Thomas Casey   (1857-1925)

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Thomas Casey, approx. 1913.


Thomas Casey was one of the most prolific workers of North American Coleoptera. He graduated from West Point military academy in 1879, and his life as an army engineer provided him ample opportunity for travel and collecting. He was in South Africa in 1882-1883, California in 1885-1886, Texas in 1886, Rhode Island in 1888, New York in 188-1893, Virginia in 1895-1899, Mississippi in 1901, Missouri in 1902-1906, and Washington, D.C. in 1907-1925. He became a Lieutenant Colonel in 1906, Colonel in 1909, and he retired in 1912. He amassed a large collection by personal collecting and by purchase, and most of that collection is now housed at the U.S. National Museum in Washington, D.C. Casey was one of the great North American coleopterists, and he described more species than any other person. He published 76 papers, and his most important work was probably his privately published Memoirs on the Coleoptera (1910-1924).


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