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Dr. Biol. Sci. Oleg Pugachev
Senior Scientific Researcher, Head of Department of parasitic worms, Depute director of the Zoological institute of Russian Academy of Sciences


Short CV:

O. Pugachev Born: 1953

1976: MSc, St.Petersburg University, Department of Invertebrates Zoology

1982: Ph.D, Moscow State University

1999: Dr. Biol. Sci., Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

1995-present: Depute director of Zoological Institute RAS

1989-present: Head of Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1985-1989: Senior Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1982-1985: Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1978-1982: Junior-Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1976-1978: Institute of marine biology, Vladivostok city, Far East branch of Ac.of Sci., Postgraduated


General directs:

Parasitology, ecology, zoogeography.

Scientific interests:

Parasite community.


Professional membership:

Main publications:

1. Pugachev O.N.Genesis of the salmonids parasite fauna. // Proceedings VII Symposium "Fish parasites and diseases". Leningrad,Nauka. 1979. P. 86-87 (In Russian).

2. Pugachev O.N.,Khokhlov P.P. Myxosporea parasites of genus Myxobolus - parasites of the salmonids head and spinal brain // Systematic and ecology of fish from continental water bodies of the Far East region.Vladivostok. 1979. P. 137-139 (In Russian).

3. Khokhlov P.P.,Pugachev O.N. On the freshwater fish parasite fauna formation of North-East Asia // Fish parasites and diseases of Arctic province.Tomsk. 1980. P.43-56 (In Russian).

4. Pugachev O.N. Genesis of the parasite fauna of Salmonoidea of Eurasia // Parasitologia. 1980. V.14, N.5, P.403-410 (In Russian).

5. Pugachev O.N. Parasite fauna of the sucker (Catostomus catostomus) from the Kolyma river // Parasitologia. 1980, V.14, N.6, P. 511-513 (In Russian).

6. Butorina T.E.,Pugachev O.N.,Khokhlov P.P. Some aspects of ecology and zoogeography of char's genus Salvelinus in Pacific ocean basin // Population biology and systematic of salmonids.Vladivostok. 1980. P. 82-96 (In Russian).

7. Pugachev O.N. Parasitic protozoa of freshwater fishes from north-eastern part of the USSR // Parasitologichesky sbornik. Leningrad,Nauka. 1983, V.31, P.158-177 (In Russian).

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12. Pugachev O.N. Parasites of freshwater fishes of North-East Asia. Leningrad,Nauka. 1984, 156 pp.(In Russian).

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14. Gussev A.V.,Pugachev O.N. Family Tetraonchidae Bychowsky,1937 // Key of freshwater fish parasites of the USSR. Leningrad,Nauka. 1985, V.II, part I. Parasitic Metazoa, P.253-268 (In Russian).

15. Dzhalilov U.D.,Pugachev O.N. Zoogeographical analysis of the parasite fauna of freshwater fishes from Highland Asiatic subregion // Parasitologia. 1985, V.19, N.6, P.417-423 (In Russian).

16. Baasanjav G., Dgebuadze J.J., Demin A.N., Dulmaa A., Ermokhin,V.J., Lapin V.I., Nansalmaa B., Pugachev O.N., Paranlayzhamts G., Rjabov I.N., Tugarina P.I. Ecology and economical potential of the fishes of the Mongolian People Republic. Moscow,Nauka, Chapter I,II. 1985, P.7-174 (In Rus).

17. Anikeva L.V., Pugachev O.N.,Paranlayzhamts G. Cestodes of the genus Proteocephalus from west- mongolian minnows (Oreoleuciscus:Cyprinidae) // Proceedings of the Zool.inst. Ac. of Sci. 1987, V.161, P.94-106 (In Russian).

18. Pugachev O.N. Geographical variation of Dactylogyrus phoxini Malewitzkaja,1949 // Proceedings II Symposium "Parasites population biology".Moscow. 1987, P.27-28 (In Russian).

19. Brummer-Korvankontio H., Valtonen E.T., Pugachev O.N. Myxosporea parasites of the roach (Rutilus rutilus) in four lakes in central Finland // Proceedings XIII Symposium of the Scandinavian society for Parasitology.Helsinki. 1987, P.47

20.Ashurova M., Pugachev O.N. Myxobolus montanus sp.n. (Myxobolidae,Myxosporea) from Schizopygopsis stoliczkai // Parasitologia. 1988, V.22, N.5, P.435-436 (In Russian).

21. Pugachev O.N. Principles of the functional morphology analysis of the lower monogenea anchors // Proceedings of the Zool.inst. Ac. of Sci. Leningrad. 1988, V.177, P.49-60 (In Russian).

22. Pugachev O.N. Parasites of Phoxinus percnurus from Anadyr river basin // Parasitologia. 1989, V.23, N.1, P.257-260 (In Russian).

23. Pugachev O.N. Phenogeographical analysis of Dactylogyrus phoxini Malewitzkaja,1949 // Ecology and population analysis of host-parasite relationships. Petrozavodsk. 1989, P.103-109 (In Russian).

24. Bylund G., Pugachev O.N. Monogenea of fish in Finland (Dactylogyridae, Ancyrocephalidae, Tetraonchidae) // Proceedings of the Soviet-Finland symposium "Parasites of freshwater fishes of North- Western Europe". Petrozavodsk. 1989, P.20-30

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26. Brummer-Korvenkontio H., Valtonen E.T., Pugachev O.N. Myxosporea parasites in roach (Rutilus rutilus) from some lakes in central Finland // J.of Fish Biology. 1991, V.38, N.4. P.573-587

27. Alimov A. Ph., Lobanov A.L., Pugachev O.N. Comparision of relational and network approaches to creating data bases in the animal taxonomy, ecology and geographical distribution // Zhurnal obstchei biologii. 1993. V.54, N.1. P.96-103 (In Russian)

28. Valtonen E.T., Tuuha H., Pugachev O.N. Seasonal studies of the biology of Achtheres percarum in perch, Perca fluviatilis, from four Finnish lakes over a 3-year period // Journal of Fish Biol. 1993. V.43. P.621-632

29. Pugachev O.N., Fagerholm H.-P. Parasites of fish of economic interest in Northern Europe, a literature analysis // Proceeding of the symposium "Parasites of biological and economical significance in the aquatic environment". Iceland. 1994. P. 25

30. Pugachev O.N., Fagerholm H.-P. Parasites of fish of economic interest in Northern Europe, a literature analysis //Bull. Scand. Soc. Parasitol. 1994. V.2, N.4. P.92-96

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34. Strelkov Ju.A., Pugachev O.N., Junchis O.N., Lopuchina A.M., Voronin V.N., Chernyshova N.B., Luk'anova A.A., Strel'bizkaja I.N. Fish parasite systems diversity and dynamic at Neva river delta // Okruzhajustchaja sreda I problemy parasitarnogo zagrjaznenia. St. Petersburg. 1996. .95-96 (In Russian)

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37. Pugachev O.N. Comparative analysis of parasite communities of pike and minnow. // Tezisy II S'ezda Parasitologicheskogo obstchestva pri RAN. St. Petersburg. 1997. .83-85 (In Russian)

38. Pugachev O.N. Component parasite communities and fish spawn // Proceedings of V International symposium "Fish parasites" Czesky-Budejovice. 1999. P.115

39. Pugachev O.N. About possible natural focus of Oreoleuciscus humilis (Cyprinidae) filometrosis in Bon-Tzagan-Nuur (Goby lake) // Problemy prirodnoy ochagovosti. St. Petersburg. 1999. .207-220 (In Russian)

40. S.D'Amelio, K.D. Mathiopoulos, C. Portes Santos, O. Pugachev, S.C. Webb, L. Paggi. Genetic markers in ribosomal DNA for the identification of members of the genus Anisakis (Nematoda: Ascaridoidea) defined by PCR-based RFLP//International Journal for Parasitology, 2000, 30 (2), p. 223- 226

41. Pugachev O.N. Parasite communities of the river minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) // Parasitologia. 2000, 34 (3), P. 196-209 (In Ris.)

42. Pugachev O.N. Infracommunities: structure and composition // International symposium "Ecological parasitology on the turn of millennium". Abstracts. St. Petersburg, 2000, P.26-27

Total number of publications: 55

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