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Scientific essays on beetle families

Cupedids (Cupedidae) Diving beetles (Dytiscidae) Ground beetles (Carabidae) Water scavenger beetles (Hydrophilidae) Sphaeritids (Sphaeritidae) Hister beetles (Histeridae) Round fungus beetles (Leiodidae) Carrion beetles (Silphidae) Rove beetles (Staphylinidae)
Short-winged mold beetles (Pselaphidae) Stag beetles (Lucanidae) Scarab beetles (Scarabaeidae) Metallic wood boring beetles (Buprestidae) Pill beetles (Byrrhidae) Click beetles (Elateridae) Lycid beetles (Lycidae) Firefly beetles (Lampyridae) Skin beetles (Dermestidae)
Checkered beetles (Cleridae) Dasytid beetles (Dasytidae) Soft-winged flower beetles (Malachiidae) Sap beetles (Nitidulidae) Ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae) Minute tree-fungus beetles (Ciidae) Blister beetles (Meloidae) Trictenotomid beetles (Trictenotomidae) Borids (Boridae)
Ant-like flower beetles (Anthicidae) Zopherids (Zopheridae) Darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae) Longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae) Bean beetles (Bruchidae) Leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) Leaf-rolling beetles (Attelabidae) Weevils (Curculionidae) Bark and ambrosia beetles (Scolytidae)

In this part we are expect to accumulate articles and brief essays on all beetle families. Style and opportunities of the Internet allow to place in parallel articles of different authors on one subject. Three are no restrictions. Any one can write on any number of families.

In the first turn we are planning to prepare essays on large families that are traditionally studied (or were studied) at the Zoological Institute or by our colleagues from other institutions. But this in no way prevents including your article about some exotic family including one species that has never been studied in Russia.

You may take part also in making a design of this page. If you can offer a more expressive colour pictogram of a representative of any family (60-80 pixels), preferably with white background). We would be happy to place your design instead of the one already present.