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Mikhail Yu.



Senior Research Scientist
Department of Molecular Genetics
Institute for Experimental Medicine RAMS


Taxonomic specialization:




Department of Molecular Genetics
Institute for Experimental Medicine RAMS
Pavlov Street, 12
St.Petersburg, 197376, Russia
Phone (at work): 7 (812) 234-33-56, 7 (812) 234-56-06
Fax: 7 (812) 234-94-89


 April, 6th, 1965 


   c/o B.A. Korotyaev (for M.Yu. Mandelshtam)
   Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy
   Zoological Institute RAS
   Universitetskaya naberezhnaya, 1
   199034 Russia

Mikhail Yurievich Mandelshtam is a Senior Research Scientist in the Institute for Experimental Medicine, St.Petersburg, Russia. He is the only specialist in taxonomy of the Scolytidae in St.Petersburg, intensely working with them as an amateur. His interests in entomology are the taxonomy and geographical distribution of Scolytidae. Current entomological projects Dr. Mandelshtam is working on are the World-wide revision of the genus Trypophloeus Fairmaire, contribution to the knowledge of several Oriental genera of bark-beetles, and check-lists of Scolytidae for several parts of North-Western Region of Russia. He has published 9 papers on taxonomy and geographical distribution of Scolytidae.

The main research activity of Dr. Mandelshtam concerns molecular genetics and epidemiology of two monogenic diseases - familial hypercholesterolemia and familial breast cancer in St. Petersburg, Russia. M.Yu. Mandelshtam is an author of 60 printed matters, including 15 papers on molecular genetics in international and Russian peer-reviewed journals. In 1987 M.Yu. Mandelshtam has graduated from St. Petersburg State University and he has got his Ph.D. degree in 1993 for the research entitled "Molecular genetic study of familial hypercholesterolemia". In 1999 he got the award and the medal of the European Academy of Sciences for the cycle of publications on familial hypercholesterolemia in Russia.

After participation in the entomological expedition of the Zoological Institute to the Caucasus at school years, Mikhail Mandelshtam can not stop studying his beloved bark-beetles. His own field research and collecting trips were in Northwestern Russia, the Crimea, Northwestern Caucasus and Primorskii Territory (=Ussuri Area) of Russia. At present, Dr. Mandelshtam is working actively with collections of the Zoological Institute and with collections of other Russian and European museums.

M.Yu. Mandelshtam is a very communicable person providing high-qualified help with identification of material for many museums and entomologists. All those who need identification of Scolytidae are invited to contact him by e-mail or to send material to the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg.

B.A. Korotyaev
October, 2001



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