The bibliographic database is based on the information retrieval system ZOOBIB. This system was developed in the Zoological Institute by I.S. Smirnov and A.L. Lobanov (1997). The system is rather simple and possesses some advantages.

         The query of references ("BIBLIOGRAPHY") is realized according to a simple request (any one character of the publication, for example, author's name or a part of a word from the title) or a complex request (combination of up to 16 key words). A list of references will appear on the screen and to be printed. A user gets data on an individual specific taxon using any from a certain number of Latin names applied to this taxon. Besides this, the ZOOCOD principle connects data for taxa of the lower rank with taxa of the higher rank. Querying the database for information on taxa of superspecific level (genus, subfamily, family) a user will get references for both the taxon asked and the taxa included into it.

         At the moment the database is open on-line for publications in the journal "Voprosy Ichthyologii", and, thus, is only available for those non-Russian users who have Cyrillic fonts.

         This is only a very limited part of the database literature resources on freshwater fishes of Russia. The translation into English is planned, as well as the widening of retrieval abilities.

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