Family Leptopsyllidae

Click to view Leptopsyllidae Rothschild et Jordan, 1915(Family)   Leptopsyllidae Rothschild et Jordan, 1915
Click to view Leptopsyllinae Rothschild et Jordan, 1915(Subfamily)   Leptopsyllinae Rothschild et Jordan, 1915
Click to view Acropsyllini S.Medvedev et Kotti, 1992(Tribe)   Acropsyllini S.Medvedev et Kotti, 1992
Click to view Amphipsyllini Ioff, 1936(Tribe)   Amphipsyllini Ioff, 1936
Click to view Amphipsylla Wagner, 1909(Genus)   Amphipsylla Wagner, 1909
Click to view Caenopsyllini Goncharov, 1981(Tribe)   Caenopsyllini Goncharov, 1981
Click to view Cratyniini Hopkins et Rothschild, 1971(Tribe)   Cratyniini Hopkins et Rothschild, 1971
Click to view Cratynius Jordan, 1933(Genus)   Cratynius Jordan, 1933
Click to view Leptopsyllini Rothschild, 1915(Tribe)   Leptopsyllini Rothschild, 1915
Click to view Leptopsylla Jordan et Rothschild, 1911(Genus)   Leptopsylla Jordan et Rothschild, 1911
Click to view Pectinoctenus Wagner, 1928(Genus)   Pectinoctenus Wagner, 1928
Click to view Paractenopsyllus Wagner, 1938(Genus)   Paractenopsyllus Wagner, 1938
Click to view Peromyscopsylla I.Fox, 1939(Genus)   Peromyscopsylla I.Fox, 1939
Click to view Peromyscopsylla bidentata (Kolenati, 1863)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla bidentata (Kolenati, 1863)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla catatina Jordan, 1928(Species)   Peromyscopsylla catatina Jordan, 1928
Click to view Peromyscopsylla draco Hopkins, 1951(Species)   Peromyscopsylla draco Hopkins, 1951
Click to view Peromyscopsylla ebrighti (C.Fox, 1926)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla ebrighti (C.Fox, 1926)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla fallax (Rothschild, 1909)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla fallax (Rothschild, 1909)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla hamifer (Rothschild, 1906)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla hamifer (Rothschild, 1906)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla hesperomys (Baker, 1904)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla hesperomys (Baker, 1904)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla himalaica (Rothschild, 1915)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla himalaica (Rothschild, 1915)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla ino Nakagawa et Sakaguti, 1959(Species)   Peromyscopsylla ino Nakagawa et Sakaguti, 1959
Click to view Peromyscopsylla ostsibirica (Scalon, 1936)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla ostsibirica (Scalon, 1936)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla scaliforma Zhang Jintong et Liu Chiying, 1985(Species)   Peromyscopsylla scaliforma Zhang Jintong et Liu Chiying, 1985
Click to view Peromyscopsylla scotti I.Fox, 1939(Species)   Peromyscopsylla scotti I.Fox, 1939
Click to view Peromyscopsylla segregata Sakaguti et Jameson, 1959(Species)   Peromyscopsylla segregata Sakaguti et Jameson, 1959
Click to view Peromyscopsylla selenis (Rothschild, 1906)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla selenis (Rothschild, 1906)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla silvatica (Meinert, 1896)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla silvatica (Meinert, 1896)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla spectabilis (Rothschild, 1898)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla spectabilis (Rothschild, 1898)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla takahasii Ono et Hasegawa, 1955(Species)   Peromyscopsylla takahasii Ono et Hasegawa, 1955
Click to view Peromyscopsylla tikhomirovae (Ioff, 1946)(Species)   Peromyscopsylla tikhomirovae (Ioff, 1946)
Click to view Peromyscopsylla udagawai Sakaguti et Jameson, 1959(Species)   Peromyscopsylla udagawai Sakaguti et Jameson, 1959
Click to view Sigmactenus Traub, 1950(Genus)   Sigmactenus Traub, 1950
Click to view Tsaractenus Klein, 1968(Genus)   Tsaractenus Klein, 1968
Click to view Mesopsyllini Wagner, 1939(Tribe)   Mesopsyllini Wagner, 1939
Click to view Desertopsylla Argyropulo, 1946(Genus)   Desertopsylla Argyropulo, 1946
Click to view Mesopsylla Dampf, 1910(Genus)   Mesopsylla Dampf, 1910
Click to view Paradoxopsyllinae Ioff, 1936(Subfamily)   Paradoxopsyllinae Ioff, 1936
Click to view Dolichopsyllinae Baker, 1905(Subfamily)   Dolichopsyllinae Baker, 1905
Click to view Dolichopsyllus Baker, 1905(Genus)   Dolichopsyllus Baker, 1905
Click to view Dolichopsyllus stylosus (Baker, 1904)(Species)   Dolichopsyllus stylosus (Baker, 1904)