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Acanthocnemus nigricans (Hope, 1843) (Acanthocnemidae) - atlas of beetles of Russia - photo by Ya.N.Kovalenko

Ya.N. Kovalenko

          Superfamily CLEROIDEA (atlas of beetles of Russia)
       Atlas of Acanthocnemidae

Acanthocnemus nigricans (Hope, 1843)
Russia, Belgorod Reg. Belgorod district, Pulyaevka, 09.VII.2010
leg./det. Ya. Kovalenko
The author founded this species from the Russia for the first time (Kovalenko, 2011).

Acanthocnemus_nigricans_UNI-BONN.jpg acanthocnemus_nigricans-Kovalenko.jpg acanthocnemus_nigricans_SEA-ENTOMOLOGIA.jpg

Photos from the site"University of Bonn" (left), "Sociedad Entomologica Aragonesa" (right) and from the paper Ya.N. Kovalenko      (Kovalenko, 2011) (center).