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Personal photographs Complete list of publications M.L. Danilevsky:
photographs of beetles
Annotated list
of longicorn beetles of the former USSR

Mikhail Leontievitch



Major research scientist
Group of ecology and morphology of xylobionts
A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution Russian Academy of Sciences,


Systematic specialisation:

Cerambycoidea (mostly Cerambycidae)



A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Leninsky pr., 33
Moscow, 117071 Russia
Fax: (095) 954-55-34
Godovikova str., 2 - 98
Moscow, 129085 Russia
Tel./fax: (095) 287-76-48

DATE and

  5 MARCH 1948

Mikhail Leontievitch Danilevsky is now the most prominent specialist on the fauna and taxonomy of Cerambycidae of Russia and of the territory of the former USSR. He is known as one of the best specialist on Cerambycidae larval morphology. About 90 scientific works were published by him (including 3 monographs); about 100 new taxa were described. The status of Apatophyseinae as a subfamily close to Cerambycinae was established. Special attention was payed by Danilevsky to such complicated genera as Dorcadion, Eodorcadion, Cortodera, Agapanthia. Larvae of several dozens of Cerambycidae species were originally described. Some articles were devoted to larval morphology of Buprestidae, Anobiidae, Bostrychidae.

Danilevsky began to collect beetles in final years of middle level school (1965-66), when entered" the biology circle "VOOP" directed by P.P. Smolin (attached to All-Union Society of Nature Protection). In 1971 Danilevsky graduated Biological Faculty of Moscow State University as entomologist. His diploma was devoted to Caucasian Cerambycidae larvae. Just after University he began to study wood-boring Coleopterous larvae in the Institute of Evolutionary Morphology and Ecology of Animals of A.N. Severtsov. In 1977 in the same Institute (now A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution) Danilevsky defended Ph.D. dissertation on the evolution of Cerambycidae larval morphology with phylogenetic conclusions to the the structure of the family.

His first monograph on Cerambycidae larvae of USSR (published together with B.M. Mamaev) was admited as the best among scientific biological works of young scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1975. The second one - "Cerambycidae of Caucasus" (1985), prepared together with A.I.Miroshnikov, was awarded with the premium of Moscow Naturalists' Society. Three volums on Cerambycidae larvae of the USSR and West Europe prepared in English together with P. Svaha (Danilevsky was responsible for Part 2, Cerambycinae - 1988) were published in Prague. More than 10 years Danilevsky is responsible for computor versions of annotated Cerambycidae Checklists of Europe and of the territory of the former USSR.

>From 1967 up to now each season Danilevsky takes part in entomological expeditions along south borders of the territory of the USSR from Crimea Peninsula to Far East Russia. More detaile investigations were made in Caucasus and Transcaucasia, in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, in Ussuri Land, in Kunashir and Sakhalin islands. During last 10 years Danilevsky uses his own expeditional car for his annual collecting trips (2-3 months) with his friends and members of his family to the most inaccessible deserts and mountain regions of Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia and Kazakhstan. The collecting efforts (each 5-10km) along many thounds of kilometres in Kazakhstan and Kirgizia were specially useful for study species and subspecies taxonomy in genus Dorcadion characterized by high degree of local and individual variability.

>From 1992 all works by Danilevsky were published in English and illustrated with black-white or more often colour photographs. The quality and quantity of his photographs are increasing from year to year. So we decided to arrange a special page for M.L. Danilevsky as a photographer in our site.

More than 20 years Danilevsky is connected with the Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy of Zoological Institute. He always presents to our collection the paratypes of his new taxa and takes part in the arrangement of Cerambycidae collection. I hope, our mutual work in the Coleoptera site will make more close the cooperation of Mikhail Danilevsky with Zoological Institute.

A.L. Lobanov, January 2002



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Updated: 30 June 2008.