990. Ultrastructure of the foregut of Udonella murmanica (Turbellaria, Udonellida). Proceedings of the Zoological Institute, Leningrad, 221, 79-86. (In Russian, English summary).
  9. Kornakova, E.E. 1994. The ultrastructure of the cellular parenchyma and extracellular matrix in Passerilepis crenata (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea). Parasitologiya, 28, 119-132. (In Russian, English summary).
  10. Kornakova, E.E. 1999a. The ultrastructure of embryonic envelopes in Passerilepis crenata (Cestoda:Hymenolepididae). Parasitologiya, 33,32-38. (In Russian, English summary).
  11. Kornakova, E.E. 1999b. The morphogenesis of oncospheral hooks and ultrastructure of penetration gland in Passerilepis crenata (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea). Parasitologiya, 33, 118-124. (In Russian, English summary).
  12. Kornakova, E.E. and Joffe B.J. 1996. Sensory receptors in the head of Bothrioplana semperi (Platyhelminthes, Seriata). J. Submicrosc. Cytol. Pathol., 28, 313-317.
  13. Kornakova, E.E. and Joffe B.J. 1999. A new variant of the neodermatan-type spermiogenesis in parasitic “turbellarian”, Notentera ivanovi (Plathelminthes) and the origin of the Neodermata. Acta Zool., 80, 135-151.
  14. Kornakova, E.E. and Timofeeva, T.A. 1981. A new species of udonellids from the coast of East Murman. Parasitologiya, 15, 56-61. (In Russian, English summary).
  15. Joffe, B.J., Selivanova, R.V. and Kornakova, E.E. 1997. Notentera ivanovi n.gen.n.sp. (Turbellatia, Platyhelminthes), a new parasitic turbellarian. Parasitologiya, 31, 126-131. (In Russian, English summary).
  16. Joffe, B.J. and Kornakova, E.E. 1998. Notentera ivanovi Joffe et al., 1997: a contribution to the question of phylogenetic relationships between 'turbellarians' and the parasitic Plathelminthes (Neodermata). Hydrobiologia, 383, 245-250.

Total number of publications: 30

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