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Aphodius uliginosus (Hardy, 1847) (Scarabaeidae) - D.Telnov & S.Vorss

D. Telnov & S. Vorss

Family Scarabaeidae

Genus Aphodius Illiger - atlas of scarab beetles of Russia and adjacent countries

Aphodius uliginosus (Hardy, 1847) - det. D.Telnov, 2004

Latvia, Valka district, River rauza valley ~ 1 km from Gulbene-Smiltene highway, 24.04.2004, mixed forest, inside fresh moose drops, leg. D.Telnov (coll. D.Telnov, Riga).

Aphodius uliginosus (Hardy, 1847)

Photo by S. Vorss

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