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1. Pheromone trapping of xylophagous beetles

Two classes of synthetic semiochemicals (pheromones and host volatiles) are used in lures to enhance trapping success of wood-boring insects. Pheromone-based lures are normally species-specific and are highly efficient even at low pest concentrations. Host volatiles, on the other hand, are attractive for a wide variety of species, not only the target ones. Both classes of semiochemicals are known to enhance trap performance. We test their effect to attract wood-boring insects in native forests of the Asia Pacific Region, mainly in the Russian Far East.

2. Diagnostics of Agrilus jewel beetles

With over 3,000 valid species, this is the largest genus in the entire Animal Kingdom. It includes the highly destructive Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis), which invaded North America and Europe, causing widespread decline of ash. This project generates novel taxonomic knowledge in support of rapid and reliable pest diagnostics.

3. DNA barcoding and phylogeography

The dynamically developing field of mtDNA phylogeography permits tracing intraspecific phylogenetic patterns and providing their geographical interpretation with the ever-increasing precision. This project focuses on numerous radiations of wingless insects, most specifically weevils, which are scrutinized in order to test and develop hypothesis of their evolutionary past.

Fieldwork: Cameroon 2006

"Chasing beetles in Africa: postdoc's notes" (in Russian): PDF

Last updated: January 10, 2017