Catalogue of antlion collection (Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae)
V.A. Krivokhatsky

The database in DBF format includes (10.10.2003) 3900 records of 10000 collection specimens of ant lions of the World deposited in different collections and examined by the author. Every record includes data on a single specimen or a series of specimens of one species with the same label of locality.
ZI includes mostly records with the data of the collection of the Zoological Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia (ZIN). Synonyms and combinations for these pages are taken from the taxonomic database.

Creoleon plumbeus (Olivier, 1811)

Creoleon plumbeus (Olivier, 1811)   (genotype: Tillyard, 1918)
= Myrmeleon glirinus, no description Klug,    (syn.: Hagen, 1866)
> Creoleon plumbeus maculosa Navas, 1927
= Myrmeleon pictus Burmeister, 1839   (syn.: Hagen, 1866)
= Myrmeleon plumbeum Olivier, 1811
= Creagris plumbeus (Olivier, 1811)    (genotype: Hagen, 1860)
= Myrmeleo plumbeus (Olivier, 1811)    (comb.: Hagen, 1866)
= Creagris tabidus (Eversmann, 1841)    (comb.: Hagen, 1866)
= Myrmeleon tabidus Eversmann, 1841   (syn.: McLachlan, 1867)

Creoleon plumbeus (Ol.), male, Turkmenistan, Chardjui, 20 VIII 1990 (V. Krivokhatsky)