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List of Papers Curriculum Vitae Web Site of Son Edwin Friendly Cartoon by F. Kovalevsky Sketch on Trictenotomids (Trictenotomidae) Sketch on Ant-like Flower Beetles (Anthicidae) - in Russian New Species of Beetles Named by D. Telnov D. Telnov as Web Master

Dmitry Telnov



Chairman of the Coleopterology Section
of the Entomological Society of Latvia,
Master of Biology


Scientific specialisation:

Anthicidae, Trictenotomidae



Rigas rajons, Stopinu novads, Dzidrinas, Darza iela 10,
Latvia / Lettland
Phone: (+371) 7910217

DATE and

  May 11, 1975

Dmitry Telnov is a well-known specialist in fauna, ecology and biology of Coleoptera in the Baltic States. He specialises in two families; ant-like flower beetles (Anthicidae) and trictenotomids (Trictenotomidae), and is currently studying the World fauna of both groups. He is one of the leading specialists in systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology and evolution of these beetle families, and has published some important and well-known scientific papers on these groups.

Dmitry was born, educated and currently lives in Riga. In 1992 he finished secondary school (with a silver medal), and in 1998 graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the Latvian University with a Masters degree in Entomology. Dmitry began to develop his scientific activities whilst at school; in 1991 he was a participant of the international scientific symposia and received a special prize for his report. In 1993 Dmitry joined the Entomological Society of Latvia, and had become the chairman of the Coleopterology section within a few years. Dmitry is a member of many international scientific organisations and has published more than thirty scientific papers.

Dmitry's wife, - Kristina - is a zoologist, specialising in molluscs. In 1999 a son Edwin was born to the family. Dmitry is very proud of his successor and has created a Web site dedicated to him. In general, the Internet is one of Dmitry's most important interests; he is a mature web master. By following the link, you can view sites created by him.

Some years ago Dmitry visited our Institute and was able to established scientific contacts with G.S.Medvedev and B.M.Kataev. The checklist of Latvian beetles, compiled by Dmitry, was highly appreciated by our specialists and is often used by them. I became acquainted with Dmitry over the Internet, and we are currently in regular contact via e-mail. Dmitry is our foreign supernumerary "editor in chief", and has also prepared a small but very capacious sketch on trictenotomids - the family he knows better than any other entomologist in the World. Recently he finished a large, perfectly illustrated sketch on Anthicidae that is exclusive to our site. I hope that our co-operation will continue in the future and will be productive for all coleopterists and visitors to our site.

Andrei Lobanov, November, 2000.


Selected papers:


Telnov D., 1996.
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