Name: Özge Özden                                                          Date of Birth: 01 October 1977

Place of Birth: Nicosia – Cyprus                                         Citizenship: Cypriot

Languages: Turkish, English and German                              Marital Status: Married / Female

Academic Rank: Lecturer, Full-Time








Plant Protection

University of Uludağ, Turkey




University of Çukurova, Turkey




University of Bonn, Germany


PhD (Transferred)

Biological Sciences

University of Exeter, UK


Work Experience:

Academic Rank



Teaching and

Research Assistant

European University of Lefke (EUL), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies



European University of Lefke (EUL), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies


Administrative Duties at EUL:

Member of Department Council      Faculty of Agri. Sciences and Technologies        2003-Present


Member of Faculty Council            Faculty of Agri.  Sciences and Technologies       2005-Present                                                                  

Head of the Scientific Research Coordination Centre                EUL                   2006-Present

Lecturing Commitments:



Total Hours


Pests of Horticultural Crops



Greenhouse Pest Management



Diseases of Horticultural Crops



Introduction to Ecology






Agriculture and Environment



Consultative Positions:

1-     The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Forestry

2-     The Ministry of Environment, Department of Environmental Protection

3-    The Ministry of Environment, The Department of Antiquities and Museums

4-     Correspondent of North Cyprus of the Magazine of Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey

5-     Environmental Expert on EU Habitats Directive and Birds Directive for Turkish Cypriot Community, EU Commission, Brussels



  • Prof. Dr. Richard zur Strassen, Senckenberg Natural History Museum, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Fürsch, Passau University, Germany.
  • Prof. Dr. Nedim Uygun, Çukurova University, Turkey.
  • Dr. Dave Hodgson, Exeter University, UK
  • Dr. George Orphanides, Agricultural Research Institute, Cyprus.


Honors and Awards:

·   High  performance award on scientific publication, European University of Lefke,  March, 2007

·   Exeter University Travel Grant Award, UK,  February, 2007

·   High performance award on scientific publication, European University of Lefke, November, 2006

·   Exeter University Travel Grant Award, UK, March, 2006.

·   Fellowship from German Research Society and Ministry of International Collaboration (DFG and BMZ) for Ph.D. studies, 2004 – 2005.

·   EU TAIEX Regional Training Programme Short Term Education Scholarship from the EU Commission, 2005

·   German Federal Environmental Education Foundation Environmental Education Award in Germany, 2005

·   Green Olive Tourism Award – Division of Environment, Turkishcypriot Hoteliers Association, The Colony Hotel, Kyrenia, Cyprus, 2003

·   High Performance Award, Mediterranean Export Union, Mersin-Turkey, 2003

·   Ministry of Tourism Travel Grant Award, Cyprus, 2002



Scientific and Professional Society Membership:

1-     Turkish Biological Control Society, Turkey

2-     The Club of Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey.

3-     International Society of Pest Information (ISPI), Germany

4-     German Cypriot Forum (DZF), Germany

5-     Society for the Protection of Turtles in North Cyprus (SPOT), Cyprus

6-     Society of Bird Protection in Turkey (KAD) , Turkey

7-     British Ecological Society, UK



Project Duties:


·         Butterfly diversity and their interactions with the plant communities in Kayalar region of North Cyprus. Research project. Financed by University of Exeter, 2006 – 2007.

·        Biodiversity of the Buffer Zone, Financed by the UNDP-ACT Project, 2007- 2008.


·         Determination of the habitats and bird species of Karpaz Peninsula and classification of habitats according to EU Habitat Directive and Birds Directive. Financed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, 2007-2008.


·         Butterfly Diversity of The Karpaz Peninsula in Northern Part of Cyprus, UNDP-PFF project, 2006.


    • Monk Seal Project, collaboration with Glamorgan University (UK), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Department of Environmental Protection Cyprus, 2006.

·         The management and assessment of the ecology of Cyprus’ artificial wetlands. EUL, Near East University, Liverpool University, Frederick Institute Tech., Birdlife Cyprus., 2006.

·         The biodiversity of insect species of olive groves in Cyprus. EUL and Exeter University Research Project, 2005-to date

·         The identification of plant species in botanically important areas of northern Cyprus. Research project, Financed by Ministry of Tourism, 2005-2006.

·         Development of Sustainable Integrated Control Strategies Against Important Thrips Species on Stone Fruit in North Cyprus, European University of Lefke and Bonn University Project, DFG – BMZ Project, 2003-2005.

·         Butterfly Diversity and Abundance in Pinus brutia Forests of Northern Cyprus, UNOPS Project, 2003-2004.

·         Testing of Natural Plant Growth Regulator on Different Kind of Vegetables and Fruits, EUL and Biofert Company (Russia) Project, 2002 – 2004.

·         The Survey of Ladybird Beetle Fauna of the Island of Cyprus, EUL Project, 2000-to date




International Courses Attended:


1-     International Workshop, Organized by University of Ankara, Study with Prof. Dr. Frenc Kozar, 1-5 November 1999, Ankara, Turkey. Subject: Modern Techniques on Coccoidea (Scale Insects) Taxonomy


2-     International Workshop, Organized by University of Malta, 15-20 July 2002, Valetta, Malta. Subject: Mediterranean Environment


3-     International Workshop, Organized by Environmental Research and Education Centre (EREC) and Environmental Protection Foundation (ÇEKOVA), 15 – 18 March 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus. Subject: Nature and People


4-     Thysanoptera (Thrips Insects) Identificaiton Course, University of Akdeniz, Study with Prof. Dr. İrfan Tunç, 13- 17 October 2003, Antalya, Turkey.


5-     Thysanoptera (Thrips Insects) Identification Course, Senckenberg Nature Museum, Study with Prof. Dr. Richard Zur Strassen. 4-16 July 2004, Frankfurt, Germany.


6-     Insect Laboratory Techniques Course, University of Bonn, study with Prof. Dr. Çetin Şengonca, 16 – 30 July 2004, Bonn, Germany.


7-     Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment PhD Course, University of Bonn, study with Prof. Dr. Holm Müller, January 2005, Bonn, Germany.


8-     Fruit Tree Production PhD Course, University of Bonn, University of Bonn, study with Prof. Dr. Janssens, January 2005, Bonn, Germany.


9-     EU Environmental Law Course, TAIEX Regional Training Programme, European Commission, 09 – 13 May 2005, Brussels, Belgium.


10- Nature Conservation Course, DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation) and DZF (German Cypriot Forum) Environmental Education Programme for Sustainable Development in Cyprus, 05 – 12 June 2005, Germany.


11- International Turtle Conservation Symposium, Crete, 03-07 April 2006, Greece.


12-  Natura 2000 the EU approach for the Conservation of Nature, the course organized by UNDP-PFF,  Programme funded by the European Union, Lefkoşa, 8- 12 May 2006, Cyprus


13- Sterile Insect Technique , Med Fruit Fly Workshop, Adana Hilton Hotel, orhanized by Turkish Exporter Union and London Imperial College, 9 Kasım 2006. Turkey.


14- International Workshop, Organized by the EU, 24-25 January 2007, Nicosia, Cyprus. Subject: EU Waste Framework (75/442/EEC) and Landfill Directive (1999/31/ EC).


15- Biological Science Statistics,  PhD Course, University of Exeter, study with Dr. Dave Hodgson, February 2007, Conrwall, UK.


16- International Workshop, as a Chariman, Organised by the EU Commission, 16-17 April 2007, Nicosia, Cyprus. Subject: EU Natura 2000, Habitat Direcitive and Wild Birds Directive. Cyprus





Prepared and Presented Insect Collections:

·         Ladybird Beetle Collections, for Alevkaya Herbarium and Güzelyurt Nature Museum

·         Butterfly Collections, for Alevkaya Herbarium and Güzelyurt Nature Museum

·         Coleoptera (Beetle) Collection, Güzelyurt Nature Museum


Information Poster:

Information poster on Ladybird Beetles of Cyprus at İskele Wildlife Information Center, İskele, Cyprus.


Published Books:


1.      KERSTING, U. and ÖZDEN, Ö., 2001. Citrus Pests. Mediterranean Export Union of Turkey, Mersin, 119 p. (Handbook for farmers), (in Turkish)

2.      KERSTING, U and ÖZDEN, Ö., 2005. Citrus Diseases. Mediterranean Export Union of Turkey, Mersin, 75 p. (Handbook for farmers), (in Turkish).

3.      GÜNDÜZ, S.,, ÇİÇEK, A., OZDEN, O., İÇENER, S., TURKSEVEN, N. and SARPTEN, H., 2007. Health and Environment Information, 9th Year Lecture Book for High Schools, National Education and Culture Ministry, Cypriot Turkish Education Foundation Publication, 105 pp.


Published Booklets:

    • Thrips pests on citrus. Published by Mediterranean Export Union of Turkey for farmers, 2004.
    • Olive pests and diseases and their control methods, Published by Kyrenia Municipality for farmers, 2003.
    • Mediterranean Monk Seal. Published by North Cyprus Monk seal Research Group, 2006
    • Management and assessment of the ecology of Cyprus’s artificial wetlands, Collaboration with Near East University, Birdlife Cyprus, The University of Liverpool, Frederick Institute of Technology, European University of Lefke, supported by UNDP- USAID, 2006.


Scientific posters:

1.                        GÜCEL, S., LINSTEAD, C., KADIS, C., KOUNNAMAS, C., OZDEN, O., FULLER, W., HELLICAR, M., MILTIADOU, M. AND MERAKLI, M.,   2006. Management and Assessment of the Ecology of Cyprus’ s Artificial Wetlands.  ECO FORUM – Environmental Conference, Under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus, Tuesday 26 September, Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2.         Gücel, S., Charalambidou, Göçmen, B., Karataş, A., I., Özden, Ö., Soyumert, A. and Fuller, W. (2008). Monitoring biodiversity of the buffer zone in Cyprus. Poster at UFZ EuMon conference ‘Monitoring Biodiversity in Europe. Volunteers, Efficiency and Costs’, Leipzig, Germany, 28-30 January 2008.



Total Number of Scientific Publications: 8

1.   ÖZDEN, Ö., UYGUN, N. and KERSTING, U., 2002. Survey on Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Species in North Cyprus. Fourth International Congress on Cyprus Studies, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Cyprus p. 499-504.

2-     ÖZDEN, Ö. and KERSTING, U., 2003.  Survey of Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Species in The Forest of  The Pentadactylos Mountain Range. Integrated Pest Management for Pine Processionary Caterpillar in Cyprus, Proceeding of a Workshop Held, 8-11 April 2003, Ledra Palace Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus, p. 73-76.

3-     KERSTING, U. and ÖZDEN, Ö., 2003. Virus diseases of citrus. Second Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Symposium of Turkey, Mersin, Turkey, 6 pp.

4-     ÖZDEN, Ö., 2004. Environmental Education and Communication in Germany and Cyprus. Workshop of the German Cypriot Forum (DZF) on Sustainability for Cyprus. 15-16 October 2004, Goethe Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, p. 32-34.

5-    KERSTING, U. OZDEN, O., BLAESER, P., SENGONCA, C., 2005. Contribution towards the knowledge of the Thysanoptera fauna of North Cyprus. Journal of Entomologische Zeitschrift, Stuttgart, 115 (6).

6-    C.SENGONCA, P. BLAESER, Ö. ÖZDEN & U. KERSTING, 2006. Occurrence of thrips (Thysanoptera) infestation on nectarine and its importance to fruit damage in North Cyprus. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, 113 (3) , s. 128-134, ISSN 1861-3829.

7-    ÖZDEN, Ö., UYGUN, N. and KERSTING, U., 2006. Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) species of North Cyprus, including six new records. Zoology in the Middle East, Heidelberg, Germany, Volume 39.

8- ÖZDEN,Ö., CIESLA, W.B., FULLER, W.J. and HODGSON, D.J., 2007. Butterfly diversity in Mediterranean islands and in Pentadactylos Pinus brutia forests of Cyprus. Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation. (in press). DOI 10.1007/s10531-008-9382-8.




Other Articles During the Last Five Years: 14

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