Insect Pest Predators

Sathe, T V & Y A Bhosale

        Pest predators are gaining more importance in pest management programme since pesticides lead to many serious problems like air and water pollution, health hazards, killing of beneficial organisms pest resistance, pest resurgence, secondary pest out break, interruption in ecocycles etc. The book includes taxonomical details of insect pest predaceous lady bird beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinelidae) and collection, preservation, rearing and biology. It also contain predatory pray relationships, predator pest index and biocontrol programmes designed with predator in India and abroad. The book will be useful guide to students, farmers, teacher and researchers in the pest management.


Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Collection, Preservation and Rearing.

Chapter 3:

Family - Cocinelidae
Sub family - Chilocorinae
Genus - Brumoides Chapin, Brumoides kolhapurensis
Genus - Chilocorus Leach, Chilocorus suryaphuli
Sub family - Cocinellinae
Tribe - Coccinellini
Genus - Coccinella Linneaus, Coccinellini transversalis (Fab.), Coccinella madhuri, Coccinella bhuimungi, Coccinella yaminii, Cocinella yoginii
Genus - Coelophora Mulsant, Coelophora orientalis
Genus - Harmonia Mulsant, Harmonia soyabinii
Genus - Menochilus Timberlake, Menochilus sexmaculatus (Fab.), Menochilus tuljapurensis, Menochilus shivajiensis, Menochilus kharipi
Genus - Vernia Mulsant, Vernia polyphagi
Tribe - Psylloborini
Genus - Illeis Mulsant, Illeis sathei (a.k.a. satheri), Illeis darbari
Sub family - Scymniae
Genus - Horniolus Weise, Horniolus mirajensis
Genus - Scymnus Kugelann
Sub genus - Scymnus Kugelann, Scymnus (Scymnus) indica
Sub genus - Pullus Mulsant, Scymnus (Pullus) marathi.
Chapter 4: Biology.
Chapter 5: Predator Pray Relationships.
Chapter 6: Predator Pray Index and Biocontrol Programmes.
Chapter 7: Summary. Bibliography. Subject index. Species index.

2001, vi+169p., 201 figs., bib., ind., 23 cm

ISBN 8170352355

[T.V. Sathe is Reader in Entomology Department of Zoology, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.]

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