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Last updated:
24 January 2019

Anatoly Shapoval

Ph.D., Senior researcher

Born 12 April 1954 in Poltava Region, Ukraine.


Graduated from Lvov (Lemberg) University with a diploma in biology in 1976. Since 1976 I work at the Biological Station Rybachy. Fields of interests: avian morphology - biometrics, moult, abnormal plumage; avian ecology - breeding (clutch size, breeding success, morphometry of eggs and nests), foraging ecology; bird migration; birds killed by traffic; migration of insects (Lepidoptera, Dragonflies), Insect fauna of the Courish Spit. More than 200 published scientific articles.

Selected publications:

Kryvochatsky V.A., Shapoval N.A., Shapoval A.P. 2014. Antlions (Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae) from Ornithological trap on the Curonian Spit: a Tree-species Community Containing a New Species Entomol. Rev. 2014. 94, 4: 605-612.

Sokolov L.V., Shapoval A.P., Yakovleva M.V., 2013. Long-term monitoring irruptions of the Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major in Baltic region and Karelia. Avian Ecology and Behaviour. Vol. 24: 3-33.

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Sokolov L.V., Markovets M.Yu., Shapoval A.P., Yefremov V.D., 2002. Irregular migrations in six species of birds on the Courish Spit of the Baltic sea during 1957-2002. Avian Ecology and Behaviour. Proceeding of the Biol. Station "Rybachy", Vol.9, 39-53.

Sokolov L.V., Baumanis J., Leivits A., Poluda A.M., Yefremov V.D., Markovets M.Yu., Morozov Yu.G., Shapoval A.P., 2001. Comparative analysis of long-term monitoring data on numbers of passerines in nine European countries in the second half of the 20th century. Avian Ecology and Behaviour. Procceeding of the Biol. Station "Rybachy", vol.7, 41-74.

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