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Balfour-Browne Club Meeting, 2005: Sigulda, Latvia (June 10-12, 2005)

Дмитрий Тельнов сообщил о предстоящей очередной встрече исследователей водных жуков, организованной "Balfour-Browne Club" и Латвийским энтомологическим обществом. Конференция пройдет 10-12 июня 2005 г. в Сигулде (Латвия). У нас размещен оригинал информационного письма в формате MS Word - bbc_info.doc , но файл непомерно велик (3210 Кбайт) и для тех, кому такой объем малодоступен, мы помещаем ниже не столь красивую, но абсолютно полную HTML-версию.

Встреча благополучно прошла в намеченный срок и все ее события запечатлели Д.Тельнов и М.Калниньш на сотнях фотографий, которые мы разместили на отдельной странице. Посмотреть их будет интересно не только участникам конференции, но и всем, кто любит жуков и интересуется природой Латвии.

Balfour~Browne Club Meeting 2005: Sigulda, Latvia

in co-operation with the Entomological Society of Latvia


Date / Time 10-12 June, 2005.

Place Sigulda, Gaujas National Park, Latvia/Lettland/Lettonie

Map (Latvia):

Map (Gaujas NP):

The town of Sigulda, also called the “Livonian Switzerland”, is 45 km E of Riga, the capital of Latvia, in the Gaujas National Park, one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the Baltic region.


Provisional programme

Friday 10 June – arrivals, registration, short excursions, welcome party;

Saturday 11 June – field trip to the Gaujas NP; evening plenary session; beer (with an optional visit into town);

Sunday 12 June – field trip to Lake Kanieris (Kemeru NP); evening plenary session; beer (with an optional visit into town);

Monday 13 June – (optional) excursion to the Riga Zoo insectarium; departures.


Costs and accommodation

Meeting fee: ˆ 35/GBP 25.

payable by cash on arrival/registration – or by money transfer (contact the Organisation Committee for account details).

Excursions:     Gaujas NP + Kemeru NP (together) - ˆ 45 /GBP 35.

        Riga Zoo insectarium: ˆ 5/GBP 3.

Excursions are payable by cash on arrival / registration. These prices might change depending on changes in exchange rates.


Hotel “Sigulda”, Pils iela 6, LV-2150 Sigulda, Latvia/ Lettland/Lettonie

Hotel’s web page:


Phone/fax (+371) 7972263, (+371) 7971443




Price (in LVL) *
Single 30.-
Double 42.-
Lunch from 5.-
Dinner from 5.-
Banquet from 8.-
* 1 Latvian Lats (LVL) = И 1.5 = GBP1.
** depending on your wishes



Additional possibilities (at the hotel):


Field trips


How to come to Latvia

By air: recommended (cheapest) flights by,,

By ferry:

By train:

By bus:,, (bus connections inside Latvia)

By car: use standard European road maps (follow E67 “Via Baltica” main road from Berlin to Helsinki via Riga). Latvian roads:

Useful link to the public transport & taxi in the Riga city, also for connections to Riga from around the World:

Route from Riga to Sigulda: information will be given to all registered participants in Spring 2005.


Contacts / Organisation comittee

The Entomological Society of Latvia, 4 Kronvalda Blvd., LV-1586 Riga, Latvia/ Lettland/Lettonie

Dmitry Telnov - phone (+371) 6356968

Martins Kalnins - E-mail: phone (+371) 6457974


Registration form

in separate page